Ocean’s Ellis (11) Vegas Trip

Hey yall
Ellis here letting you all know that I am in Vegas now on a testing mission.

I’ll be back on Aug. 7th ready to take on the Baccarat World once again.


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  1. Hi mcvince. The systems in the Final Word manual have proven to be the cream of the crop systems of everything I have ever created. The idea is to zero you in on the very best and avoid cluttering up your mind with anything else – to put everything you need to know in ONE fast place but nothing you DON’T need to know.

    I want to correct the problem I created at BTC where you need to wade throug thousands of pages to find the answer you are looking for and even then you probably won’t find it. At BTC I learned how NOT to do it.

    90% of the 4000 members at BTC still can’t even play NOR correctly. Most have no manual at all and those who do have an outdated manual. Vast improvements were made AFTER the manual was written. And those improvements are absolutely critical to consistent winning.

    I can’t even find this critical information myself there. How can I possibly expect the members to find what they need. And most of what they desperately need to know is no longer there.

    All of the game samples and play by plays were lost – thousands of man hours of work never to be seen again. Those were how players learn! In my view, that was the end of BTC. It was mortally wounded and is now dying a slow death. The so called management there thought nothing of losing all the game samples and play by plays. They were oblivious to the fact they had been mortally wounded.

    Proof of this fact is I received DAILY emails of losing games from many members there. Most were very easy games to beat. But they had no idea of which system to play or how to play it. They lost BECAUSE they had no sample games and play by plays to go by. I wasn’t about to start all this work over again when I was doing 99% of the work there W/O getting paid. ALL of my pay and then some went to the IRS because of the vastly inflated 1099 gross income numbers they saddled me with.

    So rather than trying to fix a total disaster there, which would have taken more than the rest of my life, I decided to start over on my own – to reteach NOR with full game samples and play by plays all in one easy to find place – how to play step by step backed up by complete game samples and play by plays covering everything that can happen in a shoe. And, of course, MDB+

    Sure, with the help of way2fast, BTC is doing a fair job of teahing my creation, MDB+, which I completely copyrighted 2 years ago. But MDB+ was created for new factory cards. And only a very small percentage of BTC members play new factory cards, The vast majority don’t go to Vegas to play. It’s far cheaper to play local casinos and to play on line which is REGULAR cards. MDB+ is close to useless against regular cards. They desperately need NOR but the instruction no longer exists. They deleted it – by accident or intention doesn’t really matter. It’s GONE.

    But I have learned a lot from my mistakes. Here EVERYTHING, all instruction will be based on a hard cover manual. Every member here will have a hard cover manual. Every question, every comment can refer back to the manual to a specific page and paragraph number. ALL instruction will be backed up by sample games and play by plays so players can actually SEE exactly what we are talking about each and every play. Plus, we will have training films of real time play wherein every play can be explained; wherein every rule is seen in action. It isn’t enough to know a rule. The trick is to understand the PURPOSE of each rule so you automatically play it correctly. That is what played game play by play instruction accomplishes best.

    Today everyone is a visual learner. Only a tiny minority can learn from the written word. Good or bad, it’s a fact of modern life. Therefore I won’t just tell you – I’ll show you. AND I’ll do it in an organized fashion.

    At BTC we had most of the members studying obsolete systems. They were doing this because they simply couldn’t find what they were supposed to be studying. Most of what they were supposed to be studying was no longer even there. It was a complete train wreck.

    Watch my lips: Obsolete systems are obsolete for good reason!

    1992 systems were great for 1992 games. Today they are worse than useless against today’s Baccarat games.

    Here we will stick to ONLY what you need to know TODAY. And that instruction will be totally organized and redily available at your finger tips – everthing you NEED to know totally detailed with sample games but nothing you DON’T need to know. Here you can learn in minutes what would take weeks of searching at BTC to no avail. I won’t be making that mistake again.

    I have no idea if BTC was actually hacked or if management simply made a careless mistake. Either way, they lost everything when they lost my sample games and play by plays. So just in case, I have been totally assurred here that we are as hack proof as modern technology can get us and our site is continuously monitored for hacking. I could not withstand going through that nightmare again.

    With it all to do over again, this time and this way I can actually abide by my motto: NOBODY gets left behind.

  2. Hmm, I have no idea why that double posted but our alert staff will fix it.

    I feel it’s only fair to remind you we have a price deadline coming up the 30TH of THIS month.

  3. Yes, of course MDB+ will be in the Final Word Manual for Factory cards. As simple as it is, it just might be my best work ever. With a casino confirmed 60% It certainly has the highest hit rate ever in the history of Baccarat. The MDB+ instruction will include the art of adjusting your delays to the situation at hand.

    But also for factory cards, the manual will include RSAP which gives MDB+ a run for the money.

    For regular cards, (most of the US except Vegas) the manual will contain a 5 system approach to NOR – time proven as the best possible way to play regular cards as well as NOR+ our highest units per shoe approach.

    It will contain the OR and SAP counts which defines the best system to play and the best mode to play it in.

    It will include the SAP system which is the safest way to play regular cards.

    As well as a Net Bet system to give beginners a good way to play while they are learning the more advanced systems.

    Perhaps most importantly, it will contain an overview of factory vs regular cards Baccarat and how we create a strong edge for ourselves in both games through statistical analysis in a 50/50 game + commission that the general public loses at the incredible rate of 15% or more.

    I call them “general public” because I can”t, in good conscience, call them Baccarat Players.

    The manual will also take you through casino canvasing and how to read tote boards to find the best tables in the casino.

    The concept is to create ONE source that covers every aspect of beating Baccarat consistently.

  4. Hi Ellis. In you last work the final word, what systems are in it and is IMDB included. Thanks

  5. Ok so now I know for sure that Dntn1202 is in fact Duke as I surmised. Yes Duke I can confirm your payment on 6/25/’15.

    With both S40 and OTB4L, I haven’t taught you yet how to go on runs.

    That will be fully detailed in your manual.

    But for now, when you lose your 1,2 against a run, bet 1 unit ON the run until you lose. Then go back to the system you were playing starting with a 1 bet.

    I’ll teach you a much better way in the manual.

    Recognize that with S40 we are only talking about Straight (ST) runs.

    But with OTB4L we are talking both ST and ZZ runs.

    One advantage of TB4L, (streaky shoes) when we get to it, is it is automatically ON both ST and ZZ runs. But not TT runs BB PP BB PP etc.

    Sorry about missing some emails but my computer was in the shop.

    Hmm, I see we have a spell check now. We can also post shoes. We also have post edit ability now. Won’t be long before we are in the big leagues.

  6. Hey ellis, i sent you a few e-mails and haven’t heard back, can you confirm receipt of my payment for The Final Word? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Ellis and members, I have been winning playing S40 when I see 1s and 2s and OTB4L when I see 2s and 3s. I usually win 3 units after work weekdays playing 1 shoe at CA casinos then go home. But I kept losing once a week on these shoes. I see B12112111 so I jumped in then next come 343 so I lose 6 to 9 units betting S40 or I see B23322 so I jumped in betting OTB4L then next come 454 so I lose 6 to 9 units again. How do I avoid losing to these type of shoes? Thanks. Duke

  8. So OK, the point is I’ve given you long time members a good way to play Vegas even if you don’t know MDB+ yet.

    Just don’t try NOR against factory cards. ONLY play MDB+ against factory cards.

    But if you only know NOR, play South Point. It even looked like a very good place to stay. AND it has the lowest stakes I saw anywhere in Vegas.

    $10 Bac tables and plenty of them. Ideal for a 234 prog with $5 chips.

    But also ideal for black chips for accomplished NOR players.

    But the thing is, now, NOR players can play Vegas.

    Yeah, MDB+ created a millionaire in Vegas

    BUT the fact is NOR, with regular cards, and good NOR conditions

    can average more units per shoe than MDB+ – a lot more!

    Now, Duke, I’m not talking about you. I’ve only showed you parts of NOR, not the whole concept. But your Final Word Manual will prepare you for Vegas!

    I heard through the grapevine that Keith came out with a good film on MDB+.

    That’s good but what he doesn’t know is he only has a handful of players interested in playing Vegas. and MDB+ is strictly a Vegas system. I know, I designed it for Vegas and for factory cards.

    Meanwhile he’s ignoring hundreds of NOR players.

    And NOW, NOR players can play Vegas! And nobody can teach NOR like I can.I designed NOR as well.

    Your new Final Word manual will teach NOR from the standpoint of the OVERALL CONCEPT. That is what is totally lacking at BTC.

    I haven’t decided what to do about the fact that BTC is teaching, or trying to teach MY copyrights. Highly illegal. But I’m not so sure that is a bad thing.

    I’m thinking that the members at BTC will eventually see my forum “CFC” as a forum to graduate to for advanced training.

    If Keith is smart about it, once he gets over his tantrum, which may take a while, he’ll see that a harmonious relationship is in everybody’s best interest – especially the members of both forums.

    So see, the whole point of my trip was to confirm good places to play MDB+
    BUT maybe more important for the vast majority of members –
    confirm a great place to play NOR.

    Yes, MDB+ is the highest hit rate system of all time and I’m proud of that fact,

    BUT, nevertheless, the FACT is, NOR makes more money! And I should know.

    BTW, my new Administration here at CFC is highly experienced in PROFESSIONAL film making.

    We will be doing lots of films and not just Marketing films –

    but especially detailed training films to supplement our manuals.

    It is so much easier to learn when you can WATCH a system being played.

    And you BJ players – all of the BTC BJ manuals are mine and we will soon have them available here. BTC’s BJ Instructor is now with us.

    Look, Im not going to criticize BTC. I would simply be criticizing my former self.

  9. Right Ed, your copy will be normal black lettering against a white background. Just make a copy and put on your word processor or Email it to yourself. If you don’t know how to do this just call me and I’ll show you.

  10. Thanks Ellis, can’t wait to learn MDB when I get your final book, would love to catch you next time in vegas. Been playing NOR at CA casinos and win more than lose. I usually leave when up 3 units, still need to learn when to jump in and what system to play.

  11. That was FAST … ! Thank You . Everything is working now …
    No Need to reply ..

    Sorry I was getting so antsy . Very prompt reply’s . And Thank You for answering so quickly and letting me know …

  12. Hi Ed
    A simple work around to your dilemma is to simply just copy & paste the text you want to print onto a blank word document and just simply print it from there.

    That way you can even edit it to suit your needs.

    Hope this answers your concerns,


  13. Your comments on the black background look fine. My problem is making a copy for my notes. The black background soaks too much Ink when you make copies. Black letters on a white background do not soak as much ink as the a black back ground. i rather put my money in my bank roll than in ink cartridges.

  14. Relax Mike! I have your 7/1/2015 purchase recorded as well as your mailing address. Administration hasn’t been in any hurry to update the upgrades since we haven’t started the private forum yet. We’ve been busy with other new forum start up and building issues. I just checked to be sure. The private forum is completely blank. The Final Word Manual will start it off.
    BTW, you were our very first private forum member. And thanks for that. THANKS-A-Million

  15. I am concerned about my membership status. I have sent a message to the administrator with all necessary information and an update on my check being cashed on July 8- th . Before you left for Vegas. Still have not received a reply.
    And I still cannot log into the Baccarat Private Forum . It states I must make a purchase.
    Any help on this would be Great .
    Thanks Mike S. aka Maxamilion

  16. Hi guys! Sorry, I answered this thread in detail the day I got back but I lost the whole thing because of an administrative log in problem. Even the computer experts could not get my post back. This time I’ll make a copy just in case…

    First, I’ll answer your comments. I’ll take Don’s last because I’ve got some good comments to make about Don’s observations.

    Hi McVince! Yes, God willing, I’ll have the new manual well in time for your trip. Nevertheless, call me just before you leave. I have good spies in Vegas and I can give you the latest info at that time.

    Sorry Duke, I’ll fit you in next time. This was supposed to be a family outting and I already had separate meetings set up with 3 of our Vegas members.

    And a shout out to John, Rich, xingbnso, and TheOne. These guys have all been with me a LONG time and are excellent sources of information.

    Down to business:

    I played the Rio, the Gold Coast, South Point and Caesars high stakes.

    First the Rio:

    Don Chiasson, hmm, a junior member, called it exactly right!

    The Rio is strictly factory cards and therefore strictly an MDB+ casino. But, they only had one table going and couldn’t keep it full. Unlike most Vegas casinos they wouldn’t let me sit out the hands necessary for MDB+.

    I was only playing the Rio because I was staying at the Rio with Art who is a night owl while I am an early bird. It was just something to do while Art slept.

    Nevertheless, I should have made the walk over to Gold Coast, which I did every other day.

    While the Rio is a great place to stay due to their great rooms, I simply can’t recommend it for any kind of play either BJ or Bac. I played low stakes NOR there (a mistake) and got to +17 several times only to slip back to 10 trying to get to +20. But even worse, I had a lot of -6s, my stop loss. Overall, a real bummer! and a waste of time.

    Their BJ tables are notoriously BAD. If you want to play BJ in Vegas, GO Downtown! That is the best BJ anywhere. I haven’t had a losing BJ day in downtown Vegas in 30 years. There are plenty of traditional hand shuffled BJ games there that play just like the early ’90s.Perfect for NBJ. While all the tables are good, I particularly recommend 2 deck tables. They don’t clump up and are perfect for 3rd base NBJ.

    Hmm, the walk over to Gold Coast seems a lot longer today than it was back in my day. But well worth it:

    The Gold Coast might well be the best MDB+ casino in Vegas!

    IF you know how to play the Gold Coast:

    DON’T take a seat!

    They have a LOT of tables but the players won’t stay put. Everytime you get a couple one in a rows everybody leaves the table en mass.

    Do the same thing everybody else does there. Roam the tables studying the tote boards with chips in your pocket. But they are looking for runs. YOU are watching for MDB+ bets coming up. You get plenty of warning. And plenty of bets – way more than you could ever get sitting down!

    When you see an MDB bet, bet it on any empty spot. If there are no empty spots, back bet over someone’s shoulder – just be sure to ask permission. But they will all let you do that because they all back bet too.

    The Gold Coast is a gold mine for any MDB+ player! But MDB+ ONLY!

    Just follow my instruction!

    Caesars: This is one of the best high stakes rooms in Vegas – very well run.
    No roaming here! Everybody stays put and you can sit out as many hands as you want without so much as a raised eyebrow. The perfect sit down MDB+ situation. We played their main 14 player table for hours every day at $200 units. We won every shoe except for ONE -4 shoe. That shoe, we should have increased our delays on 2s. But all the rest won using my origional rules – several +12 shoes! THIS is my kind of Baccarat – sit down, relax. You’re in good company from BOTH sides of the table. I don’t walk so good any more so this was perfect for me.

    The old time pit managers there know me and were very interested in how we could win every shoe while everyone else was losing. So, I told them:
    “We’re just lucky!” Yeah, right!

    I saved South Point for last:

    I had never even heard of this casino but one of our members picked me up at Caesars “to take me to a NOR casino!” Just a short drive.

    Incredible! REGULAR CARDS! and every tote – all seven, were near perfect NOR tote boards – one system or another. We hit +10 in 18 plays at one table while watching the tote board at the next table! 9 Banks followed by 8 Players, followed by a ZZ run of 7 that was still going when we left. TB4L wins nearly every bet. You only get to your 2 net twice.

    But even at our own table, we never got past our 2 bet. You couldn’t ask for a better NOR casino. We hit it at 7PM Wednesday night.

    So right, Vegas is an MDB+ town. BUT, if you only know NOR, I couldn’t recommend South Point more! It’s tops for NOR in my book!

    So, you new guys, this is all a bit Greek to you right now. No worries, we ALL started out that way. We’ll have you in full swing in no time!

    You too, Duke!

  17. Hi Ellis,
    Sure hope you have goog news from your trip. I watched you play a shoe at the Rio Monday night. Obviously the shoe was not a good shoe. Would it have been a shoe that maybe IMDB would have been the way to play? I would have introduced myself as I am a junior member of btc. Thanks

  18. Hope you did well Ellis. I am trying to contact you regarding the new manual. I am planning a Las Vegas trip in October. Will the new manual be out before then? Will the new thing that you have been promoting been thoroughly vetted and tested?

  19. Hi Ellis, can I come to vegas to hang out with you? I can in Vegas Saturday and leave Tuesday, just want to meet you and play with you for 1 day.
    Thanks, duke

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