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ANB casino test results – 68 shoes. 

Won 61 shoes.  Lost 7 shoes.

Outside source playing only ANB strictly by the 6 rules and starting every shoe at play #2.

Average on winning shoes is 17.36.   Average on the 7 losing shoes is -11.  Overall average for 68 shoes is 14.47 units per shoe.

The 61 winning shoes scored:



The 7 losing shoes scored:


Highest winning shoe score: +44

Highest losing shoe score -15

Overall bet hit rate: 59%

Avg Player Advantage: 30%:

That’s an 89.7% shoe win rate for the 68 casino shoes – by far the highest win rate for that many shoes in the entire history of Baccarat. My experience is that shoe win rates don’t change appreciably after 40 shoes selected randomly.

Recognize that it doesn’t matter who played the shoes. ANB dictates every play and every bet size. The player merely selects his own unit size. The test started every shoe at play 2.

How could this be?

ANB was designed to beat todays highly perfected casino strategy. The majority of the shoes we see today are neither choppy nor streaky. They favor neither Bank nor Player. They don’t follow any bias for any length of time. They don’t follow shoe history but they also don”t follow anti history. They leave even the most experienced players nothing to bet on. They are the most diabolical shoes we,ve seen in the history of the game. Players lose at the highest rate ever.

ANB is the art of ignoring history altogether. Casino strategy is also the art of ignoring history altogether. ANB thrives on exactly the kind of ambiguous shoes we are seeing today. It doesn’t just beat them – the 68 shoe test averaged 14.47 units per shoe. With 40 years of Baccarat experience, I’ve never seen a system break 10 units per shoe.

All players play by history in one form or another. They ALL lose because:

Today’s casino game is neither history nor anti history.

And that is exactly what ANB thrives on – to the total shock of the casino.

6 rules dictate every play and every bet size you make. You seldom bet more than 4 and never more than 6. In the two games that caused the table take down, we never bet more than 4 and we only incurred one 4 bet per shoe. Any player can learn ANB in an hour.

ANB is, by far, the best system I’ve ever created – my finest work ever! 

Announcing the CFC Table Takedown Celebration Sale!

My single goal in life is to create as many Baccarat winners and millionaires as I possibly can in the time I have left. That is the goal of this short duration sale. Therefore:


1.) The Final word Manual containing the 5 Advanced NOR systems and ANB with played games and play by play explanations.

2.) The MvD Manual with played game and play by play explanations. (Online access only)

Terms and Conditions

We are requesting all MvD purchasers to sign the attached NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we start after this invoice is fully settled.

3.) Access to the Private Baccarat Support Forums where you can get the answers for any questions you have as well as converse with the other players. Lots of played games And BTW, There is no such thing as a dumb question on my forums.

4.) Access to the  film of the Las Vegas ANB training seminar. The whole thing!

Act now or you will forever wish you had!

To Order:

Just simply let us know via email or Contact tab on this page and we’ll process your order straight away!

Note: When we performed the table take down at Flamingo, we were playing ONLY ANB precisely to its 6 rules and starting both shoes at play #2. We did not slip into any other system – only ANB. Our highest bet was 4, twice. That will give you some idea of the capabilities of ANB by itself. I doubt that dealer ever ran out of chips before in her entire career. I doubt the pit boss ever saw that before either. A table take down is incredibly rare these days. But with ANB maybe YOU will perform the next one! Good hunting!

Note to all CFC Private members:

Yes, you can purchase access to the ANB Las Vegas training film: $250

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16 thoughts on “Vegas Seminar Table Take Down Sale Promo

  1. So Mark, I see your order went through smoothly. Welcome aboard – and all the others I missed.

    Al, I like the idea of a trailing stop loss! Usually we use 5 but ANB needs lots of room to maneuver. So I like 10.

    I haven’t been posting much because I have been busy playing a lot. This ANB is like taking candy from a baby, especially when you partner it with OTB4L.

    I’ve been posting my casino shoes on the private forum. I noted that casinos are quick to deal anti history shoes when we play MvD. But ANB, they haven’t a clue what to do because they can’t figure us out. We appear to be betting randomly. I’ve even had pit bosses ask me – What the hell are you doing? I tell them I’m flipping a coin. The only thing that can sometimes beat ANB is OTB4L shoes. Ha, but then we switch to OTB4L because such shoes are so obvious. We’ve got them coming and going. And there’s not a dam thing they can do about it.

    You’ll be playing a lot too once you learn ANB and OTB4L. Both are fully explained in your FW manual – along with sample games.

    Practice at home until you can play both systems smoothly. Ask any questions on the private forum. Ha, but I’m not getting many. Your manual is very explanatory. Soon you see WHY we do what we do.

    Then you are ready. See you in the casinos! Maybe YOU will be our next Millionaire.

  2. Hi Rich! Right, I’m playing a lot more these days since I finally got the manual completed and I’m finding the same things you are. ANB works better than ANY system ever all by itself. But when you couple it with OTB4L when you see high 2s, the results are nothing short of spectacular!

    This last Tunica trip I got a lot of comments from the casino personnel just like I got on the Las Vegas trip. They have no clue what we are doing.

    For Instance: From my dealer when I was killing a shoe everyone else was losing. “You’ve really got this game figured out don’t you.” I haven’t seen you lose a single shoe!” How long did that take you?”

    My reply: “40 years.”

    “FCOL! You were playing before I was born!”

    Guys, maybe you could figure it out in 40 years too! But remember, I was a Calculus Professor with a 160 IQ. Why bother? Save yourself 40 years.

    I teach you EVERYTHING I know. I keep no secrets.

    I’m only playing 2 systems now. That’s all I need to win every shoe.

    I’m playing ANB about 80% of the time and winning every shoe. I only resort to OTB4L when a shoe starts out with high 2s – easy to see. I’m not using any math whatsoever – Just following the written rules. ANYBODY can do this.

    BTW I’m also getting good reports from on line players.

    We’ve got the casinos between a rock and a hard place. The only thing that can beat ANB is OTB4L shoes. Fine, because we beat those with ease.

    I’m getting used to soundly beating shoes everyone else at the table is losing. They look at us in wonderment. Ha, so does the dealer and the Pit Boss.

    ANYBODY can learn to do this! – ANYBODY!

    Al, I like your idea. I’ll look into it.

  3. Its working out just as you posted Ellis. Had a very good night playing ANB. I’m a big fan of MVD also. Both performing very well! T

  4. Hi Ellis,

    In the ANB casino test results – 68 shoes;

    If you used a trailing stop of say -10 from your highest point score in each shoe. Wouldn’t you have a higher win shoe score?

  5. James 11, once you get your FW Manual, one of the first things it teaches you is how to post shoes using our short cut method. You can post shoes in seconds. It’s simple. Start a new thread in the Private Forum – Shoes from Greece or some such. Post a couple of what you would consider typical shoes from your casino. We will review them and get you started on the right foot.

  6. Hi Mr.Ellis,

    Got in touch with cfc,i will finalize my order in Monday morning due to my bank being kind of lazy and not completing my deposit on time(5 days for funds to show up to the account+capital controls in Greece), so i hope there is no problem with that.

    -I am wondering if we could have a little chat via email about which system i should choose for the shoes i am getting?

  7. You know, I fully recognize that nearly every Baccarat site on the internet is either an out and out scam or some total incompetent.

    This site is NOT a scam. It is the cutting edge of Baccarat. These other sites – they got everything they know from me. You might as well go straight to the horse’s mouth.

    I just wish our private members would spend a little more time giving the public the straight dope. But once they get busy winning, they forget about you guys.

  8. Hi sopeculiar and welcome to the group. I see you were able to navigate the purchase order W/O my help. Please join us on the private forum on the latest ANB discussion thread. That is what you want to learn first because it has the highest shoe win rate and the highest win average of any system in the entire 400 yr history of Baccarat. We will give you any help you need and answer any question you have. Then I’m hoping you will post on the public forum and tell folks how easy it is to learn. Different for sure, but nevertheless easy – 6 rules cover EVERYTHING that can happen in a shoe.

    Then once you supplement that with the 5 NOR systems you can beat almost anything they throw at you. You’ll get all the help you need but somehow I’m thing you’re not the type that will need much. Good hunting!

  9. But try that shoe any other way you choose. You will lose because it’s a trick shoe. But play it according to your manual and you not only win, you win big time – much to the dismay of the other players as well as the casino.

    That is what we do. We use the casino’s own tactics against them!

  10. So James, is your order proceeding OK ?

    I noted I left something ambiguous in my last post. Yes we incurred 2 4 bets in total, but that was one 4 bet in each of 2 shoes. The entire table take down only took 2 shoes. How could we empty a chip tray in only 2 shoes? Because the entire table – 6 players and sometimes a 7th, were ALL betting the same way – all following my lead. There were no losing players to replenish the chip tray.

    A player sent me a shoe just yesterday that, however he played it, he lost and quit the shoe. Here, I’ll give you the shoe:


    I explained to the player, this is a favorite casino trick shoe. It starts out perfect TB4L. Probably the whole table will be lulled into playing the 400 year old TB4L system. Ha, but then the shoe dissolves into a rash of 2s which kill a TB4L player and the whole table loses – just as the casino planned.

    So how does your manual handle this shoe?

    Well the O/R count alone – which your manual teaches you in seconds dictates that you play Repeats which your manual also teaches you.

    Sure enough, Repeats scores +10 in this half of a shoe.

    So the player asked me “how would ANB do?.

    So I played it ANB for him. It gets to +7 and finishes at +6.

    BUT, ANB needs a full shoe. It tends to build up kinetic energy in the first half of the shoe which it releases in the second half.

    So while ANB was only at +6 while Repeats was at +10, ANB did not get the chance to release in the second half because the player quit after only half a shoe.

    I have little doubt that in the second half, ANB would have released and outperformed Repeats.

    But note how incredibly choppy the shoe became right after the 2nd Bank 5iar. You would think Repeats would get killed. But NO, it scores very well in the super chop. So does ANB.

    So Repeats is at +10 so far but it hit -4 on the way to +10 and already incurred a 4 bet.

    Meanwhile ANB is only at +6 but with a worst position of -1 and a highest bet of 3. But it never got a chance to release. Once given that chance, ANB is likely on its way to +25 or more. Repeats is going to struggle to get to +20 given all that super chop.

    Ha, but either way, we do far better than the other players who have probably already lost big time playing TB4L.

    My point is, EVERYTHING you need to know to beat this shoe big time is in your FW manual. As I told this player – you need to study your manual. You lost for ONE reason only – lack of study.

    This shoe was a breeze for us while watching all the other players lose big time. Casino tactics work on the other players. But we THRIVE on those same tactics or any other casino tactics – much to the shock of the casino folks.

    So why did our player lose? He did not pay enough attention to his O/R count which was telling him exactly how to play. We’ve all made that mistake once. But we learn from our mistakes.

  11. James, welcome aboard! I forwarded your message to CFC. Just let CFC know and we’ll get you all set up for the $750 promotion price by sending you an invoice from PayPal.

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