CFC Challenge Workshop…

Hello fellow Baccarat aficionados

Ellis would like me to announce a new and rather interesting live workshop proposal to both our Public and Private Members.

As you may all know Ellis will be in Las Vegas next week developing his key companion gaming systems for the benefit of his loyal students.

With that said here’s the skinny on the deal he is offering…
If anyone wishes to attend a 3 hour Baccarat workshop wherein NOR, MDB+, S40, TB4L, OBT4L, Net Bet, Net Net 36, 2Hi, Repeats & Chop Exploit along with his latest and greatest LCNB achievement will be show cased for both Public and Private Members whom may attend.

The fees for such an event will be $500USD for non private members and $250USD for Private Members.

Now here’s where it gets interesting… Before the event starts CFC will hold a Private Baccarat Tournament at the Dealer school in Las Vegas (where the workshop will take place).

And if any one who participates in the Tournament wins any bets that are opposite to Ellis’ bets then CFC will grant a par value credit of that betting unit bet at the minimum table value which will probably be $25.00.

Then those winning credited bets will be directly applied to your workshop purchase for the day.

That way everyone pays at the skill level they bring to the table on their own to the Workshop.

Of course our Private Members will excel at this and could possibly be getting the workshop for free!
But hey the way we see it, they will have deservedly earned it through all their hard work, dedication and investment of becoming Private Members with CFC in the 1st place right?

This should be a smash hit with all those participating, why because even if the novice players end up paying the regular discounted fee for the workshop afterwards.

This tournament will give them a clear snap shot picture on how much their Baccarat game has improved as a direct result of attending this workshop and they will easily justify their investment with CFC by winning all that money back and then some at their favourite Casinos on a regular basis.

Let us know if you are game and up for the CFC challenge…
What do you really got to lose? :unsure: :scratch:

CFC :bye:

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3 thoughts on “CFC Challenge Workshop…

  1. what happened to the previous workshop? is there a recording of that workshop for us to view in the private forum?

  2. Notice to All Private Members regarding referrals to CFC.

    Based on the value of referrals we are now offering to grant a free no charge attendance to a live workshop to any Private Members who refer Private Members to our site. (Workshops will be held at various locations throughout such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, Canada and other areas to be determined)

    This will help all of us get to our 100 Private Member Club which we are focused on helping Private Members become members of the 100 Million Dollar Club….

    This is our Mission Statement for Goals and Objectives of Casino Forum Club….

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