So OK I’ve paid a lot of attention to you party players. You wanted One simple way to play with no counts. Fine, MvD is the best there is. You guys, form the largest group of players, by far, so I must pay you my respects and devote my time to you.

But now lets talk about the other group, the ultimate player, perhaps somewhat insane, like me. He wants to know everything there is to know about the game, every system, every progression, how to Exploit, and every trick of the trade, how to make really big money – perhaps millions!

The O/R and the PvB counts are important but what makes these guys ultimate is the SAP Count. The SAP Count which you can learn in 5 minutes is your ultimate weapon. It tells you which system to play and how to bet it. It is also an early warning system that keeps you out of trouble.

SAP is the focal point of the entire Final Word Manual because it is the entire basis of Advanced System Selection and Advanced betting.

The Advanced System Selection Table is the most important page in your manual and your entire manual is devoted to it.


Therefore I’ve taken the liberty to copy that page right here on the public forum for the whole world to see. The Ultimate Player knows everything on this page. He learned it from his Final Word Manual. He can play any shoe ever dealt but you know what – He doesn’t. BECAUSE he knows to select only the very best shoes. Why? Because he CAN! And Because he’s a Pro. The SAP Count and Table Selection are his big guns. It is as close to cheating as you can legally get. He is NOT doing what the Casino wants him to do. He’s doing what he knows is the best thing to do. He’s not a lemming. He’s a Pro. Feast you eyes on this, the MOST important page of The Final Word Manual:


Once you have learned Tote Board Reading and how to enter your SAP and O/R counts on your score card, and how to consider the PvB count right there on the tote board, you are ready to perform Table Selection and System Selection – your most important Baccarat skills.

I have designed the ideal system for every combination of SAP disparity imaginable:

High 1’s = S40

High 1’s and 2s = S40

High 1s and 2s and 3s = S40M3

High 2s = OTB4L

High 2s and 3s = OTB4L

High 2s and 3s and single 1’s = OTB4L

High 2s and 3s with single and double 1’s = OTB4LM3

High 3s = OTB4L+

VERY low 2s = TB4L

High 4+ with low 2s = TB4L

High 4+ and 1’s with low 2‘s = TB4L

High 4+ with high 1s and 3s and low 2s = TB4L

Low 1’s = Repeats

High 4+ = Repeats

High 4+ with high 2s = Repeats

High 4+ with high 3s = Repeats

High 4+ with high 2s and 3s = Repeats

Very High P or Very High B = F3 (SS) (Strong Side)

We like to see at least a 2 to 1 PvB ratio for F3

But right now we are seeing LOTS of F3 shoes EVERYWHERE

and F3 shoes are usually very high scoring.

Equal PvB = Net Bet

High SAP Disparity = SAP

Low SAP Disparity = RSAP


That covers the WHOLE water front. The advantage of the SAP\RSAP approach is you only need to learn SAP and O/R Counting and 2 systems to play every conceivable shoe.

The advantage of MvD technique is you only need ONE simple system with no counts.”


Now, put your mind on blank screen for a moment and let me have your undivided attention.

Imagine that you have learned EVERYTHING on that ONE page of your Final Word Manual.You’ve also learned all of the progressions and when to deploy which progression. To be a Professional you must first Think and Act like a Pro – then, play like a Pro with sound cash Management.

You’ve just walked into a major casino with a bankroll of $3000. You aren’t there for fun. You have one purpose in mind and you are totally devoted to that one purpose – to walk out of that casino with more money than you walked in with. It’s not your money until you leave the casino!

You totally ignore the other players. You are in your own world. Your total focus is the Tote Boards. There are 8 tables going. You are talking to yourself. I want the MOST biased table in this casino. The first table has a high minus O/R count. Hmm, I might come back to this one. But I want to see ALL of the tote boards. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th tables – nothing remarkable – nothing really stands out. The 5th table has low 2s. Hmm, interesting. The 6th table has very high 3s and a -6 O/R count at play 24 – VERY interesting. 7 went from chop to streak – definitely avoid that one. Nothing interesting at 8 so back to TABLE 6! It is now at play 32. The O\R count has gone even more negative. There have been 4 3s vs a norm of 2. That is extreme bias. You take the empty 1st seat right in front of the toteboard. You produce your player card immediately because it is the only thing in your left pocket. Play 36 just completed producing the 5th 3. Wow! You produce $2000 which was already separated and the only thing in your right pocket. “All black please!” You already know you are going to play OTB4L+ which is designed specifically for high 3s. And you already know you are going to bet a 345 prog because the table is so extremely biased and because the 345 is the safest of all the exploit progressions. Play 39 just completed the 6th 3. You put 3 blacks on Player and double check that your bet is correct.

NOW, you’re playing the game!

Below is the rest of your shoe played out. It is a shoe recently turned in by one of our private members. This is what can happen to YOU!


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  1. You got it Brian! I’ll post it on its own SS F3 thread in the private Bac forum. I’m sure others want to see it like maybe black2bac and Cochesse and Danny. Everybody will want to see it when they get wind of how high it scores.

    F3 is a very strong high scoring system. Some players have done very well playing F3 only. F3 won a $25,000 Bac tournament in Tunica.

  2. Hi Ellis, I’d like to see a review of SS. I can’t see why you have to put
    a portion of MVD on the public forum except for marketing?

  3. BTW black2bac, speaking of the high prevalence of SS shoes lately… I recall mentioning to Ed Gil during our last trip to Lake Charles at one of their two excellent casinos:

    “No matter how they start, every shoe here, both the high stakes and low stakes tables, eventually dissolves into SS. We can do very well here just playing SS no matter how the shoe starts.” And, we DID!

    How are you with SS? I could do a quick refresher on the private forum???

    Or, would anyone else like to see that since we are seeing so many of the darn things lately?

  4. Well black2bac, I appreciate your comments which are all correct as usual. I also appreciate your phone comments regarding the Vegas casinos recently favoring SS Strong Side shoes. I’ve also noticed that both at Tunica and Lake Charles and was able to take huge advantage of some SS shoes recently.

    But I don’t think you are grasping the overall picture completely:

    You seem to think MvD is some sort of junior system, perhaps because it is a simple stand alone approach that requires no counts – And perhaps because we tend to pitch it to new guys.

    But look, I designed MvD out of desperation to beat what the casinos are dealing TODAY. I’m a NOR player but the casinos know NOR and they know how to deal anti NOR shoes. They HAD to do that to survive!

    Now, WE need to survive! So I designed MvD to beat the shoes we see everywhere TODAY. And it does! – as many MvD players here have attested – including myself.

    It would be nice if we could just sit back and play the NOR systems and win every shoe like we could just a few years back. But those days are GONE! Today’s casinos know NOR and they know how to design anti NOR shoes. We needed a technique that does not depend on biases – that beats the anti NOR shoes we are seeing so many of TODAY – that beats BOTH biased and unbiased shoes. We needed an approach based on history – the very history of the shoes we are seeing today.

    I slaved over my recent shoes from Tunica, Vegas and Lake Charles until I could beat them handily. It required an approach with a completely different basis – a history basis rather than a bias basis – in fact a split history basis – an approach that looks at Player and Bank history separately. That has never been done before but never have the shoes we see TODAY been done before.

    MvD is not a junior system. It is a survival system. Call it a necessary evil if you want but we can’t survive W/O it – not in today’s game.

    Yes it IS simple and Yes it CAN stand alone and yes, it needs no counts and YES we CAN flat Bet it. But none of those facts make it a junior system. They just make it easier to play.

    For experience members in that second group, a good tote board reader can predict the best MvD shoes. WE can play it more professionally. But the fact is, we need it to survive in today’s game. Sure, we still see a sprinkling of NOR so we need NOR too but we can’t survive in today’s game W/O MvD.

    Which reminds me: BTC does not have MvD. Maybe that is why they are about to hold a BJ seminar in Vegas.

    Yep, they will be demonstrating NBJ First Base as well as 0 Proximity. Ha, both my copyrighted BJ approaches. What does THAT tell you?

    BTW, so EVERYBODY knows exactly what they are buying, and why, I’m going to post the first page of the MvD Manual on our public forum.

  5. I despite my 2 decades of playing the game of baccarat am still a student of the game but some of the old school baccarat that I learned before will never change and is still applicable even up to these day and age.whatever that is: is for you guys to find out by reviewing the private baccarat forum discussion AGAIN and incorporating some that knowledge and see what works and used that to your advantage and getting rid of what doesn’t work. (Mark my words, the casino will never present an easy table at first,and each casino is different) :good:
    And since you are a student of the game for me,it’s like taking a multiple choice test,choose from A to E .The best choice being the best system that fits the best table which of course results in the best profits BOTTOMLINE!! How’s that from an analogy standpoint!!

  6. Glad to see that you’ve drawn the distinction between players. Now that MvD has been delivered to those who wanted it, perhaps we can get back to the business of discussing ways of achieving greatness in this game.

    True, as you say, some of us want to know “every trick of the trade”. Some of us also know that no single system or approach wins long-term, because in the era of ‘designed’ shoes that we now face, the casinos can always modify their games to counter that single system. But as a shoe is designed to counter any one system, it usually leaves itself vulnerable to one or two others, which can be exploited, if you know what they are, and if you know what is possible.

    If you know all possible scenarios, and know what weapon to use for each one, in addition to what adjustments to make if your weapon initially fails, then pretty soon the casino can’t fake you out!. Pretty soon, you become INVINCIBLE. Isn’t that mastery of the game what everyone would like to have?

    Some of us want to achieve greatness that can’t be discouraged just because the casino presents a moving target, or switches trends from one bias to another. Some of us are waiting to get back to to discussing the finer points of the entire game, including knowledge of how to play the game and how and what to bet.

    True some of us may be further down the road of knowledge about this game, but still WE WANT MORE!….You promised more. You said your legacy would be to train consistent winners, masters of the game…..thoroughbreds. Isn’t that more important than designing a single “party player “system that wins this year but not next year?

    We’re ready whenever you are…..

  7. So why did I quit at +40 rather than finish this great shoe??? That is what those hash marks mean – That’s where I QUIT.

    In a word, ha, or 2 words – Cash Management. We are VERY aware of the decade we are in: 1 – 9; 10 – 19; 20 – 29; 30 – 39; 40 – 49, etc. especially near the end of the shoe. Once we achieve a decade, we think twice before making a bet that could take us back below that decade. Near the end of the shoe it becomes a rule: DON’T make a bet that could take you below the decade you are in. – Quit the shoe instead. It’s another trick of the trade.

    This time that rule cost me 1 unit. I quit at +40 when I would have hit +41.

    But other times, staying in could cost me everything I’ve won and then some. How many times have you found yourself way ahead in a shoe only to lose it all in the last few plays? The Decade rule stops that. It insures you get out of the casino WITH your winnings. Winnings Retention you might call it. – Yet another trick of the trade.

    Ha, if everybody got out when they were ahead – there would be no casinos!

  8. About that posted shoe I played – some insights for the general public:

    ALL of our systems beat that shoe : S40, OTB4L, OTB4L+, TB4L, Repeats, SS, MvD, SAP, and Net Betting. BUT, the SAP Count is screaming at us that OTB4L+ will beat it the best – and it DOES ! – How often do you break 40 in half a shoe???

    The SAP Count is like playing with a Guardian Angel on your shoulder. It is telling you how best to play the shoe and how best to bet it. We simply follow the system the SAP Count is telling us to play – In this case OTB4L+ by a mile.

    I could have bet the 345 a lot safer: I call your attention to plays 27 and 38. Whenever we go on the run (OTR) until we lose, we call that losing bet a “sacrifice” bet. We have a Cash Mgt. rule that says “Do not increase your bet after a sacrifice.” I ignored that rule. Not Good. I got lucky and won either the 4 or the 5 both times. Had I implemented the sacrifice rule the score would have still hit +41. This time. But I was risking losing the entire prog. The 345 is much safer with the sacrifice rule. I should have used it. – My bad! I got lucky with it – THIS time.

    The 345, the Sacrifice rule, the SAP Count: These are what we call “Tricks of the Trade”. We teach you a LOT of them – they separate winners from losers.

    You might be thinking : How can a 345 possibly be safer than a 123???

    Well it IS safer – a lot safer. Look, when you lose a 123, you are 6 base bets down – almost impossible tp recover with 1 bets. BUT when you lose a 345 you are only 4 base bets down – a minor inconvenience. See that?

    Proof? The 345 won 41 units. I could have lost the entire prog 3 times and I STILL win the shoe with +5. And it is nearly impossible to lose a 3 bet prog more than 3 times in half a shoe – Especially if you are playing the system SAP dictates.

    So there is this guy in your game betting thousand dollar units and he has bought in 3 times this shoe. But you note that the Pit Boss is totally ignoring him. He is watching YOU. And you are only betting quarters.

    Why is the Pit Boss watching ME and not HIM???

    Ha, because HE is losing more bets than he’s winning. He has fallen prey to the casino’s strategy. THAT is what is SUPPOSED to happen. The average player only wins 43% of his hands because they fall victim to the casino strategy.

    YOU, on the other hand, being well trained, are consistently winning more bets than you are losing by taking advantage of the casino strategy. THAT is what SAP DOES!. That is its job – its purpose. THAT is not supposed to happen! YOU stick out like a sore thumb. The Pit Boss is a professional. He knows it’s just a question of time before you raise your unit. YOU are the threat – not him. He’s just desperately trying to get even. But YOU are winning in spite of the casino strategy – in fact, BECAUSE of the casino strategy. THAT is NOT supposed to happen! So it is YOU the Pit Boss watches. He already knows that other guy is no threat. But YOU….

    The average player wins 43% of his hands. If you simply flipped a coin you would win 50% in the long run. A vast improvement! But you are still losing at the rate of commission. So MY job is to get you ABOVE 50%! And I am the best there is. Ask anybody – even the casino – THEY know. I’m not bragging – just stating mathematical fact. WITH me, you win. W/O me you have no chance against tested casino strategy. If you are in a casino, I’m the only friend you’ve got.

  9. War Stories: Speaking of high 3s, it was late 1993 because I was driving my black 1994 Lexus SC 400 which I had paid cash for trading in my 1992 SC400, perhaps the fastest and most luxurious 4 seater on the road in those days. Horrible in the snow but I had my Land Cruiser for that – $60,000 cash. No car payments!

    The casinos were on their “spitting 3s” campaign everywhere you went. Nearly every shoe had too many 3’s. They had concocted that 3s were the worst event. No system beat 3s in those days. Normal 3s for a full shoe is 4.5. We were seeing anywhere from 8 to 13 3s in nearly every shoe.

    So I had designed a killer system that exploited high 3s – The Ladder System simply bet on 3s. You bet ascending 3 bet up as you win progressions. Your first progression was either 123 or 246. The second bet is twice the first bet and your 3rd bet is the first two added together. Your next prog starts with the middle bet of your last prog. Whenever you won a prog you went up one rung of the ladder. So if you started with a 2 bet like most of us your progs would be 2 4 6. 4 8 12, 8 16 24, 16 and so forth. When you lost a bet, you went down one rung.

    I had already done 2 highly successful exhibitions of the Ladder System at Atlantic City and Foxwood $100 14 player tables so I had amassed a considerable following.

    So at high noon 9 of us descended on Turning Stone – an Indian Casino in the middle of nowhere in the foothills of the Adirondacks in central NY State.

    The first partial shoe went well. With 8 3s we ended UP about $8000. All 9 of us plus two locals who quickly decided to bet WITH us.

    The pit boss was running around with his hair on fire making frantic phone calls. Blue coats were coming out of the woodwork.

    The second shoe started with one Bank followed by 5 3s !

    Ha, my friend Jack McCann had got there late, only made 2 sporadic bets at the end of the first shoe. He lost both, putting him in a sour mood. But at play 4 in the 2nd shoe he was already up $1200, when he announced frantically: “Guys, sorry but I’ve GOT to go to the john and I’ve got to go right now – play my cards for me !” He had two piles of 10 blacks on the table. Keith played his cards. Jack got back at hand 11. He saw 10 piles of 10 blacks at his spot, turned and started walking away. “Jack!” I yelled. “Where the hell are you going?” “Back to the john ! I do better when I’m in there!”

    Hand 17 ! We put up our 3rd table max bet of $6000. We had just won 15 bets in a row! – all 11 of us. The blue coats were frantic! – like cats on a hot tin roof. We were betting Bank – Opposite – that the 5th 3 would stay 3.

    It hit! A horde of blue coats descended with a huge table cover. They covered everything, chips, score cards – everything.


    Ha, that cover stayed on that table for 2 years!

    They escorted us to the cashier then out the front door all the way to our cars, stood there and watched us drive off their property.

    “Guys,” I yelled, “Follow me. I know a great place 10 minutes from here!” ” A great road house with good food.” “They forgot to collect their commission. Let’s go spend it!

    My SC400 loved those winding mountain roads hewn out of the forest. We got there by 2 pm.

    It was war stories embellished by many beers or whatever all afternoon.

    Then steak and lobster! Never touched the $50,000 we each had well tucked away.

  10. For any public forum in the history of public Baccarat forums, I have to say that was the best, most insightful and revealing post ever! Great post

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