Black Friday Baccarat Promo Extension:

Black Friday Baccarat Promo:

The Table Take Down Promo was suppose to end after the summer because the true value of what Ellis’ teaches is worth 10 times more at least.
We only did it to improve our membership because Ellis is determined to create a lot more millionaires from our membership pool.
Now we have achieved that membership goal and it’s time to start working with those individuals whom choose to become our next Baccarat millionaire in the making.
So at that point our systems will most likely go up to $3,000 or higher to learn the holy grail of gambling vs playing at a very high skill level.
And even at that price it’s still under valued compared to the rewards.
So like  all other sound investments. True value is measured and determined by it’s rewards not it’s costs.
And we already know what happens to great art when the Artist achieves his highest level with his craft.
It goes up exponentially in both cost and value.

Need I say more?

On Nov 14, 2017, wrote:

A Also most of our Programs sell for $1,500 each.

But now you get full access to our Private Site with one year full subscription with a copy of Ellis’ last seminar in Vegas explaining how to tie everything together. (This 2 hour video alone sells for $250)

Your total cost All inclusive would be $1,000 if you act now.

Hope this works for you,

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