Quantum Bac!!!

First, just what is Quantum Baccarat?
“Quantum Baccarat”
(The Sporadic Ones are Near)

Quantum Bac is the overall approach we teach right here at CFC on the Private Baccarat Forum as well as in The Final Word Manual.

It is a purely scientific and mathematical approach to the game for the non Mathematician. 

It is somewhat similar to Blackjack Card Counting but FAR simpler. 

ANYONE can learn to perform our two counts perfectly in a matter of minutes.

1 in a rows, 2 in a rows, 3 in a rows and 4 or mores – we call those “Events”. 

Our SAP Count, which we put right on our score card, tells us the exact frequency of every event in the shoe at hand relative to its normal frequency of occurrence. Sound complex? If you can add and subtract numbers from 1 to 4 – you have all the math skills you need.

Our O/R count precisely measures the streak or chop in a shoe: (plus 1 when the opposite side wins (Opposites) and minus 1 when the same side wins (Repeats) – ridiculously simple.

These two counts are extremely simple since all the information is right there on your score card in front of you. Plus, we teach you a very simple way to keep your counts that ANYONE can do.

No member has ever had a problem keeping the two counts. Plus there is a way to quickly check your counts for accuracy. 

You learn the two counts the first day – probably the first hour.

Next you learn 8 simple systems. A “system” is nothing more than a simple betting routine.

For instance: One very common system we call “Repeats”. You simply bet the side that won the last hand. You forgot! No worries, it’s right there on your score card which we also teach you the best way to fill out.

Now, news flash!

Every shoe ever dealt in the entire history of Baccarat has a main bias. 

It might be high in Opposites or high in 1 iars or 2 iars or 3 iars or 4 or mores which we call 4+…

No need to concern yourself with 5 or mores since we are always ON long runs.

BTW, iar = In A Row.

A neat Mathematical FACT that helps us is this:

For everything a shoe is high in, it MUST be equally low in something else. 

The counts tell us the bias and its exact strength. The bias tells us which of our 8 systems is optimum for the shoe at hand. Its strength tells us the optimum betting strategy.

Often several of the 8 systems beat a shoe. But we want to know which does BEST!

What about the “random” shoes we see so often with factory preshuffled cards? – no bias whatsoever? 

Ha, random is a bias in itself which our SAP count precisely measures. 

Random is actually the easiest bias to beat!

Our novice player Art was playing random factory preshuffled cards at Flamingo – Vegas, playing one of our two systems designed for random cards.

He was doing so spectacularly that a few of us gave him money so he could go from green to black. I said:

“Art, it’s foolish to bet green when you are winning every shoe! Here’s more than enough money to go to black. We’ll leave you alone. When you finish, we’ll be across the street at Margarittaville.”

So, while CFC and I drank Margarittas in the sunshine for a few hours, Art made us thousands!

Ha, in fact Flamingo immediately went back to regular cards and is still dealing them today.

Quantum Bac is simple but it was 30+ years in the making. All it takes is study and practice. First you stop losing. But then you start winning. 

No one else teaches it, or even knows of it – not even close. 

Let’s keep it our little secret!

For Now… :mail:  :good:  B-)

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Quantum Bac!!!

  1. I realize that some of you are thinking that you can glean enough information from the public forum to play successfully. Believe you me, I’m very careful about what I post to the public. I just want to get across to you the idea that this game can be played professionally for a living once you know exactly HOW to play. I’m not giving you near enough information here to play successfully. But I do, both in the Final Word Manual as well as on the private forum.

    So lets have another example:

    I’ve already explained why early morning shoes are usually the easiest to play.

    But your biggest money making shoes occur at night.

    So lets suppose we came down after dinner at about 8 or 9 PM.

    The SAP count at our table is 1 4 4 12 – quite common given the age of the cards.

    So OK, what does that SAP count alone tell me?


    First, I know I’m in a very good high money making shoe!

    I’m very likely playing regular cards that started out in 8 sealed decks.

    I know to bet Repeats only!

    I know to bet our Exploit progression.

    Now I add the O/R count information.

    Together the 2 counts tell me exactly what events have occurred in this shoe thus far as well as exactly what play # the game is at: The next play is play #22.

    There has been one 1 in a row, two 2 iars, one 3 iar, 2 4 iars and 1 5iar.

    I also know there have been 8 more Repeats than Opposites.

    While the order of these events is not of great importance to the score,
    it does tell me which play to start my play.

    And, I know the exact order of these 7 events both from the tote board and from my score card.

    The fact is, just from the 4 SAP numbers plus the one O/R count number I know everything there is to know about this shoe, where to start, which system to play and what progression to bet.

    And I can guarantee you that I’m the ONLY player at the table that knows ALL this information. I don’t care if the other players have 20 years of experience. They DON’T know what I know.

    Well, if it was my first shoe of the night so that I’m a little hesitant on my betting I would have started at play 7 with our basic progression and my score at play 21 would be +11 with a highest bet of 2. I’m going for an easy +20.

    However let’s say it was my 3rd or 4th shoe. OK, in that case I already know I’m at a streaky table and I would have started at play 2 with our exploit progression.

    Now my highest bet was 3 and my score is already +22 a quarter of the way through the shoe. I’m going for at least +40…more likely +50!

    Meanwhile, what are the amateurs doing? Well 1’s are way behind so they are likely betting that 1’s will catch up. So far, they have won ONE bet. No wonder they lose so spectacularly.

    I’ve lost 6 bets (all 1 bets). But I have won 14.

    So, are you beginning to see how a PRO plays vs a 20 year amateur ?

    How the game can be beat by anyone who knows how to get ALL the information and bet WITH the mathematical odds every play.

    Look, the game odds are 50/50. You could flip a coin and win half the bets. In fact the other players would be a whole lot better off just flipping a coin. Published casino profit rates prove that beyond all doubt.

    Anybody can get to 50% hit rate yet very few DO.

    But it takes information plus the skill of how best to apply that information to get ABOVE 50%. That’s where I come in.

    So, using all the information available, what was my hit rate that shoe? 70%.

    What was theirs? Very likely less than 50%.

    Virtually nobody averages above 50% but us. And we do it routinely! It is just a matter of knowing how to get the information and knowing how to use it.

    BTW, we will teach you exactly how to get your game up to black – safely.

    Playing Baccarat for less than black is pretty much a waste of time unless you are in it just for fun.

    But take a look at this: Playing black in that shoe. you would have won more than enough in 20 bets to pay your entire tuition here twice over. Are you catching my drift? You CAN’T do it on your own. MANY have tried. They will be trying forever.

  2. But Ellis, how hard is it to learn?

    We don’t do anything that requires more than 3rd grade math.

    Let’s take an example:

    Suppose you are on a casino trip and you had come down to the casino early in the morning to play some Baccarat.

    First, why did you do that? Why are you there when most of the other players are still asleep?

    Because you learned right here on the private forum that tables are usually at their choppiest first thing in the morning soon after new cards are presented and such tables are the easiest to beat.

    I have won 20 shoes in a row at +20 each literally hundreds of times by sticking to new cards in the morning. Ha, while they are sleeping I’m playing and while they are playing, I’m sleeping. It is just one of the hundreds of tricks of the trade you’ll learn here.

    I’m often playing head to head at that early hour or with only one or two other players so shoes don’t take long – about 20 – 30 minutes.

    At that hour I’m nearly always playing either S40 or OTB4L but never a streak system because new cards are virtually never streaky. I know these things after 30+ years of play and I teach them to you.

    So OK, lets say we get a shoe where the first 20 plays go:

    We call that the 212s BTW – very common especially with new cards early in the morning.

    Our short cut method of expressing that shoe so far is:

    B12121212121211 After 20 plays we always start a new column.

    OK, my 4 SAP counts are 7 12 0 0 and my O/R count is +7. You learned how to do those your first hour.

    Both are screaming at me to play System 40 which I pretty much already knew anyway both from prior shoes at that table as well as from the time of day.

    My distant 2nd choice is OTB4L – a system nobody knows but us. THAT is why casinos like to deal OTB4L shoes. They always win – ha, unless WE are there.

    When I have that much information going for me I nearly always start at play 2. I
    can always adjust if need be.

    Well, at play 20, S40, having bet a total of 25 units, is at +13 with a highest bet of 2 units. Our PA (Player Advantage) (ROI) (Return On Investment) is a whopping 52%. Our commission is less than 1 unit.

    Ellis, great, but what if since we are new to all this we made a mistake and played OTB4L. After all, that was your second choice?

    Well every bet would be different and you would bet a total of 27 units instead of 25 but at play 20, your score would still be +13, and score is what counts.

    Ellis, how would your so called “street” players fare in this game?

    They would most likely lose their entire buy in , maybe even two buy ins.

    Why? Because street players tend to bet that whatever is behind will catch up. In this case, 3s, at 0, are WAY behind. So street players will be betting that all those 2s will go to 3, while, in fact, none of them do. That’s why we never pay any attention to what the other players are doing. They lose at impossible rates. We play OUR game. OUR game wins – their’s loses.

    Ellis, your example doesn’t seem all that plausible???

    Well it’s just an example to demonstrate a point but it is more plausible than you think. Fully a third of all shoes have no 3 or mores in the first col of 20 plays and it is even more common with new cards. Arrange the 1’s and 2s anyway you want. S40 will score about the same and sometimes even more. I could have put a long ZZ run (PBPBPB) in there and made the score come out closer to +20. The order of events doesn’t mean much. What matters is the COUNT of events! That is why we count.

    But let’s go back to that 52% PA for a minute:

    Recognize that BJ card counters spend all those years of study and practice in an attempt to achieve a 0.5% PA. Hell, we TIP more than that!

  3. So Ellis, what do I get for my efforts? And for my money?

    It depends on the extent of your efforts. Some I call party players. They only want to learn one system. Fine, I designed LCNB for those guys. It is the only winning single system in the world. It has a built in, automated mathematical advantage. It loses on purpose to the event occurring the least so that it wins on the 3 events occurring the most. So you usually win and you win with a maximum bet of only 2 units. Any losses are limited to 6 units – extremely conservative.

    But then you have my kind of player. He’s got that dream – the same dream I had back in the ’80s when I quit my Math Professorship to play Atlantic City full time. I was very well paid at S.U.N.Y. – No complaints.

    MY first year I doubled my annual earnings working only 4 days a week. Then I improved from there. It took me 3 years to get barred from every casino in A.C. Then, another 2 years to get barred from every casino in Las Vegas.

    No worries! Casinos do not bar winning Baccarat players anymore. I think I was the first and also the last. Casinos now realize that winning players are good for business. They also know that less than 1% of players win overall.

    Casinos are sitting pretty! Overall they win about 25% in a game that favors them only 1.125%. How? Tactics. Casinos deploy time proven tactics against totally unsuspecting clueless players. Their Bac profits went from 6% in the ’80s to about 25% today all due to tactics – nothing more.

    So, do we complain? NO! Because we win by reversing their own tactics against them! Complaining is the LAST thing we would ever do.

    So now we are talking about the DEVOTED student. He has that dream! He, or she, wants to be the BEST there is, to know everything there is to know . And I want to be the best instructor there is because I know what it’s like to do all this Without a qualified instructor. I know about all the scammers out there feeding on your dream.

    Many of my students are now full time professionals. Three have passed the million dollar mark and one passed the 2 million mark. THOSE are my kind of players. They not only have the dream, they are LIVING the dream!

    So why don’t I go out there and do this myself? I’ve already been there – done that! But now I’m too freaking old to live that life again. I know my place now and my place is teaching you. It’s YOUR turn now!

    Besides, I’m working on my life story. “The Player” by E. Clifton Davis. And it is one hell of a story. Remember, I did it W/O a teacher. YOU’VE got ME.

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