Update: S“0”S 369

Our latest secret:  S“0”S 369

Hope all is well with all this COVID-19 fear going on that has everyone on lockdown.

Myself, I have been busy working on new creative ways to tweak the new, S“0”S 369 to beat the online  Live Baccarat world of gambling and it’s working!

Been averaging over 50% PA (total number of bets made divided by total bets won) per session with the new and improved triggers.

But let’s assume that if we use the idea of say even a 5% PA that still beats the casinos big time.

Even the world’s top card counters average 1.5% PA that’s it!

If this sounds like something that you’d like to have in your tool box then let’s talk.

Here is the deal:

S“0”S 369 will be offered for $1,500 USD to all new and expired members this will include one full year of online support through the private membership.

For an introductory limited 30 day time period from this post all previous members whom choose to renew their old memberships at $250 USD will get to purchase S“0”S 369 for 50% off.

That’s a total of $250 USD + $750 USD = $1,000 USD Great savings and that also includes one full year online support through the private membership.

All the best and be safe,


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