Pre-launch promo offer information about MvD

Ellis and I worked out a deal for the already existing Private Members who are up to date with there membership subscriptions and basically it goes like this:

MvD will sell for $1,500.00 USD on it’s own when it launches.

But for all our loyal Private Members who are up to date, Ellis and Casino Forum Club will allow a  $1,250.00 early bird price for MvD on it’s own.

In addition we will credit your 1st year Private membership fee payment of $1,000.00 USD towards the net cost of MvD to you, which will be $1,250.00 less $1,000.00 for a net balance owing of $250.00 USD.. That is a fantastic deal…

Also because MvD is so powerful as a Mechanical way over all the different variances that the Casino shoes are now producing with pre shuffled cards, it’s hitting at approximately 75% hit rate Player Advantage average.

We are requesting all MvD purchasers to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we start.

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31 thoughts on “Pre-launch promo offer information about MvD

  1. Way2fast, It was not a “test” shoe. It was a play by play example of every rule in MvD. As I said in plain English, I selected that shoe because every rule MvD has comes up in that one shoe. That is rare. It was a teaching tool. I don’t want members coming up with a situation in a shoe that was not fully covered in the manual.

    You are free to bet any progression you like with MvD. You like 2,3. I prefer U1D2 basing at 2. They are the same for the first 2 bets.

    But your 23 prog depends on you winning your second bets more often than you lose them. Otherwise you were better off flat betting.

    U1D2 B2 doesn’t care which bet you win. It is about avoiding a losing 6. Usually I never get to the 6. I seldom get to the 5.

    But when teaching, the 123 is the easiest for students to follow. As I’ve said a zillion times, it is not the best prog you could play. Perhaps the best is a 345 because you are only increasing at a third of a unit.

    The 456 comes in handy for betting $25 units on a $100 table.

    I don’t like 2 bet progressions. You only get 2 chances to win. I only use them when net betting. You are usually better off raising your unit and flat betting.

    For instance: You win a 2, win a 2, then lose a 23. You are down 1 even though you won half your bets. Whereas flat betting at a larger unit, you’d be even.

    To each his own.

  2. Hi Ellis, good to finally hear from you.

    I played the test shoe exactly how I just played this week in Vegas, as a couple of the guys there were able to observe. I am using certain SAP driven signals as well as short term setups. Normally don’t get so many bets, but the shoe was so perfect the setups just came one after another. I use a 1, 1.5 progression, expressed as a 2,3. Personally I would not use a 1,2,3 progression — having a 3 step progression where the largest bet is 300% of the base bet is just too big of a spread for me. Yes, the 1,2,3 will allow you to recover from some losing bets. But its just too common to lose three consecutive bets with a system which bets every hand, and being down 6 units from such a common event is, IMO, a plan destined to lose.

    The best indication of long term success isn’t the number of units won in your best shoes. It’s much more about how few shoes and units you lose. Also, the win rate and PA is a much better indicator as well. Get all of that working and you can control how much you make by just adjusting your unit size.

  3. Playing exactly to my NOR manual. OTB4L M3M3 3Hi scores +21 in Mode 3 for both ST and ZZ. if you play the right modes and if you start at play 6. That is exceptionally good – even better than F in that shoe.

    Starting at play 6, that shoe had 6 more Banks than Players and 4 more repeats than opposites. The avg PvB and OvR disparity is 8, making that shoe very normal. The only thing abnormal was high 3s. But I’ve certainly seen much higher.

    +21 with a Hi bet of 3. Great !
    if you know OTB4L and
    if you know how to get in the right modes and
    if you know how to recognize an OTB4L shoe by play 6 And
    if the game doesn’t change completely half way through..

    But now what are you going to play next shoe???

    Less that 1 out of 3 shoes are OTB4L shoes and even fewer stay OTB4L like this one did. Only lost the 123 prog once playing OTB4L in Mode 3.

    But to play NOR you need to know multiple systems and multiple modes and when to play which system in which mode. And you need regular cards. NOR seldom fares well against preshuffled and the whole casino world is changing to preshuffled meaning you need to learn even more systems. Very few players can hack that – certainly not our average member. Some actually have a life other than Baccarat. They want ONE system that does everything wherein once you start you play every hand. They don’t want to sit there and only bet now and than. Many casinos won’t even let you do that. Gold Strike for instance, where we mostly played last trip, you must bet EVERY hand. Same at Horseshoe.

    MvD is a far, far simpler approach because you learn ONE Simple technique you can play anytime anywhere that covers all shoe types and card types. You can learn the whole thing in an hour or 2. THAT is the way the vast majority of players want to play. AND they don’t like to bet more than 3. Many will never bet more than 2. MvD does better flat betting than anything I have ever designed.

    MvD could have scored +50 or +60 too had I played a 234 or a 345 prog. Big Whip! I played a 123 because it’s hard enough to get members to play even that mild prog.

    I don’t know what way2fast played to hit +45 but it sure as hell wasn’t a 123. I CAN do simple Arithmetic.Therefore it is not comparable. Apples to oranges.

    Like I said at the outset, I expect MvD to avg about +10. But you can make a million pretty quick averaging only +5 or even less. Norm made 2 million averaging +4. We hit +47 in that one very choppy shoe but ended up going back down to +40. But that’s a fluke. I didn’t even include it in our average score.

    Some are about to say Norm averaged +6. No he didn’t. He averaged +4. Norm was a fireman, not a mathematician. If you apply a mandatory 2 after all your 1 bets, your unit is 1.5 – not 1. At a 1.5 unit, Norm averaged +4. And THAT was good enough to get to 2 million in 2 years.

  4. Wow, that’s an interesting test shoe!! Black2bac pointed some amazing things about this shoe already. I would also add that almost any method of play will crush this — I only wish something like this would appear in a real casino.

    The way I played this past weekend generally wins 8-14 units per shoe. Sometimes I will quit with less to capture a win, and sometimes (rarely) the shoe is so good it delivers 20 units — even though I bet about 1 out of every 3-5 hands. If I could have played this test shoe in a casino, I would have won 32 units and quit after hand 48!!!! If I had played the whole shoe, I would have been at +45 (but I absolutely would have quit after hand 48). That’s with an 80% win rate and a PA of 64%. Unfortunately, the casinos know better than to give us a softball like this.

    Looking forward to hearing about test results from real time casino play.

  5. You created Luck out of thin air, which for me the word LUCK is more of an acronym really for:

    MvD is a technique vs a system. ~ “The Davis Technique”

    :wacko: :scratch: :mail: :good: :yahoo: :bye: B-)

  6. Ha, you’re funny Max!

    I’m jacked up too Danny and I want to get back to the tables with the clear cut rules.

    Very astute black2bac! Correct, it is a good F shoe if you see to switch from F3 to F2 at the right time. But we never know to make that particular switch. with F.

    A good F shoe makes for an even better MvD shoe because MvD will AUTOMATICALLY play F in an F shoe whether you realize it’s an F shoe or not. AND, MvD plays F shoes even better than we do.

    Just as you say, a shoe goes from F3 to F2: Nearly all F3 shoes have a mixture of 1’s and 2s on the weak side. Playing F3 we watch those 2s go by incurring 3 bets. MvD, given enough 2s on the weak side will automatically start hitting the bottom circle on some of those 2s, then right back to the Strong Side. So, in an F3 scenario MvD scores higher than F but with lower bets.

    By the same token, we get an S40 shoe, MvD automatically plays S40 but W/O modes. It automatically selects the best mode.

    The same with OTB4L or TB4L or Repeats. MvD automatically plays them and automatically switches from one to another as the shoe dictates.

    So it plays NOR better than we usually play it but it’s main strength is preshuffled cards.

    MvD is a true game changer. The old rules no longer apply.

    Black2bac, you should be particularly interested in this since you are surrounded with factory preshuffled cards casinos.

    So am I, very recently. So I had to design a new approach to deal with the new conditions I face. And I got lucky. MvD deals with everything automatically. All we need do is follow very simple rules.

    One simple approach that plays everything. That is what EVERYONE wants, including me.

    I thought that was impossible. I was wrong!

  7. Well, since I don’t know your rules, can’t tell how you got to +30……

    BUT…, here’s what I noticed about this test shoe:

    Among 2s —> 6 out of 7 occur on Player side
    among 3s —-> ALL 9 occur on Banker side!!

    Hence, F3 does well, achieving +18 by play #45,
    since there’s only a single 2 on Banker side, an appropriate switch to F2 at play #47 or play #61 will achieve +20 twice, eventually arriving at +24, where highest bet is 4.

    Typically a shoe this high in 3s is dreadful for SS (because of the frequent side-switch triggers), unless 2s happen to be very low, which is not the case here. But since all the 3s occur on one side, this is avery good SS/F3 shoe.

  8. Ok alright! I’m squared away on the Dot! I’m already jacked-up for MvD,and see where this will take me to solving the mystery of baccarat in the making! :mail:

  9. CFC has the complete final MvD manual now including the Play by Play.
    Sent it in at 4AM this morning. This is my 15th manual since the early ’80’s. And it is the clearest manual I have ever written. Anybody can play MvD just from the manual. Everything you need to know is in there complete with examples.

  10. OK, I sent the complete MvD autographed Manual in to CFC. Buyers will receive a hard copy by registered mail directly from CFC. Now I have to get them the play by play which will be included with your manual. Had it all done by hand but I made a mistake and have to do it over. There was a sacrifice losing 1 after a ZZ run. I should have followed it with a 1 bet but I bet 2 by mistake. An that, right after I said in the manual “be careful of that mistake because it is easy to make. Damn, I guess I had to prove my point to myself.

    Anyway, if you want to fool around with the shoe I used it goes like this:

    B21311131 = 73 plays

    16 1’s
    7 2s
    9 3s
    3 4+

    In other words a fairly normal shoe except for the high 3s.

    That’s 40 Banks and 33 Players with an O/R count of -4.

    Starting at play 6, I played a simple 123 prog all the way because it started slow and I didn’t hit +12 until play 36. But I hit +30 on the last play. That’s pretty darn good for a 123 prog which usually struggles to get to +10.

    Try ANY system on it.

    I think my +30 is pretty safe.

    I picked this shoe because everything that CAN happen pretty much DID happen.

    So every MvD rule played a part. I played exactly to the rules and every single play was covered by the rules. You always knew your next play.

    Well, I worked all night last night so I better get a little sleep before I try doing the play by play again. But I’ll have it by morning. I do my best work in the middle of the night. EVERY play is FULLY explained on the same line as the play. You’ll like it. Play by plays are the BEST and surest way to teach Baccarat! Everybody gets it pretty quick.

    And to all you buyers – THANKS guys!

  11. This is for everyone …… You MUST request the NDA Form in a post OR an E-Mail to CFC… they will send the form in an E-mail … You must down load it and sent it back signed and dated… They will then send a Bill to be paid in a separate E-mail……
    Hope this speeds things up for everyone …..

  12. Right Pauld and Danny, and everyone – your Paypal acct or credit card acct, paypal line of credit or even a check if need be, as long as your dues are up to date. Right, we don’t have it set up on the order system just yet but we soon will and meanwhile, we will know what your payment is for.

    If you don’t know about paypal line of credit, check it out on paypal. It’s a good deal.

    If you can’t do it any other way, mail me a check or money order and I’ll put it through for you.

    But recognize that once I turn the manual in to CFC they can turn off the early bird special at any time.

    The manual should answer all questions. After all MvD is ONE technique, not multiple systems and it has no modes. It is pure simple once you get the hang of it. So I don’t expect questions. But I do expect comments and conversation so MvD will have its own private forum very shortly.

    Now, I must get back to work.

  13. Ellis/CFC – I don’t see a purchase option on your Products webpage. Please send me the NDA and I will get it taken care of back to you and buy. Thanks.

  14. Guys, First, I will have a COMPLETE MvD manual for you VERY shortly. Maybe today but by morning for sure. I’ll give it to CFC for distribution to all who have already bought or soon will. It contains a 73 play shoe with every single play fully but plainly explained. Most can learn the whole thing in an hour. But I implore you – Practice at home first. You’ll get everything down pat in just a shoe or two.

    By complete, I mean it gives you the optimum play for EVERYTHING that can come up in a shoe. You are never left sitting there pondering: Do I change modes? Do I change systems? You ALWAYS know your next play.

    MvD is a technique vs a system. ~ “The Davis Technique”

    While it is like nothing anyone has done before, it is NOT complex. You’ll soon see why MvD is calling every play the way it is – a true follow the shoe process that everyone has been trying to design for the last 20 years. Well, here it is!

  15. It’s hard to know if you’ll need something before you’ve actually learned what it is.

    Once everyone truly learns NOR, they can decide themselves if new systems will replace or enhance it!!

    Just my thought….

  16. where is the nda? ellis..i just want to make sure i understand..does learning mvd alone be enough to play consistently or will we need nor in some cases?

  17. What happened to our discussion of ANOR and the chapter-by-chapter content of The Final Word Manual. We weren’t even half-way there.

    Has this forum gone off the rails?

  18. MvD status update:

    The primary object of design is to have as few rules as possible.

    The secondary objective is to word those rules so simply that EVERYONE can follow them readily and W/O error.

    Rules aren’t final until 10 students can readily play the same shoe the exact same way W/O consulting each other and win. NOW you’ve got something!

    So OK, when we launched, I had a preliminary set of 3 simple casino proven rules that I sent to 5 testers. But then I could tell from the questions from the testers where the rules needed improvement and more simplified and explicit wording and examples. Plus, there were certain rare patterns that could come up for which there was no explicit rule.

    Well we still have only 3 rules but now they cover EVERYTHING that can happen.

    I’m in the process of making play by play examples. What exactly do I look at to determine each play from history? Each play has an arrow pointing back to its origin.

    When the testers have no more questions and are all playing the same exact way – and winning – after a hundred test shoes, we have all the ingredients for a short and sweet manual.

    Now, since we are talking about ONE, simple, 3 rule, modeless system rather than a team of systems, the manual can be short and sweet yet all-inclusive.

    I’ve got the rules and their wording figured out. I need to get them to the testers. That is likely to cause some additional changes in wording.

    Then we need 100 shoes all played exactly the same way. From there, I can complete the manual in 2 days.

    Yes, the MvD manual will be separate from the Final Word Manual. In other words MvD will have its own, short, stand alone, simplified manual totally separate from The Final Word Manual.

  19. Like seismic engineers are now discovering that based on the history of two MegaQuakes ie: Mexico City 25 years ago and then Chile 5 years ago…
    It’s been proven that the best survival rate for a building not to be destroyed was purely based on it’s structure vs it’s design.

    And the new designs that Architects were pushing onto the engineers to figure out how to create within the rules of engineering physics that were forcing less structure which made these modern buildings more vulnerable to earth quakes than the older designs that allow more structure than design.

    MvD is the structure of Baccarat while Nor, MDB+ are the designs that fit into the MvD structure that is totally interchangeable with what ever the shoe quake is calling for.

    Think of Ellis’ own analogy of viewing every approach as a arrow for your quiver but the Bow is the weapon the must be “TAUT” in order to hit the target bulls eye.

    Taut means tight rather than slack. The tightrope ought to be taut and not dangling down by the lion cage. It sounds like the word “taught” and means stretched tight, like a rope, muscles, or even nerves. It’s nice to have a taut body with tight muscles, but not so great to have a taut mind — tightly wound and tense.

    MvD is the weapon (The Bow) while NOR is the silver bullet or Arrow in your quiver…
    The structure…

    Get Ready the Big One is coming!!! :yahoo:

  20. MvD was born from the concept that History dictates the outcome of all events and it seems appropriate that we pre launch MvD on America’s most historic day, Columbus Day – which is a celebration of the discovery of a new world – Just as MvD is the discovery of a whole new approach to Baccarat.

    There is no such thing as “future history”. That is a contradiction of terms. So when we look to history to decide everything, it is INEVITABLE that we will be right most of the time. And THAT is the name of the game.

    History identifies and follows repetition.

    Think about it: shoe type is determined by repetition.
    A choppy shoe is mostly a repetition of Opposites.
    A streaky shoe is mostly a repetition of Repeats.
    An OTB4L shoe is mostly a repetition of 2’s and 3s and single or double 1’s.
    A TB4L shoe is a repetition of opposites along with a repetition of repeats.
    An SS shoe is a repetition of long events on one side and short events on the other.
    A random shoe is a repetition of the normal frequencies of occurrence.

    Is history always right? No, but it is USUALLY right and THAT is the name of the game – to usually be right. If you are USUALLY right, winning is INEVITABLE!

  21. Ha, still around Danny! But I got another offer – in fact two. So CFC assumed I would take one. It’s sorta like Baccarat. Never assume anything. Never bet W/O a solid reason. Been in this business 40 years so everybody that’s anybody in the gambling business knows me and considers me top dog. So when I come up with a whole new concept – a single simple system that plays all card types, they all want to be on that band wagon and they come out of the woodwork.Nobody has a single all inclusive approach like MvD but everyone WISHES they DID. But I’m still here.

  22. So MVD is a separate system apart from the final word? and would finally put an end to the many conflicting nuances one encounters in the use of NOR .That means that one can use this even without any background about NOR?Casino proof?.foolproof? Hope you could be honest to the point that you aren’t hyping this up .BTW,is Ellis still around?

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