An Open Letter To BTC – for old times sake

Guys, I’m not the enemy.

Your real enemies are the casinos!

And they are smarter today than ever before.

Their profits today are higher than ever before.

Factory Preshuffled Cards were a God-send to the casinos.

Somehow they made card fixing legal!

Sure, we still get super chop = S40 !

We still get super streak = Repeats !

And we especially still get lots of OTB4L !

Why? Because nobody in the casino can beat them but US.

I’m using the term US for old time sake.

A member just posted one on my public forum hot from the casino.

I played it by the book OTB4L and scored +71 with the 345 progression –

Absolutely the safest Exploit progression there is.

I could have lost all 5 5 bets and still win the shoe at +21.

We still get Strong Side!

I recently Exploited a bunch of them at Lake Charles!

We still get Super Random but very rarely –

The casinos learned their lesson on that deal!

Guys, you can’t win every shoe so you need to Exploit in the right situations

when your SAP count tells you to.

THAT is when you make 5 bets! And that is ONLY when you make 5 bets!


And opportunity presents itself often. Sometimes at the bleakest hour. Casinos are not perfect!

Do not sit there and watch opportunity go by. Jump on it. The 345 is the safest way!

And BTW, you need to ALWAYS keep a SAP and an O/R count – more important today than ever before! Those counts are your BEST systems identifiers and your best Exploit identifiers

AND your BEST Leave The Table identifiers.

But today we get a whole new type of shoe we have to contend with

which we never saw before the advent of Preshuffled (fixed) cards.

I don’t know what to call them – I could think of a few things but I will politely call them Mixed shoes.

Super Chop turns to Super Streak and keeps switching at different unpredictable intervals.

Lots of those at South Point, Vegas. I learned to switch right with them. But that casino ploy cost me my first losing day in 20 years. But I got even with them on day 2 and killed them on day 3!

TB4L turns to OTB4L and back and forth – Orleans Vegas! You need triggers to switch right with them.

You guys had your short fling with GUESSING ( playing W/O a system). 99 point something % of Bac players play that way and THE CASINO KNOWS this full well. They make guessing from history totally impossible and all guessers lose at spectacular rates in a freaking 50/50 game.

Yeah, yeah, I know full well about the Bank edge but look at it from the standpoint of Opposite or Repeat. EVERY play from play 2 on is one or the other. The odds are exactly 50/50! If you simply flipped a coin you’d win HALF the hands in the long run – yet players average a 43% hands won rate overall because they THINK they can GUESS from history! So much for that deal !

HINT: Betting against the table (with the casino)! Now that’s an even better deal today than ever before BECAUSE the casino Bac profits are higher today than ever before! You might want to give that some thought. I certainly am!

HINT: Mixed shoes: When history is meaningless (anti NOR) you want to be Net Betting because it totally disregards history. BUT, you need to know when a side should Suspend and when it should Resume. You’ve got some smart guys over there that could design such a fail safe system. I did! – ANB. Way2fast? Vinny? Kevin? ANDREA? Oz?

HINT: But there is NO single Bac system that wins overall. That simply does not exist – unfortunately, and never will – especially against TODAY’S shoes! You need 6 arrows in your quiver these days – one for anti NOR shoes!

HINT: Today the casinos have the players by the balls, especially with their sucker bets, Dragon, Panda and Ties. Those bets are why casino profits are so high – Those along with their new anti history, anti NOR “Mixed” shoes. I looked for correlation – there simply wasn’t any – what seemed to work one day failed the next.

Dragon pays 40 to 1 but only occurs 1 in 43.

Panda pays 30 to 1 but only occurs 1 in 33.

Ties pay 8 to 1 but only occur 1 in 10.

Sucker bets for the novices.

HINT: So I was playing at Flamingo recently and my chip pile drew a lot of spectators.

One of them yelled out: Ellis, put up $50 on Dragon and I’ll match it !

Before I could say anything the DEALER yelled: “Ellis never bets Dragon or Panda or Ties. He KNOWS better!” THAT ought to tell you something!

Later that day at that same table and with the same dealer, with a large crowd of spectators, 6 of us (3 I had just met)  ran the table out of chips in 2 shoes, all of us playing ANB by the book! THAT ought to tell you something too! NET freaking Betting! I haden’t seen a “table takedown” in 20 years. I thought it was a figment of Jerry Patterson’s imagination! But there it was for ALL to see in all its glory.

Guys, I’m not perfect – I lose shoes too, but I also Exploit when I KNOW the time is right! There is a time and place for 5 bets.

I’ve had ideas I’m not proud of, but I’ve had a lot more I AM proud of – like the SAP and O/R and O/T counts and Net Betting and the 345 Exploit and The Plow U1D2 and no losing days for 20 years at any of Caesar’s 40 casinos in spite of being a most frequent player at many of them.

It is a 50/50 game plus commission.- nothing more. By far the best odds in any casino. You just need to know how to identify casino tactics and use their own tactics against them instead of falling victim to them.

Preshuffled cards stumped me for a time – but not forever. They are a brand new ball game that require brand new tactics but they CAN be beat.

I didn’t want to leave BTC – I was banned And it had nothing to do with my play.   

But, I’m the best you’ve got and I think you know that – even if it pisses you off.

The casino is the enemy, not me! I think you know that too.

I wish you guys well and good play. Use your heads and Beat those bastards.

I wish I could teach you ANB but that would not be fair to the members here.

If any member wants to post this at BTC, I don’t think they will mind – hmm, but you never know about those guys – they invent enemies in their mind. The casino – THAT is your true enemy!

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