My message to you:

I always teach through sensations which is similar to Panya meditation  (Sensations of the mind and body).

I teach Baccarat winning play along with ChiRunning as well so I use the students own experiential sensations to teach them.

After completing Vipassana it was clear to me how I was doing it.

In fact I teach people Chi walking and Running that way.

And in actual fact I am giving people the gift of self control and realization over themselves not others, which I kinda sense is everyone’s challenge in life including myself.

Like Goenka (The teacher of Vipassana meditation) says if you charge people for your services then you are not following the path.

Whereas I get paid from the money that I win people from the Casinos not the money they work hard for. If I don’t win them any money then they would not engage my services or skills. Right?

A friend once said that my purpose was to point out what people we’re doing wrong?

Maybe this is my way of correcting you to follow your own path as a friend would only do right?

We are all here to help each other.

Much Love, respect and compassion,
Dean CFC

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