Forum platforms relating to Baccarat

I can travel the world looking for organizations that offer platforms for people to see how good they can get.

This might be the greatest platform I’ve ever seen.

Because what you’re really looking for is a platform pertaining to Baccarat to find out how good you are.

If your gonna find out you’re gonna find out against the best.

Players in a game of Baccarat are “in equilibrium” if they are rational, and accurately predict other players’ strategies.

In many occasions, however, players are not in equilibrium.

An alternative is “cognitive hierarchy” (CH) theory, where each player assumes that his strategy is the most sophisticated.

Joining great Baccarat minded players like Ellis on the Private forum will give you 3 things, and explains why equilibrium theory predicts behavior well in some games and poorly in others.

1. The best organization is here at CFC.

2. The best coached right here on the private forum and mentored by Ellis.

3. Also the best players in the theories of behavior in casino games right here on our Private Forum whom we assume that these players think strategically, meaning that they form beliefs by analyzing what the casinos might do, and choose rational responses given their beliefs.

But these assumptions, by themselves, cannot precisely predict outcomes.

This is because players can act rationally given their beliefs, but have mistaken beliefs about what others will do.

Thus, game theorists like Ellis add the assumption that players are mutually consistent; that is, each player’s belief is consistent with what the other successful players actually do.

Taken together, mutual rationality and mutual consistency define equilibrium. In many real-world games, however, such as the game of Baccarat, some players believe, incorrectly and overconfidently, that the other participants are not doing as much thinking as they themselves are.

In these situations, the players are not in equilibrium because some players’ beliefs are mistaken.

Therefore “cognitive hierarchy” (CH) theory is the way to go and that is what we teach here.

It is said to be true: You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach him how to fish and feed him for life!

Ellis can teach you how to fish here on the Private Forum.


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