After learning what I share on the free public forum

To ALL You Lurkers at this site and
ALL Registered Public Members:
I know what you may be thinking? 

      :scratch: :unsure:

•  It seems like a lot of money?
•  Is this guy Davis for real?
•  Or just another scammer? 
•  Are these people for real?
•  Why Baccarat?
•  Can it really be beat?
•  Can ANYBODY learn how?
•  Can I really make a million? 

Well, you’re asking the right questions. Let me take them one at a time.

It seems like a lot of money?
Well,  $1,250 your first year and $250 a year thereafter IS a lot of money. But it is less than the average Baccarat player loses every single day he or she plays. The public casino profit records prove that beyond all doubt.

What percentage of Baccarat players consistently win?

Well, I’m sad to say, in spite of the fact that Baccarat has the best player odds of any game in the casino, less than 1% of all Baccarat players actually beat this game consistently.

So, while Baccarat is quickly becoming the most popular casino game in the world, your chances of beating it on your own, or even with somebody else’s help, are less than 1%.

Sad, but true. That’s what the public records show, conclusively. I KNOW! I’ve been following this stuff for more than 30 years.

That’s why we call the winners “the 1 percenters”.

Look, don’t take my word for it. You can talk directly to these guys right here. Some have been with me for 20 years or more.

And, CFC is a completely open forum, You can talk directly to anyone here.

And they all LIKE to talk about the game. They were helped and they like helping others. That’s what we do here. It’s great to have a place where you can freely talk Baccarat with some of the best players in the world. Talk to way2fast, an extremely reliable guy. He started at quarters and is up a million in about a year. But he’s certainly not the only one.

Ha, the quickest way to clear out an entire bar, even a casino bar, is to start talking Baccarat. I should know! Hell, the bar tender won’t even come near you.

Baccarat is an extremely boring subject for non–players.

But for players, and especially for winning players, it is THEE SUBJECT!

Our price is based on TWO things:

What the average player loses per day,

What is necessary to pay for the site operation costs here enough to keep things running for all of us.

If we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have a site very long, would we? AND, you would never learn how to beat Baccarat.

BECAUSE,  there’s no one else that can teach you the way I do!

Look, I’m not bragging, just stating a commonly known fact.

But I am 75 years old now so I’m not going to be around forever.

So if you want to learn, NOW is your chance.

Because after me there’s nobody like me as far as I’ve been told by my many loyal students of the game!

Sure, there’s people I’ve taught who COULD teach you a lot of what I offer and have designed.

But why teach when playing pays a whole lot more???

Is this guy Davis for real?

I’m not going to waste your time talking about myself.

After learning a bit about what I teach on the free public forum, if you need more evidence other than simply testing some of my free tips and methods for yourself in your own local Casinos, then let me share my own personal war stories with you on this game and then look at my playing record at some of the best known Casinos in Vegas or Atlantic City etc… :good:

My Total Rewards (overall wins vs losses)  record shows that I have not had a losing day in any of their 40 casinos in the last 20 years. What can I add to that?  :scratch:

Except the fact is, I haven’t had a losing day in 30 years. But I go back further than their records.  :good:

Is there anyone else in the world who can truthfully say that? I don’t think so. But if there is, they’ll be too busy playing to bother with you.

Or just another scammer?

Well there’s certainly enough scammers. Most everyone here started with a scammer before they found me.

Most scammers know they are scammers.

The rest mean well but they are incompetent and simply don’t realize that fact.

I’ve never found another Baccarat Instructor who consistently wins and will play right along side you and show you. Have you? They tend to take your money and run, while I remain here year after year and teach you how to take the casino’s money and RUN! :yahoo:

Look don’t just take my word for it, Read Ed Gil’s Vegas trip report right here on the public forum. I’ve done that with hundreds of my players. Ask THEM, not me. They will tell you!

BTW, Ed’s doing fine, He’s almost there. Just needs to learn a few more things – and he will. Ed’s got two things going for him – me, and his devotion to learning how to win consistently.

(This is no different than trying to improve your golf game or hiring a personal fitness trainer – except my services not only improve your game but also improve your winnings DRAMATICALLY!!!) 

I’ll let you do the Math on that comparison… It’s pretty much a guaranteed Win/Win proposition if you ask me?

Are these people for real?

Yes, even some are also carefully hand picked.  And they are insanely devoted to the game – ELLIS.  Well, I am equally devoted to them, AND TO YOU AS WELL. What more is there to say?

Why Baccarat?

Look, here are the bare facts: Your flip a coin table odds are 50/50!

I don’t care what the Mathematicians say.  Those are, in fact the odds you are playing against: 50/50

By far the best odds in the casino.  Yes, you pay commission – about 1.25% for every $100.00 you wager, this pays the casino for dealing the game. It averages about one unit per shoe.

But commission does not effect the game odds any more than tips you pay the waitress. They are a completely separate fact of life. (say a cost of doing business or entertainment expenses)

Can it really be beat?

So here’s the way I state it: “The Baccarat game odds are 50/50 plus 1.25% commission.”  Nobody argues with that. How does that compare to Blackjack?

Well, I started with BJ and I know that game to.  Here is a closely held fact that nobody argues with: Playing perfect Basic Strategy, your hands win rate will average 43%. SO… :negative:

Question?: How do you win with a 43% hands win rate?

Answer: You Don’t!  :scratch:

Winning at BJ takes a whole lot more skill than perfect BS. :wacko:

Sooo, do you think you can learn to beat 50/50 odds?

I think so. In fact, I know so! B-)

Can ANYBODY learn how?

Will everybody win? No! :unsure:

Some won’t have the dedication. But anyone who applies themselves can learn to beat this game.   :yahoo:

The whizzes will learn in a few days. But for most others, they need the help. (that’s what I am here for) It’s NOT hard.

Look, there are 6 game types.

And there are 6 systems (or approaches as i sometimes refer to) – one for every game type.  These systems are simple and easy for everyone. You get to see that all the math is already done for you. You don’t need any math skills.  The hardest part is learning which system goes with which game. :mail:

For this: I will not only provide you the right tools for job but also guide you how to select the right tool for the right shoe. :good:

For instance, since I already mentioned this on the CFC forum: High 1’s and 2’s is always S40.  But, what are 1’s? What are 2’s? And how do we know if they are high? :scratch: Well eventually you’ll know just by glancing at any tote board. :yes:

But for beginners we’ll teach you what they are and how to count them precisely. We’ll teach you which tables to play and exactly how to play them. We will also teach you which tables to avoid and why.

Hell, just knowing that much you can already beat 50/50 odds. But we will teach you more, much more. It’s sorta like golf.

The more you do it, the better you get. And, you’ll get all the help you need, Nobody gets left behind!

Can I really make a million dollars?

In “The Final Word” – YES! :yahoo: 

Three of my Private Students have already done it along with myself as well back in my full time playing days. Now my goal is that I want at least a hundred more of my students in the Million Dollar Circle, while I’m still alive.

THAT is what this CFC forum is all about.  Playing to Win A million dollars takes TWO things.

1. Dedication: Here, my job is to keep you motivated and on track for that.

2. A safe unit raising schedule. I will supply that as well but so will others here as our motto goes:

Each One, Teach One… – Ellis

We’ve got your back on that deal.

Look, I average about 15 units per shoe. Do you think you could learn to average TWO? Because if you can, it is worth a million dollars!

THREE have already done it! Somebody else will be next!  Maybe YOU!  :yes:

So, are you game? :yahoo:  

E. Clifton Davis :bye:

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3 thoughts on “After learning what I share on the free public forum

  1. The occasional Gold Mine!

    You know, I have a big network of devoted casino detectives.

    Casinos make mistakes! My guys find them and alert me.

    BTW, I’ll be teaching you too, how to case a casino just like a bank robber.

    Well there is a “situation” going on right now in Las Vegas.

    A certain casino has made a mistake. And other casinos are copying the same mistake.

    We can win every shoe playing just one of our most common systems in this situation the casino created out of casino greed.

    If you knew which casino, and which system, you could go there right now and win every shoe automatically W/O even having to change systems. – Virtually a gold mine!

    No, I can’t tell you here on the public forum. I don’t want to alert the casino.
    But Yes, I will tell you on the Private Forum.

    There was a similar situation in Tunica. MS I found it myself. If you played a certain system at certain tables at a certain time of day You could win every shoe with that one same system. I averaged 20 units a shoe there for 3 years. Do the math!

    Hey, what can I say? Casinos make mistakes! We find them! And alert YOU!

    And there is a great one happening right now!

    That’s just one of our services here.

  2. What is my PAYBACK time: ­my ROI? :scratch:  :unsure: 

    So maybe you’re an experienced businessman. Maybe, like

    me, you’ve got some corporate experience.

    $1,250.00 (“The Final Word” manual + One year online support)

    Right, it’s not an expenditure. It’s an investment!

    US Corporations want to see a 3 year ROI or less.

    ROI is, Return On Investment.

    Let’s say an appliance manufacturer is considering a

    million dollar investment in a new automated powder paint

    line. It provides a much better finish on their appliance

    which will increase sales. And, since it’s automated, it will

    reduce labor.

    So their question is: Will the profits on increased sales,

    together with the labor savings total a million dollars inside

    of 3 years???

    If the answer is yes ­ they do it.

    If the answer is no ­ they don’t do it.

    By comparison, Asia wants to see a 20 year ROI.

    That’s why they modernize so much quicker than we do:

    Airports, magnetic high speed trains, roads and bridges and

    yes, automated powder paint lines.

    So, regarding our investment here, a really smart guy

    would ask:

    • Once I learn the six systems here & once I learn tote board reading:

      So I know when NOT to play?
      When TO play?
      And WHICH system to play?

    • How long do I have to play to clear $1,250.00 in profits???:good:

    That’s the question of the day, isn’t it?

    THAT is what a smart player would base his decision on.

    Well I’ve seen many whizzes do it their first shoe playing

    $100 units. Hell, 12.5 units is about average for some of

    our NOR players

    But what about us mortals?

    Well for most, I recommend you start out with $25 units or

    even less if you can find such a table. Local casinos or

    South Point, Vegas. They have 8 or 10 $10 tables. AND

    they strongly favor NOR ­ the first approach you’ll learn.

    Why start so small?

    Because that’s when you’ll likely make mistakes.

    We ALL make mistakes but beginning players make the

    most. Reducing them is just a question of developing your

    casino savvy and your confidence.

    But let’s take a very practical, real world example.

    Ed Gil recently posted his Sept 19th Vegas trip report.

    He happened to post two partial Caesars shoes totalling

    about an hour’s worth of play.

    One makes 42 units playing S40 with a 345 progression

    playing exactly as your Final Word Manual tells you to

    play it.

    The other makes 14 units playing TB4L straight out of

    your manual. No tricks of the trade ­ just basic play right

    out of your manual.

    That’s 56 units in an hour of play. That’s $1,400.00 playing

    QUARTERS ($25 units).

    So, using a very practical, very real world example, your

    payback time was not 3 years, not 20 years, but ONE


    What do you think a Corporate President would do with an

    investment decision that pays him back in ONE HOUR?

    Ha, and what if he’s Asian?

    They would jump all over it, wouldn’t they.

    And so should you! – Ellis (It’s not just personal, it’s GOOD BUSINESS!) :good:

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