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  1. Just posted two sample shoes in the SYS “0” aka: S”0″S Private Membership Group:
    One shoe switches three times so we had to deploy our stop win rule for a low score but the next shoe was better and switched only twice and we ended up scoring 18+ units betting mostly 1 unit bets in 20 plays (not including “0” bets). That’s a whopping 90% Players average.

    The more I play SYS “0” aka: S”0″S the more confidence I have with it as Casino Forum’s best overall winning strategy with lowest amount risked.

    CFC B-)

  2. For all you Baccarat Aficionados:
    Actually played a very good shoe today at the most popular Baccarat Casino in my area with SYS “0” and I won the 4 out of 5 first hands on paper then decided to bet real money and took it to 10+ hands winning 5 in a row. Netted 5+ But never bet more than a 2 bet progression.

    If I played the exploit progression I would have won 15+ with the exploit progression over all.
    Not bad eh?

    I actually bet real money on only 6 bets and won 4 out of six hands played back to back the two plays that lost were zero bets BTW so it was a perfect score.

    I’ve consistently won every playing day for over 4 months now.
    Have been posting other players shoes in the SYS “0” Private Members Group and will start posting my winning shoes as well.

    I think we got the Tiger by the tail here guys.

  3. Yes Brian
    We have all the results posted in detail on the Private Group Forum but that is for Sys “0” private members to access.

    Shoe scores won’t help you better determine the validity of Sys “0” but all we can say in the Public domain is that this is our least aggressive progression system with the most hit rate.

    Everyone plays different levels of base units and we also teach how to exploit certain shoe opportunities as well.

    Sys “0” makes winning a whole lot easier.


  4. I would like to hear from the beta testers of this new system. Has anyone used Sys 0 in the heat of the battle yet? Let’s hear about actual results.

  5. Sys ”0” announcement
    All Private Members do not have to pay for access to Sys “0”.

    So that means you get it for free because you are already a Private Member in good standing.

    $500 is for new members only.

    Hope this answers your question?

    CFC B-)

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