MvD & MvD³ Officially launches Nov. 26th. 2016

The MvD set rate will be at $1,500 USD for non Private Members.

And for our Private Members whom purchased “The Final Word” manual and signed up for the yearly subscriptions to Casino Forum Club our offer will be $750.00 USD for the MvD manual.

Good fortunes to all,

Ellis & CFC

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3 thoughts on “MvD & MvD³ Officially launches Nov. 26th. 2016

  1. What all is included in the ” FULL PACKAGE DEAL ” ?

    Is it the Vegas Seminar ?

    Thank You !

  2. Today is the Black Friday deal of the century when it comes to Baccarat techniques that actually work!

    Right now from today and throughout this weekend we at Casino Forum Club will offer our full package deal with MvD included for only $1,250.00 USD.

    As of Monday it will still be available but at the $,1500.00 USD rate for MvD on it’s own.

    Which is still a great value based on the fact that it is kicking the Casinos asses right now and will continue for a very long time.

    Best Holiday wishes and good fortunes to all,

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