Humans are going to gamble no matter what.

Humans are going to gamble no matter what. You gamble whenever you get in a car or a plane. Farmers gamble when they plant their crops.
The most successful businesses somebody started by taking a gamble. Gambling is in human nature.

I can’t do anything to stop humans from gambling.

But I CAN help them to gamble successfully.

Since you are going to do it anyway, you might as well make your venture profitable because otherwise it is a sickness.

I did it and I did it very successfully. But I’m one of the very few. I’m the only teacher you’ll ever find who actually did it successfully before he started teaching. I’m teaching you what I did and how I did it.

Ha, most teachers teach because they have no clue how to play. They teach what they learned in books. But most book writers write because they can’t play either. It’s not about Mathematics. It’s about cunning. It is about using the casino’s own strategy against them.

But I’m getting pretty old so pay attention now while you still can.

Because after me……. Well maybe way2fast will pick up the baton.

And maybe not. Successful gamblers gamble. It pays a hell of a lot more than teaching.

To be a successful gambler you have to know the secret of it. Very very few know it.

So I’ll tell you – for whatever it is worth.

All successful casinos have a strategy that gives them a leg up.

We know this for an absolute fact because all successful casinos make more money than the mathematical odds dictate.

At least in Baccarat and Blackjack they do.

Their profits defy the odds. The bean counters are at a loss to explain it. It is casino strategy – casino orchestration – casino cheating.

But if you can detect their strategy – like I did, you can use their own strategy to beat them.

For instance, right now Las Vegas is artificially too random because the casinos there believe that random can’t be beat.

And for most gamblers they are right – their profits prove it.

But random CAN be beat. MDB+ is enjoying the highest win rate in the entire history of gambling right now in Las Vegas.

I don’t know why more of you aren’t taking advantage of that fact just like way2fast is.

On the other hand other casinos have a different strategy. They deploy regular cards.

Their card prep is orchestrated to produce shoes that are artificially too biased

Their shoes are artificially too streaky or too choppy but mostly too neutral.

Why? Because casinos know full well that they make the most money on what we call OTB4L shoes.

Every experienced gambler knows TB4L. TB4L is the oldest gambling system in existance – some 400 years old.

Casinos know that too. Sooo they throw OTB4L at you because that wins the most – FOR THEM.

Because nobody knows how to play OTB4L – except US. We freaking THRIVE on it.

Look, I played NEW regular cards every morning starting at 7 am at Gold Strike, Tunica full time for 3 years and won nearly every shoe at 20 units.

How? By playing OTB4L U1D2 and not chickening out. Because that is what the casino card prep produced.

I got about ten shoes in every morning by switching tables whenever they opened a new table.

I often played head to head because there aren’t a lot of gamblers out at 7 am.

So OK, sometimes I had to switch to S40 because they accidently made the cards too choppy.

But the FACT that I won on was that the new cards were never too streaky. That ruled out TB4L.

So every new shoe was usually OTB4L and occassionally S40. Ha, it’s real easy to tell the difference early on.

And U1D2 bulldozes its way through virtually every obstacle.

My average highest bet was only 4.5 units.

Ha, I remember one morning I was playing head to head at Horseshoe which is part of the same 3 casino complex in Tunica, MS.

So this very high roller approached the table and querried the dealer.

She said: “I don’t know but do whatever this guy does because he NEVER freaking loses!”

So he follows my every bet but with $1000 units.

So we win about 3 shoes at +20 W/O incident.

Ha, but the fourth shoe – I get to the 7 bet early on! I’m way ahead so I immediately put up 7 blacks on Player!

He looks at me and says: “You’re a crazy bastard!” He picks up what’s left of his winnings and leaves in a huff.

Back to head to head. I win the 7 and the 5 and the 3 and the 1 and end up +21. Next shoe please!

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t recommend 7 bets UNLESS you can make them out of your winnings at that table.

On the other hand, the table had been very good to me before the decision came up.

This means the table is biased toward the system I’m playing. In that case, pure OTB4L. So I made the bet.

And it worked out fine, in that particular circumstance.

So OK, I was down 21 units for that progression BUT, I was only down 9 units in the shoe. I win the 7 5 3 1.

So I’m at +7 in the second column. It was no contest from there on. +21

Why +21 instead of +20???

Only because the bet called for in my U1D2 prog put me at 21. So then I quit. About hand 55 as I recall.

No, I don’t normally recommend 7 bets. But if you are playing the right system, they only come up about once every 20 shoes.

It’s OK to take the loss once every 20 shoes.

On the other hand. if you can make them out of winnings…..

But my point is this, finally:

It is all about detecting the casino’s strategy and matching that strategy to the best system.

Table selection and matching system selection is EVERYTHING!

So it’s good to know a LOT of systems.

And to bet U1D2, you’ve got to be able to select and play systems flawlessly.

Look, the table odds are 50/50 every hand. So you’ve got that much going for you already.

Ha, some days it doesn’t seem that way but IN FACT, those ARE the table odds.

But you can defy the odds with SKILL. All you have to do is beat 50/50.

So you NEVER decide what you are going to play before you get to the casino. Ha, that’s pure stupid.

AFTER you get to the casino and AFTER you have selected the easiest tote board to beat and the right system and the right mode,

THEN you sit down but not before.

I ALWAYS do that. But I’ll bet 9 out of 10 of you DON’T.

You sit down at the first open seat you find, don’t you.

You CAN’T win that way.

Do as I do. ONLY sit down to a winning situation.

If you don’t know what system to play you’ve got NO business sitting down.

I don’t care if you don’t play at all. Not playing is a whole lot better than playing in the blind and losing.

When I played full time there were days when I didn’t play at all.

BECAUSE I couldn’t find a game I liked. So I went swimming or for a walk on the boardwalk or back to my room to study the shoes from the day before.

I’ll tell you another secret I learned the hard way: Week days are the best days to play. Week ends are the worst.

See, the casino expects crowds on weekends. So they have their guard up. Their best pit bosses and their most successful dealers are on duty all weekend day and night.

But weekdays are third string. They let their guard down. That is when they are the most vulnerable.

As for time of day, mornings are best. They put their most inexperienced people on duty first shift.

Look at that stupid thing that happened in AC!

The dealer was dealing boxed card order cards for crying out loud.

ANY experienced dealer would have known something was very wrong when the first cards out of the shoe were a straught flush.

He should have stopped the game then and there. Where the hell was the pit boss? And WHO was the pit boss? I hope he’s not still working. How could he not notice that the cards were coming out of the shoe in endless straight flushes. The players sure knew right off the bat. They won 1.5 million dollars! for crying out loud! It was their DUTY to win. Ha, and the court blamed the players??? That will certainly be contested.

But the point is this: casinos make mistakes. Ha, not as big as that one.

But in their efforts to win, whether BJ or Bac, casinos deal predictable shoes.


No, you can’t predict every card. Fortunately you don’t have to.

All you have to predict is the TENDENCY of the shoe.

The tendency that the casino intended to make you lose.

You use that same tendency to beat the shoe.

You use their own orchestration against them.

Once you are sure of the self evident tendency upgrade your betting to U1D2

BECAUSE it buldozes its way through a lot of crap.

The skill involved is this:

You have to be able to look at the beginning of a shoe and KNOW what system to play. You should also know which mode, if applicable.

I say, “if applicable” because TB4L and MDB+ have NO modes.

This is not a difficult skill but it does take practice.

EVERY shoe ever dealt starts out high in something and low in something or dead even.

By dead even I mean that all events are hitting their normal frequencies. That’s MDB+.

In fact MDB+ can’t lose a shoe that is anywhere near normal frequencies of occurrence.

That is right! I said CAN’T LOSE. Because it is mathematically impossible for MDB+ to lose against normal or near normal frequencies of occurrence.

If a shoe isn’t random. it is biased. There are no other possibilities.

Random, MDB+ CAN’T lose.

If it is not random, it is biased and therefore a NOR shoe.

EVERY non random shoe, that is every NOR shoe, MUST be high in something AND EQUALLY low in something else.

That defines which NOR system you play and which mode you play it in.

So you MUST know what each NOR system likes as well as what it dislikes. THAT is what tells you what to play and which mode to play it in.
It also tells you which systems to avoid!

You have to know that stuff cold.

It takes practice. For some, a lot of practice.

The best place to practice is at home – NOT in a casino.

And the best way to practice is with a pile of shoes. Predict the system from the first 7 to 10 plays.
Then check to see if you are right or why you are wrong.

With sufficient practice you should be able to look at shoes posted in our short cut method and know what system they are.

At first you will need SAP and OR counts but you want to get to the skill level where you can tell at a glance W/O any counts.

Think of counts as a training aid.

But here’s the thing. You need to be able to glance at a tote board of a game in process and KNOW what system to play
or KNOW that you shouldn’t play that shoe at all – because the tote board is not clearly pointing at a system.

Don’t try to be a hero. There are no successful heros in this game. Not in Bac, Not in BJ.

Adhere unwaveringly to this rule: Only play when you know what to play.

Don’t sit down and experiment. That’s what everybody does and that is why they lose.

You should know every single bet immediately – which side and how much.

ALWAYS check that you put your bet up on the right side. Then double check.

ALWAYS do everything in the SAME sequence. That helps to prevent mistakes.

If you get confused STOP playing. A scotch on the rocks is a whole lot cheaper than a misplaced bet.

Look, to be a pro you first have to think like a pro.

All casinos are vulnerable to the well disciplined knowledgeable player.

Learn ALL of our systems thoroughly. And when you don’t know what system to play – for God’s sake don’t play.

But Ellis, my shoes are different!

No they aren’t – you’re different.

Yeah sure, sometimes shoes change their color mid shoe. Yeah, maybe one in ten.

CHANGE tables. That’s your biggest advantage. YOU can change tables whenever you want. The dealer can’t.

But, when you change tables, still, don’t play until you know what to play. It’s not a race you know.

A few minutes of winning play is a whole lot better than hours of losing play.

You are not glued to the seat you know. But most players play as if they were.

Don’t be most players. Most players play incredibly stupid.

You want to be that one out of a hundred that consistently beats this game.

Do as I say and you WILL be. Many of you already ARE.
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