Law of Distraction: CFC

Hello and Greetings fellow Baccarat Aficionados

Some things that I came to realize as my talents on the Baccarat Tables gradually improved through Ellis’ teachings was how much indirect influences can negatively affect a skilled players attention and win rate success.

I now am fully aware of these little distractions that add up through each and every playing session that I go through.

Well now that I’ve brought this up, Let’s look at this a little closer, shall we?

How many of you skilled players on the CFC find themselves in similar situations where you are usually asked which bet you think will win next or what are you actually tracking on your score cards etc, etc…

I personally came to the conclusion than when we skilled players are in the heat of the battle Per se, the last thing we need is extraneous noise as I call it…

It’s bad enough that the Casino knows this important tactic of distraction hence their Shills and Coolers along with talkative dealers who always like to Chit Chat when we are winning more than the average player.

This all leads me to the inevitable Conclusion that we skilled players need to have a quick and polite way of neutralizing these unknown distractions immediately, that keep bombarding the highly skilled players that we are quickly becoming through Ellis and his teachings.

For example: One of my answers to the curious Pit Boss’ who likes to criticize my score card at the Baccarat table during a game that Baccarat is a 50/50 game and what I am doing is a waste of time, I then just simply agree with them and let them know that actually I am just tracking my losses for the night and if I don’t do it, the angry wife at home will….

And when other losing players keep bugging me to teach them what is it that I am doing at the table, I just ask them if they ever read up on the game online?

If they say “No” then I just ask them how’s that working out for them?

But if they say “Yes” that’s when I state that I do as well and I’ve found a rare and valuable source online and if they are curious to really learn this game then I am happy to share it with them.

Trust me, this added awareness frees you up to focus on your game and avoid any unnecessary distractions that could cause you to lose the shoe. Kinda like lining up our priorities and doing what we do best.

Even professional athletes or business people pay big bucks to personal Life Coaches who teach them how to avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on the task at hand basically stay on target.

And Ellis always says that the Casinos are constantly providing us with a moving target with their switch ups.

Focus makes us more successful and more money follows that success…

I propose that we support each other on that topic more so in the Private Membership that way we can all achieve our personal goals with Baccarat at a much faster rate.

Let’s Chat more about this on the Private Forum and in the meantime “NO Chit Chat” in the Casinos unless it’s away from the Baccarat tables and in the bar where you are not at risk of losing any opportunities to exploit the Casinos. Remember Ellis’ words of wisdom:
That next double scotch on the rocks is still cheaper than your next losing bet, Right?


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2 thoughts on “Law of Distraction: CFC

  1. Yes your so right, like this one guy who joins the forum then wants you to teach him everything on how to win in one shoe while your playing the shoe, then gets pissie when you tell him later after the shoe is over.

    Then there’s the player that wants to bet on your spot, then this big black arm slides across your ear as they lean over you like a big tree (talk about the lights going out in Georgia) and puts their bet down and they look at you like it’s a good thing.

    Now if that ain’t back luck let’s talk about a black cat crossing your path LOL.

    There’s usually a whole clan with a tan of them doing this and the only time the pit boss will put a stop to this is if the players are winning.

    Then there’s the Asian’s that look at you to make sure your not one of them, then coughs on you.

    You should see them look when you cough back on them, they get the message real quick.

    Even had a Chinese martial artist tell me to come outside, so i said lets go and as he’s doing his stretches. while i went for the door all his pussy ass buddies piled on him and told him not to go.

    Damn, i was looking forward to this but instead went back to playing and he never came near me after that.

    We got along fine after that. No respect, i could go on and on.

    It seem’s nobody want’s to see you win day after day, not just the dealers and pit bosses, they seem more cool about it compared to some players.

    It doesn’t matter how much you win, they know you still have the same bankroll you started with a while back.

    It could be a dollar a day and you would be in the 2% club or is it the 1%.

    NO RESPECT :yahoo:

  2. I remember those double scotch days with distant fondness.

    I don’t tolerate ANYONE talking to me during the game whether BJ or Bac. No One!

    I always keep a dollar bill on the table so I can accept my bottle of water or cup of coffee from the waitress W/O talking to her. They learn quick! Don’t talk to this guy when he’s playing. The other players get the idea too.

    If anyone does try to talk to me I simply say in a stern voice: “After the shoe!” – if I don’t ignore them altogether.

    Look, you can’t talk and play at the same time. You miss too much! Do one or the other but never both at the same time.

    No touch Bac averages one hand every 50 seconds. Sure, there is plenty of time to talk – just don’t do it.

    When I play Baccarat I know how many of each event has transpired thus far. I also know which the shoe is favoring: Opposites or Repeats and by exactly how much. That took 5 seconds to write my 5 count numbers on my score card.
    I also know exactly where the system I’m playing stands.

    But I’m constantly mentally overlaying other systems on my card to see where they stand so I know if I should switch systems.

    For instance: Maybe I’m playing TB4L. But I’m ALWAYS also tracking straight Repeats. Maybe TB4L is at +7 where Repeats is as + 9. I know to switch. But not if somebody is talking to me meanwhile. See that?

    So two things:

    1.) Never talk to anyone while they are playing. That’s simply good gambling etiquette.

    2.) Never let anyone talk to you when you are playing.

    BECAUSE: when you are talking, you are not playing – at least, not at your best.

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