Yes, absolutely!

Todays casinos are fond of dealing artificially randomized shoes. Every player at the table loses because the shoe offers nothing to bet on. The casinos sit back fat dumb and happy because they win every shoe!

So we developed MvD which is the best Flat Bet random shoe system there is. But MvD is a 5 unit system and we are used to 20 unit systems.

So on the private forum we designed ANB, a 20 unit system – often 30! ANB is a dynamite system that LOVES randomized shoes. But it also beats biased shoes. It beats everything a casino can deal except one shoe type we call OTB4L. Ha, and OTB4L is a favorite of the casinos.

Therefore we made ANB and OTB4L partner 20 unit systems and the tote board tells us which is ideal for the shoe at hand. Between these two systems, we beat EVERYTHING a casino can deal. We are Invincible!

So yes, at the seminar we will teach you the 4 counts that tell you which system is the most ideal for the shoe at hand. We will teach you the 6 ANOR systems – including the popular OTB4L.

But the main focus of the seminar is that any player fully equipped with just those two partner systems,  ANB and OTB4L, and knows which to play from the tote board, is, in fact, invincible.

Look, ANB, by itself, is averaging 13 units on the private forum with a 75% win rate. That alone is spectacular. BUT, when you partner ANB with OTB4L – now you are talking Invincible!

And that is the whole point of the May 8th Invincible Player seminar – to actually make you Invincible no matter what the casino deals. Yes, the casinos are clever – but not as clever as US.

May 8th, Vegas at an up scale location just off the strip. You will know where as soon as you register.

It is free for all current private members whether they be MvD or FW members, or both.

Just register. All of our top players will be there.

For the general public non members and public forum members – $1500. We will show you exactly how to make that back in no time! Register NOW!


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One thought on “IS INVINCIBLE POSSIBLE?!?!?

  1. It’s been a while since i have written to this forum . So here it goe”s :
    I have been following this web sight since it’s beginning and have seen it mature to where it is today . And the only thing i can say is ” WOW ” !!!! . It has two concepts that work hand in hand with 4 others as Ace Kickers if needed to stick it to the Casinos .
    Today is Saturday 5-6-2017 . And I used just the 2-Main features of the Final Word Manual , ( FW ) , today at my local casino . And walked away with a 37 Point profit . After 44 hands dealt . My one point is based at $250.00 dollars . That’s just over 9 (Nine) thousand dollars profit . Just two systems out of the 6 that are offered , Produced this .
    Just over an hours work at the tables and i’m going home with cash in hand , no taxes to pay , (under 10 thousand ).
    So using ANB and OTB4L with a simple progression made my day . So these 2-systems will be my main systems untill one of the other 4 systems sticks out like a sitting duck . Then i’ll pull the trigger on one of them and walk out after playing only one maybee two games .
    So yes , this has my backing for everyone to learn .

    Thanks Ellis and to those who contributed there insight into these systems …


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