Attention all newly registered public members! – Ellis

Attention all newly registered free public members! – Ellis

As of Oct. 1st, 2015 we will be leading into a new area of development of the site. So as of Oct. 1st, 2015 we’d like to introduce our new expansion with a value savings towards any new private Casino Forum member subscriptions purchased along with “The Final Word” baccarat manual early bird promo.

Since the finished manual is a $1,000.00 USD list price we will introduce it at a pre-market special promo price of $750.00 USD and to keep the private forum yearly subscription membership at $250.00 USD. Also as an added bonus we will honor and include all private subscription memberships into all private forums at no extra cost. This offer will hold up until the “The Final Word” baccarat manual is completed and ready for shipping. I’m giving new private members these extra days since completion time for “The Final Word” needs to be extended.

But with this in mind, this pre-purchase promo deal will be open for a very short period of time to be determined by mid October 2015.

Hurry up and get in on this before our final prices will go up on “The Final Word” baccarat manual upon it’s completion. So OK, what are you getting for your private membership subscription money? First and foremost, of course, is your own hard cover “The Final Word” manual. This is taking some time because first it must satisfy ME and I’m pretty darn particular. And then, I keep getting requests for additional items to be included in the manual.

For instance, most of you remember Norm. But for those who don’t, Norm was my most notorious player. Starting at $10 units, Norm made about 2 million dollars at MGM, Vegas playing his “Loop progression” which never bet more than 2 units – perhaps the best Baccarat performance of all time.

Many have asked me exactly how he did this but I really didn’t know – exactly at the time, Until now. Honestly I thought he took it to his grave,  but later came to find out, he wrote it all down.

Now I know for a fact that Norm’s favorite pass time was helping fellow players. So I KNOW that Norm wanted to share his successful method with others. Well, before he died, Norm sent a copy of his method to my good friend and his playing partner PJ. And PJ was good enough to send me a copy. I’m going to include it in Norm’s own words in the new manual “The Final Word”! Yep, all two million dollar’s worth!

Next: I have mentioned launching a whole new Baccarat Learning Concept – Tote Board Photos or CFC Score Cards. We have already been assured by CFC that we already have the tools in place to do this. CFC has posted simple instructions on how you post your own tote board photos or CFC Score Cards in the “Public FAQ’s forum”. (Note: does not accept nor imply to agree owning or sharing any copyrights or liabilities to these photos posted by CFC registered members)

Look, ANYBODY can learn the CFC playing systems – The 5 NOR systems for regular cards as well as MDB+ and RSAP for factory pre-shuffled cards. They are merely bet placement routines so simple I could teach them to a baby.

But that is not the problem! The problem for most players is how to apply the right system to the right tote board. THAT is the challenge we all must face, and overcome. Most cannot simply glance at a tote board and know what system to play.

Hmm, it never even occurred to me that would be a problem. But it turns out it is not just a problem – it is THEE most singular common problem among my students learning in the beginning. But I can show you all exactly how to do it from your own tote board photos or CFC Score Cards. Sometimes I’ll say: “pass this one by” but I’ll tell you exactly why in words you can understand, Others, I will say this one is S40 or TB4L or whatever but I’ll show you exactly why as well. Still others, I will say something like: This is not only S40, it’s S40 M2. And this tote board is so good you should start right out with the more aggressive U1D2 progression and go for 20 units.

And as an added benefit to all my other Private Member Subscribers: I will post all my responses to common questions in the “Private FAQ forum” as well that way we all can learn together through sharing.

We like to develop our mentality and teach it and so players think the way we want to think so that we can function and execute the way we want to function.

Each One, Teach One… – Ellis

And I Quote: “If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.

I can already see that this will be the most notorious Baccarat training program on the internet. Correct system selection is how you get the money, and this program will quickly make you an expert: When NOT to play, when TO play and WHAT to play. THAT is where the winning money is.

OK, next, we will soon be signing an agreement to have the BEST Roulette teacher in the world in my opinion, teaching you on our Private Roulette forum…

As well in my opinion the best dice control expert in the world teaching you Craps as well. We will disclose all their bio info and past success’ in their field of expertise once our deal is firm. Ha, and would you believe there is a way to beat The Big Wheel. Yep, there is! That will all be available to you along with other lesser known games.

Planning a trip to Vegas? or maybe the Bahamas? or wherever? Check this out! We are putting a program in place where we can get you a great room or even a B&B far cheaper than casinos charge you. Just let us know your trip dates. The less you pay in expenses, the more you have in your bankroll to play with! Those savings alone could well even be your bankroll 100%!

Need an experienced guide for Vegas? Somebody to pick you up at the airport, and bring you to your B&B, to take you to the best games at the best casinos for your game at your stakes? Who also knows where the best restaurant deals are. Our man not only knows all our systems – he also knows the best places to play them. And he saves you more money than he costs. How’s that for a great trip!

Look , we’re just getting started! But our goal is to make CFC the most rewarding site on the internet by a country mile.

Your Sensei Casino Forum Coach/Teacher, Ellis


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