Can I make money with CFC???

Most do but some don’t. I’ll tell you the difference:

Look, some somehow think that casinos are a push-over.

That you can read a couple pages and beat Baccarat.

The casinos are full time professionals. They know their business. They are out to beat everybody. And they do – almost. Less than 1% of Baccarat players win long run. And most of that 1% winners have one thing in common – they were taught by me – E. Clifton Davis and our forum

It is like any business – you must have that dream of beating casinos.

You must put in the time and effort to learn. It is all simple, common sense stuff but I can’t teach you by osmosis. You MUST do your part.

Why CFC?

We are flat out the cutting edge of Baccarat! We are in a league of our own. I’ve been teaching players how to beat this game for more than 30 years and I know my stuff. Most casinos know me…

I walked into Gold Strike, Tunica with Ed Gil one of my students a short while back. Haven’t been there in years. Gave them my player card. We no sooner got playing when, to the shock of all the other players at our table and other tables, the entire casino Mgt staff, all 8 of them, came down to the floor to our table to shake my hand. Why?

A few years back I played that casino full time for 8 years W/O a single losing day. Casinos don’t bar you for winning at Baccarat – they admire you!

One of my students, Norm, won 2 million dollars over 2 years at one casino. So did they bar him? No! They worshiped him!

Could you do that?

Well, not yet. But ANYBODY can learn to do what I do – anybody who wants to bad enough. I don’t keep any secrets. I teach you EVERYTHING!


The more you learn the more Optimistic you get! To beat this game you’ve GOT to be an Optimist. Pessimists are rampant in casinos. I’ve been watching them for 30 years. They PLAN to lose and they are very successful at it.

“I’ll be right there, Honey, as soon as I lose these chips.”

Now there’s a plan!

Why Baccarat?

Look guys, Baccarat is the ONLY 50/50 game in the casino. Don’t let anybody tell you different. The table odds are 50/50, then you pay commission which averages about 1.25%. It’s ignorable.

Yet the average player only wins 43% of his hands.  How? Why? Because he either guesses or follows the guesser who seems to be guessing best at the moment. The casinos KNOW that 99% of players are guessers. So the casinos see it as their job to beat guessers. And they are VERY good at their job!

I can get your hit rate up from 43% avg to 50% in 5 minutes. That is a vast improvement already. That’s the easy part. SKILL gets you above 50%. That is what I teach you if you have the right Attitude. Attitude creates skill. And skill creates hit rate! Your’s needs to be above 50%! Norm won 2 Million Dollars averaging 4 more wins than losses per shoe. Ed Gil just called me this morning from the casino. He’s averaging 6 more winning hands than losing hands. That is 50% better than Norm and Norm became a multi millionaire! Oh and BTW, CFC is playing an approach we call the 3i which is under full discussion on the Private Forum right now!

The Other Players?

The typical Bac player walks into a casino, finds a table playing his stakes, and sits in the first open seat he finds, then follows the player with the most chips on the table. Right? Isn’t that exactly what YOU do? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!


We at CFC will teach you how to case the joint and find out what is going on – How to read a tote board, how to avoid the wrong tables and descend on the best, most beatable table in the joint, when to play normal and when to Exploit. I’ll turn you from amateur to Pro. You will be doing EVERYTHING different from what you and the other players are now doing.

ANY long time member here will tell you that. I will transform you!

What about the other players? You MUST learn to totally ignore them and play your own game – the game I teach you here at CFC. WHY would you follow them?

THEY LOSE at incredible rates. WE WIN!

THEY are why the casinos are in business. The casinos are not afraid of them at all.

BUT, they will soon be afraid of YOU- after I teach you a thing or two.. They are sure as hell afraid of ME!

And we will teach you EVERYTHING we know but mostly – HOW TO GET THE MONEY!.

E. Clifton Davis


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4 thoughts on “HOW TO GET THE MONEY!

  1. Hi Aegis 21 ! Good to have you aboard again. Yep, we had a lot of great play sessions together both BJ and Bac. I started with BJ. Never played Bac until it’s inception in the U.S in 1986. You know, BJ is literally a thousand times more complex than Bac.

    In BJ first and most important you have to know when to play, which table to play – then which seat to pick and how to best play that seat. You have to have memorized the 500 plays of Basic Strategy as well as when to play Basic and when not to and how to deviate – when to hit and when to stand, when to split and when to double down and when to insure. You can’t flat bet in BJ because you very seldom win most of the hands. You need to know what progression best suits the game at hand. This is all far over the heads of most players. Every decision you make changes the rest of the shoe entirely. So any mistake you make effects the whole table.

    Baccarat, it doesn’t matter whatsoever when you play or where you sit as long as you pick the best table from the tote board. Every play is either an Opposite or a Repeat. The random odds are exactly 50/50 and the payout is basically 1 to 1. Nothing you do effects the game in any way. Much simpler and much friendlier. It is basically the same as flipping a coin.

    Virtually every shoe has a beatable bias. Therefore nearly every shoe is beatable but you always want to play the table with the strongest bias because that makes it the most beatable. So you must know how to detect the strongest bias from the tote boards and then how to play that bias and what to do if the bias changes. You must know how to avoid the sucker bets the casino teases you with. And you must know Cash Mgt.

    In spite of the fact that Baccarat is a 50/50 game, it is incredible to me that the avg player loses 57% of his bets. Why? Because like everyone else in the casino, he’s trying to teach himself or learn from the other players who are also losing.

    If you want to win at Baccarat you need to learn from a successful Pro who can also teach. You couldn’t teach yourself in three lifetimes.

    How much does it cost? A whole lot less than losing!

  2. Hi All,
    I have been a student of Ellis on both Blackjack and Baccarat over the years and he has been the ultimate instructor and mentor these games have ever seen. Not only does he know all the statistics, the normal casino edge but also the real casino edge. From casinos using two deck BJ to eight deck blackjack and every shuffle employed, manual or machine, to help increase the casino take on every bet. He is an instructor who not only teaches but also plays right along side you. He puts his money on the table and proves his teachings with real life play.
    I met Ellis back in 1990 at a Jerry Paterson Blackjack target session in Atlantic City NJ, with Ellis being a guest speaker. He was giving a New Blackjack seminar and after his explaination of casino tactics, he invited the entire class to join him at Trumps’ Taj Mahal for a live demonstration of his New Blacjack system. NBJ he called it and wow did he ever have a public in casino real world demo. This was the first person I ever saw who not only made sense in the classroom but put it to practice in the field so to speak. He proceeded to win pile after pile of black chips and then when he hit the ten grand mark he colored in and went for dinner. This was done in front of twenty plus seminar attendees. Well enough reminiscing for now.

  3. Do I HAVE to bet a progression?

    No, many of our players flat bet. It has its advantages.
    You can bet a larger unit – usually twice what a progression bettor bases with. And you can increase your unit about twice as fast as a progression bettor.

    But you can’t Exploit flat betting.

    Can’t I raise my unit in a good shoe?

    Sure, but then you are not flat betting, are you.

  4. How much can you win?

    I’m not happy with less than 20 units in a shoe. I’ve hit +20 in 20 shoes in a row literally hundreds of times.

    But every now and then we get what we call an Exploit shoe. We will teach you how to recognize them and how to bet them. 50, 80, even 100 units is not uncommon in Exploit shoes. I see it as our duty to Exploit when opportunity presents itself.

    But whether playing regular or Exploiting we are nearly always the most conservative bettors at the table, very seldom betting more than 5 and never more than 6 even when Exploiting. But even though we are usually the lowest bettors at the table, we most often end up the biggest winners.

    Baccarat isn’t about how much you bet. It is about how often you bet the right side. And in that, we excel!

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