Leaks from the Private Forum!

Leaks from the Private Forum!

So, we have some members thinking…

Why join the private forum now???

There’s nothing important going on there until the manual

comes out.

Then we have other guys thinking…..

Hmm, I thought this was going to be easy. But now I see

I’ve got to learn SIX different systems.

Ha, and maybe 7!

Consider this: If beating casinos was THAT easy,

There wouldn’t be any casinos!

6 systems! Big whip! They are easy. Most can learn all 6 in

a single day. Then after a week or 2 of practice…..

I’ve always said that there is no single system that beats all

Baccarat shoes. It doesn’t exist!

Hmm, but today, I’m not so sure!

I’ll tell you what we are talking about on the private forum.

A single system that beats everything we can throw at it.

Yep, you heard me right. If you wanted to you could just

learn ONE system, become expert at your one system and

beat the hell out of Baccarat.

We are calling it LCNB!

I know that many of you have tried these Martingale type

systems and lost your shirts.

Nope, I don’t want anything to do with 89 unit bets!

Such systems are insane!

LCNB is technically a 3 High system. I hate to call it a 3Hi

but there is one shoe type wherein LCNB gets to a 3 bet.

But most of the time 2 units is the highest bet you ever


It’s a fun system because once started you bet most every hand.

And it is what we call a Universal System because it

simply doesn’t care where a shoe comes from or what kind

of cards are being dealt.

Choppy, Streaky, Random, internet shoes. It simply doesn’t

care. Instead of you having to change systems to deal with

different shoe types, LCNB automatically adjusts itself to

ANY shoe type.

Is it hard to learn?

All YOU do is follow 5 simple rules. That’s it.

You must know how to perform a SAP count.

I can teach you that in 10 minutes.

And you have to know how to Net Bet PvB.

Hmm, that might even take me 20 minutes to teach you.

So is it a 5 unit system?

No, your goal is 20 units a shoe.

Is that possible?

Very! I had a shoe this morning where my score was

already +22 at play 20. And my highest bet was 2! The avg

shoe is 80 plays counting ties. Do the math. It’s the kind of

system you could make +20, 20 shoes in a row.

So, you wanted to know what we are talking about on the

private forum. Every aspect of LCNB. THAT is what the

discussion is about ­ exactly how to play it.

Will it be in The Final Word manual?

Absolutely! I promised a 3Hi Universal Net Bet system

and this is it. It was 30 years in the making.

But you can fully learn it right now on the Private forum.

You don’t need to wait for your manual.

You wanted to be a winning player? Well here’s an easy

way you can do that right now!

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4 thoughts on “Leaks from the Private Forum!

  1. Let’s get back to Leaks from the private forum.

    As members play it, this LCBN system is turning out to be even better than I thought. Surely the best stand alone system I ever designed.

    Think about it: One simple mechanical system you can learn today and play tomorrow that NEVER bets more than 2 units yet it can easily score in the 20s!

    You can get your entire investment back in one day just following simple rules and recommendations. Here’s another quote from the private forum:

    “I too would like to thank PJ for an excellent contribution. Incredibly, he figured all this out in one day. PJ has been with me many years and we’ve played together many times. He knew to reserve judgement until he played a few shoes. And he found, just as I said, LCNB wins a hell of a lot of shoes very handsomely if you simply follow the rules and table selection recommendations. It has a very strong, built in Mathematical Advantage – a very rare thing in Baccarat.

    But here is the simple FACT of the matter: When we make LC the culprit, we lose against the ONE event occurring the LEAST often in order to win against the THREE events occurring the MOST often. And it works great as PJ found out.

    And let me tell you something about PJ. If there WAS a flaw in our logic, PJ would be the first to tell us. But when there isn’t, PJ is also first to tell us – just as he has done here.

    Sure, it is a brand new concept never thought of before by anybody. So we still get a few questions and ideas to resolve. BUT, it’s ready for casino play right now!

    I have other field reports that all concur with PJ. This thing wins!

  2. Right Hawk, found it and replied and they were good questions.

    Basically Hawk wanted to know if he should also join BTC.to pick up any tidbits I left there.

    My reply was basically: Save your money.

    Everything BTC sells or teaches is copyrighted by me.

    Well, except for the 221. That is strictly Keith’s. I’ll have nothing to do with a system that gets up to 17 bets and more. I only saw it played in a casino ONCE. Ron Dibenedetto played it in A.C. at one of my BJ seminars and lost $10,000 in about a half hour. That’s all I needed to see.

    NOR is the most important system for the US and Canada and other countries that use regular cards. You can’t learn NOR at BTC because the manual is extremely outdated and the NOR instructions are mixed in with thousands of pages of forum. Even I can’t find them. They completely lost the sample games and play by plays. They are simply gone – thousands of hours of work that were the only way most players can learn. Vanished! But also BTC is stuck exactly where I left off.

    When I teach NOR here at CFC it will include huge brand new upgrades that BTC knows nothing about such as OTB4LM1 and OTB4L+. OTB4L is the system you will play the most because casinos favor it because nobody can beat an OTB4L shoe but us. So here, and in the Final Word manual, I’m giving you more OTB4L options so that it will successfully cover even more shoes than before. BTC knows nothing of this.

    In the Final Word Manual, all instructions, sample games and play by plays for all systems will be in ONE place with a page by page Table of Contents.

    Got a question? You can look it up in seconds. There’s your answer illustrated in actual games.

    We will be teaching you advanced systems here like RSAP and LCNB which you will not find at BTC.

    Yes, there are old systems that are archived at BTC. But there are good reasons why we no longer teach them. They have been surpassed by better systems.

    I designed MDB+ for new preshuffled cards only. It is a simple purely mechanical system especially for that purpose.

    BTC is trying to make it a Universal all purpose system. They are putting all their eggs in ONE basket. But ANY Mathematician worth his salt will tell you that, by definition, there is no purely mechanicasl system that can beat Baccarat. It is a Mathematical impossibility. Yet BTC….

    Kevin is a good guy and well meaning. He’s trying to teach the “5D” at BTC by adding MDB+ as the 5th D of the 5D. He’s totally leaving out the Net Betting half of the 4D and using the counts merely to identify the strongest bias of a shoe. Sure, this will work! After performing 8 counts and after following countless pages of instruction you will be able to identify the strongest bias of a shoe. Then after countless more pages you will know the best way to play that bias – hopefully.

    That’s actually kind of humorous to me. I will teach you how to precisely identify the strongest bias and precisely measure its strength with ONE count – the SAP count – which you can learn in 10 minutes if you haven’t already. Then I’ll give you a short table that tells you which NOR system is best for that shoe. All of this can be taught on ONE page instead of hundreds.

    Look, tote board reading is the single most important skill you MUST have to play Baccarat successfully. All the systems in the world CAN’T help you if you don’t know which one to play from the tote board.

    There’s not a word about tote board reading at BTC – NOTHING! That’s like having a bunch of arrows but no bow!

    But here, we cover every aspect of tote board reading and all of its tricks of the trade.

    And finally, to learn something correctly, why wouldn’t you go directly to the horse’s mouth???

    Both In The Final Word Manual and right now on the private forum, I’m teaching you a 2Hi system because that is the way most members like to play. BTC has no 2Hi system. It took me 30 years to figure it out.

  3. Hello Ellis, I sent you a private message the other day with some questions about getting started. Could you let me know if you received it or not? Looking forward to learning more! Thanks!

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