Flat bet Overlay system for NOR and ANOR (safe way to learn and play)

I’ve found through my personal use of Ellis’ flat bet systematic approach works very similar to what i was already doing in the Casinos over the last two years as I was solely devoted to learning all of Ellis’ systems of play and approaches to the game of Baccarat.

I highly endorse using it as an overlay system while learning all the other sometimes more complex approaches of playing the game of Baccarat.

To be successful at consistently winning in the Casinos we have to first and foremost be highly skilled in choosing and using the right arrow from your quiver as Ellis likes to mention as a metaphor to hitting that constant moving target that the Casinos keep providing us with on a daily basis.

Every great designer or engineer needs a test pilot or driver to run his prototypes out there in the real life and world of Casino games like Baccarat, in order to better design or tweek his systems and teachings based on the field results from those sessions out there in the field of battle with the Casinos.

Well I’m that guy and love working with Ellis’ great systematical tactics against what the Casinos have created as almost unbeatable. Yes it’s challenging to deal with for the average player in the beginning but well worth learning, trust me!

I can now honestly say that my perspective on Casinos is no longer based on fear of losing and I now can confidentially enjoy winning on a regular basis that makes me hard to beat.

Casinos are now both entertainment for me and ATM centres that I can freely extract tax free cash from based on how well I play on any given day. You could even say that combining the two is more like Edutainment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 4.52.48 PM

The extra income comes in very handy let me tell you. And I have a reputation of being a professor of the game that i quickly tell all curious gamblers that the real professor is Ellis Davis and they should be learning from him not me because I am just the student of his Baccarat Philosophies and what better than learning directly from the source right Sensei Ellis?

By way of this site: The Casino Forum Club, we all get access to Ellis’ simple but very powerful mind over matter approaches to Baccarat. I’ve even used his teachings by way of applying them to Craps another game that I am passionate about. Other players on our site have also used Ellis’ basic philosophies to also better equip themselves to play some of the other many games that the Casinos have to offer, Slots, Poker, Roulette, BlackJack, Craps and of course the real money maker Baccarat.

How cool is that right!

I encourage anyone who gambles at whatever game to join this forum to be better informed on the dangers of gambling and be more pro active about gambling instead of just reactive and see where it takes you in life?

Have fun and be safe in the casinos,


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4 thoughts on “Flat bet Overlay system for NOR and ANOR (safe way to learn and play)

  1. Testimonials on the Private Membership:

    Private Member


    Thanks for correcting my transcription error on shoe #5 as it did throw MY SAP count off.
    I can’t figure out how to correct anything other than my most recent post.

    The idea of flat betting RSAP shoes by increasing the value of the base unit looks very promising. Can’t wait to try it in battle. Demonstrating how it achieved the same as betting a 1,2,4 progression was very enlightening. Seems obvious in hindsight but I never would have thought of it. Thanks and kudos.

    This shoe #5 was very rich in interpretation in that it could be beaten with SAP and raw data. Also shows the overlap in the betting constructs in that different systems could win in this shoe.

    SAP points in the direction of RSAP. While just looking at the raw data of the shoe and seeing that there are no 5s STR or ZZ points you in the direction of OT M3M3. Both are winning paradigms here.

    It can’t be overestimated the importance of knowing the nemesis of the applicable different modes. For me it was only after learning this as second nature did many of Ellis’s teachings start to sink in.

    S40 MODE 2 hates 3s.
    S40 MODE 3 hates 4s.
    OT MODE 2 hates 4s.
    OT MODE 3 hates 5s.

    Mentally I call it looking for the 3,4,5. If I look at SAP or a shoe and see no or low –
    – 3s then I know I should be playing S40 M2.
    – 4s then I know I should be playing S40 M3.
    – 4s then I know I should be playing OT M2. Evaluate STR and ZZ separately.
    – 5s then I know I should be playing OT M3. Evaluate STR and ZZ separately.
    As 4s is used by both S40 and OT. The deciding factor is the number and spacing of 1s (3ZZ or 4ZZ+). If these are high you use S40, low then OT.

    The inverse is equally true. High 1,2s is S40 while high 2,3s is OT.

    The second thing I learned from Ellis was that the amount of your bet should equal the quality of the shoe. If you have a consistent bias increase the dollar amount of your progression. If there is a weak bias bet the minimum or even better just sit out. Why fight a hard shoe when you can win with an easy shoe?

    Aurelius ?

    May 11, 2016 at 5:38 am #3200
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    Private Member

    Mr. Aurelius,

    Very good post. Although I haven’t seen any of your posts until this week I can say you present good information.

    I think that information needs to be tailored to the individual’s style of play. I for one don’t like betting every hand and use SAP to gauge my bet ONLY when I feel that the time is right. I for one have seen very few shoes that can maintain the endurance to bet one style. It is the ability to adapt that separates the good player from the great player. That is why for me, I try to stay away with trying to bet every hand. If I am up 3-5 units per shoe, I am happy. The key is to bet higher units. When Ellis created MDB he said, “If you want to win 5 units and win big then you need to bet big”.

    I think the SAP count is the best thing that Ellis created. Not only does it show the theme of the shoe for the guys that want to bet every/most every hand, there are things that SAP will show you that happen 99.99% of the time in every shoe. It doesn’t matter if it is an S40, OTB4L, TB4L etc. Certain things happen all the time or almost every time (99.99%). If guys can figure that out and either wait until those opportunities occur OR bet larger units (not if) but WHEN those opportunities occur you can do some serious damage. Your journey should be to find out what WILL happen as opposed to what will probably happen.

    Focus your attention on what will happen as opposed to what may happen.

  2. The word that immediately comes to mind is Triage:

    Applied to Baccarat wherein Ellis’ is like our Baccarat Doctor who is constantly having to deal with different students in one of three ways like a War Physician on the field of battle ie: The Casinos:

    Student #1:

    Send them to a Gambling recovery centre as their last hope otherwise just send them a priest.

    An Introduction to the Problem Gambling Self-Help Tools Website https://youtu.be/oHRnj7FUYB0 via YouTube

    Student #2:

    Help them to learn simple Money Management Strategies Ie: Stop Win and Stop Loss techniques that will better prepare them from those disastrous days at the Casinos.

    Student #3:

    These are the devoted ones who are already winning by mastering the art of money management techniques and are now focusing on becoming highly skilled Players not Gamblers:

    Let me redefine those last two terms:


    A gambler is someone who wins once in a while but over the long run consistently loses more than they win. The Casinos thrive on these dumb asses in order to pay their bills! It’s a known Mathematical Fact that the Casinos bank on to survive.


    A highly skilled Player is someone who loses once in a while but over the long run wins more than they lose.

    Whilst a gambler is labeled a consistent loser The highly skilled Player is labeled as a student of the game.

    We are like kryptonite for all Casinos and are revered and feared by them as well. Why because the longer we stay playing the game the more we win!

    The definition of kryptonite is Superman’s ultimate weakness, or anything that causes someone’s ultimate weakness. An example of kryptonite is the one food a person is seriously allergic to.


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
    This article is about the concept of triage as it occurs in medical emergencies and disasters. For other uses, see Triage (disambiguation).

    Triage station at the Pentagon after the impact of American Airlines Flight 77 during the September 11, 2001 attacks.
    Triage (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triage_(disambiguation)“>/?tri????/ or /tri?????/) is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately. The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sift or select.[1] Triage may result in determining the order and priority of emergency treatment, the order and priority of emergency transport, or the transport destination for the patient.

    Triage may also be used for patients arriving at the emergency department, or telephoning medical advice systems,[2] among others. This article deals with the concept of triage as it occurs in medical emergencies, including the prehospital setting, disasters, and emergency room treatment.

  3. Here’s a testimonial from one of our most recent new Private Members:
    May 2, 2016 at 8:11 am #3104
    Profile photo of aizman

    Hi All,

    Just want to say that I’ve never thought it possible to win consistently at the casino, until I learnt of things like NOR, MDB, SAP, RSAP, F2, F3, etc. There is actually a system here for every kind of shoe that the casino can throw at you. Streaks, Chops, Random… all have their nemesis!

    For the first time, I think is possible to actually win more than you lose at the casino!

    The trick, I think, is to know when to use which system, when to enter a shoe, and when to quit. These are the things I’m hoping to master one day.

    For now, I’m learning as much as I could of LCNB, RSAP, flat-betting, etc., that were already posted in the Private Forum, and explained in details by Ellis. The discussions by forum members help a lot too.

    The other systems are still sitting in Ellis’ head, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of The Final Word’s content.

    When completed, it would be the baccarat player’s holy book!

    Cheers! :yahoo:

  4. Well OK except for one thing:

    I’ve never used an ATM in my life and never will!

    NEVER give yourself an excuse to lose.

    “It’s OK if I lose this shoe – I’ll just go to the ATM.”

    Is the same as saying:

    “I’ll be right there Honey as soon as I lose these chips.”

    Give yourself an excuse to lose and you WILL lose.

    Force yourself to win and you WILL win.

    If you don’t get this you need to watch the movie “The Hustler” one more time. You missed the whole point of the movie.

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