The invincible player seminar in Vegas May 8th, 2017

How do we conduct a tote board search in todays game with today’s systems?

How do we determine the best table in the casino?

How do we select the best system – the best betting strategy?

What are all of the ANOR Systems and how to we select the best one and how do we play it? And how do we bet it?

When do we select MvD?

When do we select ANB?

When do we select ANOR?

You know, the ANOR systems are all extremely simple. Yet it takes forever to explain them in a manual. A manual makes them seem complex.

But I can explain each of them on a white board in minutes in a way you can fully understand while responding to questions right then and there. It is, by far, the best and quickest way to learn ANOR.

A player who knows MvD and when to play it and how to bet it but also knows ANOR and which ANOR sys to play and how to bet it-

– That player is invincible!

THAT is the subject of the May seminar. and that is what makes it a MUST SEE Seminar. 

This event will be for all levels of Players and also enrolling non-members into our forum as private members and MvD members…


1.) Non members and Public members: $1500 includes your MvD manual. Be sure to register as a public member.

2.) Current Final Word only members: $500 includes your MvD manual.

3.) Current MvD members in good standing: Free!

How to Register for the May 8th Invincible Player Seminar:

All attendees must register: We need a head count to determine room size.

At the top of the front page, click “Contact Us”.

Below the map, click “click here” after it turns red.

Fill in your contact info and after “click here: message” enter Seminar Registration.

You will receive a reply telling you the time and exact location of the seminar. And if you owe anything you will receive an invoice.

Yes, you can pay at the door but you Must Register now.

Note: All seminar attendees would have been required to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) in order to attend.

Either way no one loses, so let’s do this live seminar for everyone else as well and come to Las Vegas so we can set up this first MvD seminar and make it happen.



Time & Location of event change:

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our event will be located between Koval Ln and Paradise Rd. off E. Flamingo Rd.:



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23 thoughts on “The invincible player seminar in Vegas May 8th, 2017

  1. Hi mtman! I guess you could say that I held a bit of a grudge against Flamingo for catching on to our MvD strategy so quickly a couple months ago. But against ANB there is no casino defense. So yesterday I took them on with ANB. I had 6 followers at the table – precise followers. Only two of them our guys but the other 3 knew a good thing when they saw it. To make a long story short – we emptied out their chip tray. It only took us two shoes. But I’m sure its not me you want to hear from. I’ll let them tell you the whole story.

  2. Kevin, aka Bac: You’ve been with me a lot of years and have always been very supportive so I’m going to give you a BIG, money making tip:

    I don’t know if you are following the Private Baccarat forum BUT…

    Guys are calling me and posting about this new discovery left and right!

    The recommended combination of OTB4L and the brand new ANB is beating virtually every shoe in the casinos, everywhere, right now. It is the best strategy ever devised in the whole world, EVER! And I’m not talking 5 units. I’m talking 20 and 30 units. It is all right there on the private forum. Everyone who ever had a notion to play Baccarat needs to be studying that combination fully explained right now on the private forum! If you aren’t, NOW is a good time to start.

    In return for your continued support all these years.

  3. Kevin, I’ll call you to get your mailing address updated. Hope you are finally enjoying your newest home in Vegas. And I hope they got your new pool finished. It’s Vegas! You’ve got to have a nice pool!

  4. Hey, Ellis

    It is indeed good to hear TheFinalWord is near. Glad to hear you still have my address, but it changed twice since 2015, so since it seems the book is very close to release, I will gladly send you an update.

    You have many of us hoping that TFW will bring you the success of such books as ThinkAndGrowRich, WhoMovedMyCheese and The7Habitsof HighlyEffectivePeople and be a true Bible of Baccarat…among the most enriching, self-improvement books of all time.

    I am encouraged to hear you will honor your commitment to all who have paid for TFW

    I am equally convinced that you will find a way to update the content of TFW …whether ” virtually” with large doses of digital content, or in person through seminars/new systems releases , etc.

    And in so far as you never promised ” perpetual updates, at no cost” to anyone, I can only assume TFW , in which so many of us were early-stage investors, and have long-awaited , will include what you believe an encyclopedia of baccarat , to the degree you originally promised…and that after that, we are each free to chose whether to continue our paid ECD education, or not.

    Yes, living in Las Vegas affords me the luxury of playing as often as I want to…ofttimes alongside the many people you have counted as supporters along the way. Sooner or later, many of the best find their way here.

    I wish for everyone only the best, and anxiously await TFW’s arrival in my mailbox.

    In the meantime, I would encourage anyone reading this
    who is NOT WINNING regularly to continue their education.

    The more you learn, the more successful you will be in the casino…

    And that is what it is all about. ( Winning )


  5. Well Hi Kevin (BAC), long time no hear. Right, it’s been about two years.

    We gave you free access as a contributor to the private forum at CFC but you disappeared only to be found typing my 4D system on the public forum at BTC. Lots of pages. Did you ever get it completed?

    All of the Final Word Systems have been published on the private forum at CFC and hundreds of questions answered. I call them the ANOR systems: O/R and Sap counting included along with tote board reading. S40, for high 1’s; OTB4L for high 2s; OTB4L+ for high 3s; TB4L for low 2s; Repeats for high 4+ and F3 for Strong Side. I’m current finishing up Net Betting. We need Net Betting to beat today’s shoes.

    Kevin, I never bad mouthed tote boards. I canvas them every time I play because I want the easiest table to beat. When I learned, tote boards had not yet been invented. They make your day so much easier if you already know what to play before you sit down.

    I’m not concerned with the evolution of Baccarat over the last 400 years. I’m concerned about something far more important to my students. The evolution of the game over the last THREE years. Just a few years back, virtually every shoe displayed one NOR bias or another.

    Not today. It’s as if casinos are purposely designing anti NOR shoes – equal PvB counts, equal O/R counts, equal SAP counts. We maybe see one NOR shoe out of 5 or 10 shoes.

    It is a whole new ball game today. The old rules no longer apply. But, as I pointed out on the private forum just this morning – close PvB counts are a strong playable and exploitable bias in themselves. I posted a shoe of 30 plays that ended with Ps tied with Bs just like we keep seeing in Vegas and Tunica these days – the same shoe type we see the whole table lose to. Following my simple instruction, it scored +30 W/O ever going negative.

    Yes, you always were a great supporter and I miss you. I wish we were together again. Say what you will about CFC but when BTC dumped me, CFC was the only game in town. I’m too old to take up golf again. I didn’t leave BTC on my own accord you know.

    Correct, I still owe you a manual even though you could have already got it off the CFC forum. And I still have your mailing address in Vegas. But I’m glad I didn’t mail them out 2 years ago. That gave me the opportunity to add the systems needed to compete in TODAY’s game. Once I mail them, that’s it. I can’t go back and change them.

    Kevin, I can’t control what casinos do. But I CAN react. That’s what I do.

  6. OK Brian, it’s a date – 6pm at Palazzo Stadium bac! Did real good there last time. 20 out of 20 avg +20 – OTB4L. Dragon Slayer, can you make it with us?

  7. Hello Ellis and everyone. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to one of these seminars. Just wanted to say you will not be disappointed. Ellis how about we all get together Sunday the 7th for some stadium bac at the Venetian or Palazzo? From what I understand bets as low as 2.00 to ? Just a thought if not i’ll see you all Monday morning.
    Thanks, Brian.

  8. How to Register for The Invincible Player seminar?

    Look above. This is a don’t miss seminar – for sure, the most important I’ve ever done out of hundreds.

    Just because it may be free for you, don’t think it is unimportant. It is the best use of your time you ever spent. Register now! Become Invincible!

  9. I know from vast seminar experience that overhead projectors are a great tool. Those were always my best seminars. When you can watch on screen a tote board being dissected. What are we looking for and how do we find it and how do we determine which system to play and how to bet it? Something always stands out on a tote board.

    Think of a tote board as money. The tote board is trying to tell you how to get the money. The tote board is your best tool in the casino – any casino – any day. All of our best players will tell you that. But the tote board is in code. You need to know how to decipher it.

    And the best tool to show you that is screen shots of actual tote boards provided by overhead projector. So that is what I will be doing first at the seminar – System selection from the tote board.

    So once you know which is the strongest tote board right now in this casino, how to decipher it, and how to listen to it and determine the best system and exactly how to best play that system as well as how best to bet it, you become invincible.

    THAT is what this seminar is about and all taught play by play using the overhead projector to create realism.

    THAT is what this seminar is about – how to become an invincible player.

    ANYbody can do this – but less than 1% know how. That’s my job!

  10. Would luv to go but I will be at the Derby that weekend! Unless I hit it big and can catch a plane to Vegas…Have a good seminar everyone!

  11. Just a correction to the Casino Forum Club note to Miclus83 ( A Public Member who is thinking about joining our MvD Circle of Private Members). ANB is not just for streak. It beats chop and neutral as well. It does not care if any biases keep changing because it does not function on biases.

    I’m also teaching a sister net bet system right now on the private forum that I call S3. S3 may very well be the best Baccarat System of all time. It is the simplest system ever and I’ll be teaching it at the seminar as well since I can teach the whole thing in 5 minutes.

    I played S3 for many years full time in the casinos and made a fortune with it. I had not planned to ever teach it and just keep it for my own private use. But, I’m not getting any younger.

    The casinos have come full circle and are right back to dealing random shoes as their main tactic. That is what you are seeing in Singapore and all of Asia and that is what we are seeing here in the US and Canada.

    S3 is a very high scoring system. +20 is normal. +30 and +40 are common. S3 doesn’t care what the shoe is doing: chop, streak, neutral. biases or no biases – it simply doesn’t care. It functions on WHATEVER the shoe is doing and is adjustable to the shoe at hand. Purely mechanical. ONE rule. I can explain the whole thing in one sentence.

    We must always react to whatever the casinos are doing. No lasting biases – Fine – we put our bias systems aside and play S3. It kills these shoes we are seeing today. I personally highly recommend it. Sometimes simplest is best.

  12. For information purposes, I got May 7 through May 11 comp at the Flamingo. I had to pay $136 for the Resort Fees. I talk to Steven.
    Phone: 1-866-503-5494. I have a Rewards card.

    Ed Gil

  13. Feedback regarding ANB (Advanced Net Bet) inquiry:

    HI Miclus83
    Yes Ellis has finished working on ANB and it’s already proven to work very well as a great way to attack streaky shoes and Ellis was going to sell it with the MvD upgrade manual for $300 but we both agreed that it would be better to include it with The Final Word instead since it already is a Advanced version of Net Bet and part of NOR which could sell on it’s own.

    And since The Final Word which sells for $1,200 as a surprise bonus we will also include ANOR (Advanced NOR as well).

    So with all of these proven products at our disposal makes us Invincible.

    Great Baccarat weaponry to keep in your Baccarat tool box.

    Hope this best answers your inquiry,

    Good fortunes to you,
    CFC B-)

  14. Hi xingbnso
    Great question re: Seminar fee to attend:

    No fee for our existing MvD Private Members.

    And a promo discount seminar rate of $500 for our existing Non MvD Private Members (that’s a $250 savings normally offered at 50% off our current $1,500 cost for MvD on it’s own). So they don’t pay $750 for MvD but only $500 and get to attend the seminar as well with their $500 upgrade fee for MvD which includes their manual to be given out at the seminar.

    Great deal for all our members.

    And for our Newbie Public Members $1,500 includes no charges for all seminars for life.

    Also they get the same discount rate of 50% for all CFC product like The Final Word which will include ANB Advanced Net Bet which is a very powerful companion game to MvD.

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