Averaging 3–5 out of 5 bets per shoe online with SOS–369 60–100% PA

That’s right I’ve been very busy winning online through my personal play with a 60–100% Player Advantage.

Remember: Even the worlds best card counters average 1.5% player advantage.

But for demonstration purposes I’ve posted my last visit online and with only $1 bets per shoe you still can win 3 shoes per day $15 x 20 days play sessions. Not bad for a hobby.

Actuatlly–I do bet higher amounts on my minimum bets–($10–$25 units) but can not post them due to privacy issues.

But everyone has their own minimum betting–comfort level so this plan can be easily extrapolated to suit everyone big or small on the big scheme of things.

Remember: The shoe cannot tell the colour of your betting chips. It’s all based on units only.

Hope all are doing well and good luck,



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