SAP in relation to Baccarat (SAP helps us hit the Bulls Eye pretty much every-time if not close)

sap (Self Adjusting Progression)

To sap something is to drain or deplete something over time. If you sap a maple tree, you drain the liquid inside it to make maple syrup. But if you sap a person of strength, you’ve rendered him defenseless.

Whether used as a noun or verb, sap is rarely a good thing. If your energy or will is sapped, it’s not meant lightly; it means you have been exhausted of all your reserve energy, you’re reduced to a shell. If someone calls you “a sap,” it suggests you lack strength and character. And if you get sap — the sticky liquid inside a tree — on your hands, good luck getting it off in the middle of a forest without a bar of soap and running water. Yuck.

But SAP is the Life Blood of the Tree of Knowledge, so therefore consider your Baccarat Tree of Knowledge consists of the many branches that Ellis quotes as Arrows in your Quiver…

And SAP is the life blood to his many unique and powerful approaches to every shoe imaginable that the Casinos are constantly throwing at us as moving targets.

SAP helps us hit the Bulls Eye pretty much every-time if not close.

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Words of wisdom from McVince (A Loyal Student of Ellis who plays Baccarat Professionally on his time off) who played on the East Coast with Way2Fast (Ellis’ 3rd Student Millionaire Baccarat Winner)

SAP Tree of Knowledge

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2 thoughts on “SAP in relation to Baccarat (SAP helps us hit the Bulls Eye pretty much every-time if not close)

  1. From the Private Forum:

    I think LCNB gives us a preview of how NOR and Exploit will perform using SAP.

    Every shoe dealt is either NOR or RSAP. Either a shoe is biased or it’s neutral (Random).

    SAP tells us how strongly biased or how Neutral a shoe is. It also tells us which bias a shoe is producing the strongest and therefore which system is optimum to play as well as if and when to switch systems. And also when a bias is strong enough for Exploit.

    SAP is also the best way to determine the best Mode when playing S40 or OTB4L which are our only systems that require Modes. That stops a whole lot of mistakes.

    I’ll be showing you in your System Selection Table how SAP selects your optimum Mode.

    When a shoe is only slightly biased we take no chances and stick to a 123 prog with a goal of +10.

    Medium bias we bet U1D2 and go for +20.

    Strong bias we Exploit and go for +30 recognizing that +50 is often attainable.

    When only one SAP count number is out of the pack such as 8444 we are going to win a lot of our first bets so we go with 345 U1D2 and go for +30 Because that prog greatly increases our score while reducing our risk.

    Basically :

    High 1’s is S40

    Low 1’s is Repeats

    High 2s is OTB4L

    Low 2s is TB4L

    High 3s with high 1’s is TB4L as long as 2s are low.

    High 3s with high 2s is OTB4L.

    High 3s with high 4+ is Repeats.

    High 4+ with low 1’s is Repeats.

    But if we look at what is high, what is 2nd high, and what is low, that totally defines the optimum system to play. And if we look at HOW high, that defines the optimum progression to bet.

    Like I said before, you need to study your System Selection Table until you know it thoroughly! But as your experience increases, so does your understanding of your Selection table. You get to the point you can merely glance at a tote board and know what to play and how best to bet. Your whole game is automated by SAP.

    Eventually, SAP makes you INVINCIBLE!

    And the more they cheat, the more invincible you get!

    THAT is why I’m now teaching you EVERYTHING from the SAP perspective.

    Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

    The best way to stop you from making mistakes is to stop you from making decisions. We let SAP decide EVERYTHING. Get it?

    And CFC is the ONLY place in the world you can learn the SAP way of playing.

    SAP is literally a game changer!

  2. Therefore we SAP the casino! We deplete its strength. The casino’s strength is multiple strategies. SAP detects all casino strategies quickly with dead accuracy. We have a system for every casino strategy. SAP tells us which system to play and which progression is optimum. But first it tells us which table has the strongest bias. When we stick to the strongest bias, we make the most money.

    SAP also tells us which tables to avoid – changing biases. We’ve all had tables we wish we had avoided. SAP puts that mistake in our past.

    SAP is a whole new way of playing Baccarat. It’s like a flashlight in the dark. Like when you put your car’s computer on Navigation.

    SAP does your thinking for you. Throughout the shoe, it tells you the Optimum system to play and the Optimum progression to bet.

    SAP is OUR best friend and the casino’s worst enemy. But there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    SAP makes us look like geniuses. The other players marvel at our hit rate. We get used to other players following us – even thanking us.

    We deploy SAP every game we play – every system we play – every Betting Strategy we deploy.

    SAP makes us the best players in the casino. Both the casino and the players quickly realize that.

    I’ve had another player ask the dealer a question during a hot game. And the dealer replied : hell I don’t know – ask him – He’s the best player in this casino – maybe in the whole world.

    How long does it take to learn SAP?

    About ten minutes. Then you keep getting better the rest of your life.

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