Confirmed!!! Las Vegas MvD & MvD³ Seminar officially set rain or shine for Dec. 28th. 2016

Casino Forum Club will hold this monumental Las Vegas MvD Seminar December 28th, 2016, we are confirmed to start at 1:00 pm at a location just 1 mile from the Flamingo Hotel (just 20 mins walking distance):

Ellis would like to  do a MvD seminar and casino play session at this Vegas event on the date listed above.

Recognize that there is a different optimum way to bet each shoe you play. You need to know how to determine the optimum way of betting the shoe at hand. 


This event will be for all levels of Players and also enrolling non-members into our forum as private members and MvD members…

Using a live seminar setting whereas:

1- Do live MvD seminars for $1,500.00 USD for Non-members & $500.00 USD for private members, MvD members get the seminar for $250.00 USD.

2- Guarantee better success rates either through better understanding the table play after session from the live seminar.

This offer also applies to already existing private members of Casino Forum Club as well, same deal on their renewal fee’s then the private members will get their MvD seminar rate of $500.00 which will include the MvD manual if they upgrade their Private Member status prior to the event taking place.

Note: All seminar attendees would have been required to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) in order to attend.

Either way no one loses, so let’s do this live seminar for everyone else as well, and if we can get a minimum of 10 students or more then Ellis will come to Las Vegas so we can set up this first MvD seminar and make it happen.



Casino Forum Club

Our event will be located between Koval Ln and Paradise Rd. off E. Flamingo Rd.:


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19 thoughts on “Confirmed!!! Las Vegas MvD & MvD³ Seminar officially set rain or shine for Dec. 28th. 2016

  1. Well, the Dec 2016 seminar held at Marriott Vegas went very smoothly. We will definitely hold our Seminars at Marriott from now on. Their people are very professional and our accommodations were flawless. The students were captivated by personal instruction. Then we played together for several days afterward.

    I did one instruction with the group right in the casino, right at the table, from the tote board, predicting the next plays and explaining my reasoning. My accuracy was dead on. One member commented that I should do all seminars that way. The other students quickly agreed but added that the Marriott white board training was also excellent. .

    Well, I can’t do that with a group all day because the casino would definitely step in. But I WILL add that as a short duration seminar feature from now on.

    However, from now on, we will avoid vacation days when scheduling seminars.

  2. No response for me or you Mtman…….I have been on the fence about joining and was hoping for a good report from the Vegas MvD Seminar and maybe signing up…
    But no word , so guess I am out of here and back to BTC …. :bye:

  3. What’s the good word fellas?!? Anxiously awaiting to hear how the Vegas MVD trip went?! :good:

    mtman B-)

  4. Any comments on the Vegas MvD seminar ?

    How many attended ?

    Did ya’ll go out and stomp the casino afterwards ?

    kinda quiet ?……that no one has posted following the seminar ??

    Maybe toooooo busy making monies ?? :)

  5. All those planning on attending the Vegas Dec 28th noon seminar

    please contact me today (Dec 26) and confirm so I can tell you the seminar location near Flamingo.



  6. Ha, I couldn’t get us a room at Flamingo. They don’t want me doing seminars there.

    They started out giving me a big choice of rooms – then right in the middle of getting one they emailed me that ALL of their many conference rooms are closed for maintenance that day. I guess I’m still barred there from 20 years ago.

    They showed Keith my computer record at their 40 casinos. While designated a “frequent player” they showed that I never had a losing day in ANY of their 40 casinos in the last 20 years. Ha, so NO, they wouldn’t comp me. And now, they won’t rent me a conference room at any price. In fact, no casino in Vegas has ever let me do seminars at their casinos. Yet they let ANY and ALL of my competitors do seminars at their casinos – including the card counting gurus. That ought to tell you something.

    So we got a room within walking distance of Flamingo. At least for YOU guys.

    And all attendees will be notified of the exact location. That’s the best we could do.

  7. OK, we are solid for Dec 28 at 1PM. I’ll get us a room today @ Flamingo with directions how to find it. Looks like at least 3, more like 5.

    Ordinarily I would not do a seminar with only 5 guys but I have to be there anyway for a family event.

    But then ordinarily we wouldn’t schedule a seminar during the holidays. Sorry Ed. I think this is the only seminar I ever did that you missed. Next time we will pick better dates.

    I will first cover the technique of playing MvD and then how best to bet the shoe at hand. I will also review OTB4L because they are still a favorite of the casino. And anything else the attendees want covered – such as, “The Plow”!

  8. {Or, if need be I could come a day earlier or stay a day later which would also give us Dec 29 or Jan 3. I don’t have a room for either of those nights but I could bunk with one of you guys.}

    hi, Ellis, I could get a comp room in Flamingo for you on those days. Let me know which day you prefer 12/29 or 01/03.

  9. OK, I’m booked for Dec 28th so that date is official. In fact I’m booked for Dec 27th through Jan 2nd – leave very early Jan 2nd. I already have room mates for every night I’m there. I’m staying @ Flamingo but we can play anywhere. I’d like to take another look at Stadium Baccarat because I did real well last time.

    But also we nailed Caesars last trip and Flamingo the trip before last. And I’m in a nailing sort of mood. Don’t be surprised if we get to $1000 units. I’ve got my eye on a Hummer I’d like to get my greedy hands on.

    On the afternoon or maybe even in the morning on the 28th, I’ll do a seminar that includes a white board demonstration of MvD. play by play – exactly what to look at to determine EVERY play that can possibly come up plus that starting tweak we are talking about.

    But most of you already know HOW to play MvD from your manual if, in fact you got your manual. We screwed up on that by depending on a printing house. Never again. We now have our own high speed top notch printer and we will do our own mailings from now on.

    But by the time I’m finished, you will have no doubts about any play that can possibly come up.

    But the main thing I want to cover is MvD³ Betting. Nobody in the casino, including our best players even like way2fast and our other million dollar winners – nobody bets right.

    How you bet, often separate winners from losers. There is a time to flat bet. There are times for U1D2. There are times to base at 2. There are times to design your progression to match what is happening in the shoe at hand, and there are times for the money grabbing 3,4,5 progression.

    What exactly do you look at to determine MvD³ Optimum Betting for the shoe at hand? When do you go for +60 and when do you run like hell? What is your departure signal? What is a good re-entry signal? What is MvD³ Optimum Cash Management?

    When and how do you start your MvD³ million dollar Quest? What is a doable and safe MvD³ million dollar unit increase schedule?

    Look, one of you is going to be our next MvD³ million dollar winner. You need to know how the first three did it before we came up with MvD³ (which was 42 years in the making for me). I taught THEM! I can teach YOU. Nothing special about those guys – they just played to a million dollar Quest schedule. NOW WITH MvD³ So can YOU!

  10. Good point Ed. Let’s ask the guys. I can’t do it the 2nd week of Jan but I could do it the first week.

    I need to be there Dec 29 leave Jan 3rd, – 5 nights.

    That gives us a 4 day choice for a seminar. Dec 30,31, Jan 1 or 2.

    Or, if need be I could come a day earlier or stay a day later which would also give us Dec 29 or Jan 3. I don’t have a room for either of those nights but I could bunk with one of you guys.

    So who would like to go and when?

  11. I’ll be in Vegas over New Years anyway. I have a Caesars high stakes play session lined up with a couple of our students. Yes, you can come in and watch or play with us. Caesars high stakes room is very accommodating that way. I’ll post the exact dates I’ll be playing at Caesars as soon as I know them. But I’ll fly in earlier so I can spend some time just with you guys.

    I’d very much like to do a training film but for now we need to keep this under raps – a white board demonstration of exactly how you play MvD – what you look at to decide each play, as well as what you look at to determine optimum betting.

    It SOUNDS complex to some when they see MvD in writing. But when you see it physically done on a white board you’ll quickly see how simple MvD actually is. And also how simple MvD Betting is.

    Then we will have plenty of time to go play together and make some money – anywhere you want to go. I’m the kind of player I like to go for the jugular whenever the opportunity arises. You’ll see!

  12. The Vegas location is a lot better than Niagara Falls. Why would you select the day after Christmas Day. It makes no sense. The Christmas Holidays are a horrible time to travel. The airfares and room rates are HIGHER during this time of year. The second week in January is a lot better time.

    Why not poll the members and get a consensus on what would be a better time?

    Ed Gil

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