Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone who reads this a very great holiday season and to all their family and friends.

We’ve been busy enjoying our new toys still from last year ie: MvD³ & ANB

Little gift to all is in knowing the fact that the Stop Win/Loss rule is one of the greatest advantages we have over the Casinos:

Why, because if you think about it Life doesn’t always give us the opportunity to pull out when we are up or down right?

Imagine that? Well then the Atlanta Falcons would have won the Superbowl after the 1st half but it’s not so simple because we always have to finish the game in order to win or lose.

Not so with Baccarat or any casino games for that matter. I know this because I practice it every time I go and play and so far I have won 9 out of 10 playing sessions on average.

I also limit my Stop Win daily rate at 20% of my daily bankroll but usually end up much higher because of the Power of either MvD³ or ANB, Thanks to Ellis

Try it if you like and see for yours-elves.

Merry Christmas from:

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5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. So, BronxAl, you had a $40,000 trip with the 345. Nice going!

    One thing I would caution you: Always starting with ANB is very good for the vast majority of shoes. I’ve done that myself. But you MUST be on the lookout for shoes that start super chop – all 1’s and 2s. When you see that, quickly switch to S40. You’ll be glad you did. And the 345 KILLS super chop playing S40.

  2. Happy New Year to all,

    I only use ANB in the beginning of the shoe until I recognize its flow (trend) , then I become fluid as in Marshall Arts. I change as the shoe changes as an ever flowing river. I’m no longer mechanical. I cannot break it down, rules do not apply except subconsciously. My progression was 3, 4, 5 with black chips. When I hit a sweet spot I parlayed. After 4 or 5 shoes I am playing purple.

    My advice for beginners is to study all the mechanics and rules for SAP, NOR, MDB, and ANB 2hrs. to 4hrs a day as I still do.. It may take several years, but it’s worth it.


  3. Nice going BronxAl ! Goes to show you that the 345 is the safest progression you can Exploit with! Of all progressions, including the 1234, you can lose the 345 the most times and still win the shoe. The 345 can win shoes the 1234 loses to. Should you always play it? No! But when you FIRST find the best table to play with your tote board reading skills and when the table bias starts out strong, jump on the 345. It can score 70 units where a flat bettor scores 5 or 6.

    Flat Betting is for the amateur who has no confidence in his side selection skills – his system play and his System Selection.

    Sure, there are tables so weak that Flat Betting is best. I avoid those tables altogether. I ONLY play tables with a strong bias. And when the bias remains strong or gets even stronger, as it so often does, BOOM, the 345 kills! – just as you found out.

    Flat Betting is only best when you LOSE. I avoid such tables altogether. I don’t play to lose – I only play tables I KNOW I can beat. Any table a Flat Better wins, a progression bettor wins more – a lot more.

    But yes, flat betting is best for amateurs who have not been trained, and simply guess, based on shoe history. More than 99% of the players play that way – they simply guess. They lose at seemingly impossible rates in a 50/50 game. They are WHY the casinos deal Baccarat – the only 50/50 game in the casino! Guessers win an average of 43% of their bets. They would be much better off to simply flip a coin! At least they would win half their hands in the long run.

    Flat betting is best when you have no play skills. But once you have developed good playing skills and table selection skills – you leave flat betting behind – for the amateurs. Now it is time to develop good progression selection skills. And when you see that you are winning more than half the hands and seldom losing 3 in a row, the 345 KILLS very safely.

    Nice going BronxAl. It is a pleasure and an honor to teach players like you!

  4. I don’t “limit my Stop Win daily rate at 20% of my daily bankroll”. I would go all out as long as opportunity knocks. All you have to do is have a stop lost of -10 from your shoe highest score. Thereby, having more than 20% or leaving a shoe before any serious lost.


  5. Merry Christmas Everyone,

    I just returned from Vegas, playing at the MGM and surrounding casinos.

    Played three days using ANB and OT. Profited 400 units using 3-4-5 playing black chips. having a stop lost of -10 from the shoes highest score.

    Thank you Ellis.

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