Tunica, MS ANB Trip Report!

Tunica, MS ANB Trip Report!

All 13 actual casino score cards are posted on the Private Baccarat Forum in the thread ANB Review and Discussion.

Total units won: 130

I averaged 10 units per shoe. These were not all full shoes. Sometimes I started mid shoe and sometimes I quit early because I hit my stop win.

I played 2 systems only: ANB and ANB switch to OTB4L in obvious OTB4L shoes. Your manual tells you how to know. I switched to OTB4L only in shoes starting with a confirmed 2, or a 1,2.

Both of these systems are fully explained in the Final Word Manual available right now.

Look folks this is by far the best way to play Baccarat ever conceived by anyone in the entire history of the game. Full shoes are averaging 14 units per shoe!

Look, it is pure simple – NO table selection and no system selection except what I already mentioned. You simply follow 6 rules for ANB and even less for OTB4L.

Most players can learn these two systems fully in less than an hour.

This is a life changing opportunity for anyone with a little courage.

We will not keep the current sale price much longer.

When other players get a load of your hit rate, they start following you.

You will soon be known as the best player in the casino.

Can you get barred? No! They don’t bar Baccarat players even when their wins exceed a million dollars. We’ve had 3 players do that just following our simple and safe unit increase schedule. YOU could be next!

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3 thoughts on “Tunica, MS ANB Trip Report!

  1. Any and all members are invited to my July 9th week Lake Charles trip.

    Who knows, we might do another table take down!!!

    Much tougher at L’auberge! They’ve got a lot more chips in their trays.

    But then WE have got the best system the casinos have ever seen!

    Their only defense against ANB is to deal OTB4L. Ha, but we KILL OTB4L shoes!

  2. We always do that Cochesse. The more a shoe favors OTB4L, the riskier it is for ANB and vice versa.

    Put another way, virtually every shoe can be beat by either ANB or OTB4L. About 80% of shoes mostly favor ANB but roughly 20% favor OTB4L.

    This does not mean that ANB always loses to high 2s. I posted a shoe on the ANB review thread just yesterday that had 12 2s. Yet ANB scored +19.

    A player can beat 80 – 90 % of shoes with ANB alone. But if he is also skilled in OTB4L, he can win closer to 100%.

  3. You mention switching to OTB4L in shoes starting with a 2 or a 1,2. Would you always do that? Or was that because of what you were seeing in that particular casino, that day?

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