MvD The Game Changer by E. Clifton Davis

I’ve been quiet for a while going through the most enlightening 3 weeks of my Baccarat teaching career.

It all started with a one week trip to Tunica, MS to play the Gold Strike Horseshoe complex starting September 19, 2016.

Over the last 25 years I had beat this complex  hundreds of times playing my NOR Baccarat approach averaging 20 units a shoe and very often winning 20 or more shoes in a row. Some of you have watched me do that. Certainly I was the most notorious player there.

So, understandably, I started this trip breaking my most cardinal of all Baccarat rules:

“Never decide what you are going to play before you get to the casino and see what you are up against!” 

WRONG, NOR couldn’t win a shoe!

So early Tuesday morning I did what I should have done in the first place – I asked the pit boss.

“Yes sir, we recently changed to all factory preshuffled cards.”

If you don’t know yet, you soon will:

So called “factory preshuffled cards” are actually not shuffled at all. They originally come to the table in a sealed and numbered bundle of 8 decks arranged in known casino favorable card orders. You are playing fixed cards! Sure, maybe they went into a shuffle machine. Ha, but casinos are not going to upset the card orders they paid for.

THESE cards were not only fixed – they were very obviously fixed specifically to beat NOR Baccarat!

Now don’t get me wrong. Factory cards don’t always beat NOR. Caesars, Vegas is 100% factory cards and I have recently soundly beat them with NOR.

Now, yes, we do have two systems created specifically to beat “factory” cards – MDB+ and RSAP. They are good systems and have created two Baccarat millionaires so far. But I, along with most avid players, do not like to play them because they do not bet every hand. Most of the time you are just sitting there waiting for specific opportunities. Boring!

So I spent the whole week, night and day, designing a whole new Baccarat approach. “MvD” has no similarity with anything I, or anyone else, has ever designed before. It is a specific way of letting shoe history dictate every play.

Now, of course I am not going to teach it to you here. We will create a new MvD private forum for that purpose.

But I WILL tell you about it here and why it is a total game changer.

First it is pure simple. MvD has only 3 rules. ANYONE can learn it in an hour. It requires no math skills.

The ONE purely mechanical system beats all card types whether they are Regular cards, Factory cards or On line cards. It simply doesn’t care. And THAT is a Baccarat FIRST.

So, right off the bat somebody will say: “But Ellis, you’ve always said that no purely mechanical system can win long term.”

Correct, I have said that many times. But it is all just semantics. Is an approach that is dictated by history really mechanical??? I’ll let the grammar experts figure that out. I’ll just say that you always already know your next play before it comes up and from that perspective it is purely mechanical.

MvD is extremely conservative. I used a stop loss of -4. This does NOT mean that your average losing shoe is -4. It means that you never make a bet that could take you below -4. So, for instance, if you find yourself at -2 with a 3 bet due, you quit at -2. So your avg losing shoe is closer to about -2.5.

Meanwhile I averaged +11 over all 28 shoes I played in the casino. That average might have been slightly skewed by a +41 game – down from +47 with a highest bet of 4. And I also had a +30 game with a highest bet of 3.

BTW, I’ll post all 28 casino games on the new MvD forum along with many others plus a couple of exploded play by play shoes that show you exactly how to arrive at every bet correctly. I also note that MvD is a great candidate for teaching on film. So I’ll try to get a training film completed as soon as I can.

I mostly played a simple 1234 negative progression seldom getting to the 4. But if I hit +12 in the first 20 plays, and I was also winning most of my 1 bets, I graduated up to a 234 prog. I didn’t attempt any 345 progs but I think the 345 is the ultimate progression to move up to with MvD. Had I done that, I would have had some +50 shoes in there. The beauty of the 345 is you never have to go any higher because you can lose the 345 several times in a shoe and still win quite handsomely. The 456 is also very viable if you want to legally play $25 units on a $100 table.

So. OK, losing shoes avg -2.5. Winning shoes about +10. Shoe win rate – something above 75% . But even if you only won 50%, you would already be the winningest player in the casino. And my testers like BacMan will have exact figures shortly developed from live casino play.

Here are some other things MvD does:

It is the only system ever designed that gets on all run types.

Sure TB4L gets on all STraight and ZZ runs. But it loses every bet to a TT run (BB PP BB PP).

I have designed systems that get on all 3 run types but then lose to the 212s. (BB P BB P).

MvD is the only system ever that gets on all 4 run types and it also gets on a run of 3s as well as the 232s and the 323s. There’s not much left after that.

MvD automatically plays NOR perfectly! You get a good S40 shoe or an OTB4L or a TB4L or Repeats or SS shoe, MvD automatically plays those systems perfectly W/O you even having to think about it. And it automatically plays RSAP and MDB+. No more System Selection or Table Selection. You can play ONE system on the same table all day long. MvD automatically adjusts to all card types and all shoe types.

Instead of having to learn many systems and multiple Modes plus when to play which system. you need only learn ONE simple 3 rule system with NO Modes and you can learn it in an hour even if you never played before.

Now THAT is a MvD Game Changer, Don’t you think?

Pricing? CFC says new guys $1500. Existing members – deeply discounted. But I’ll let CFC handle that. I just design and teach. And yes, we will want buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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12 thoughts on “MvD The Game Changer by E. Clifton Davis

  1. Thank you mcvince. I think CT70 is right. Everyone world-wide is going to factory cards. It is just a question of time. Fine, that is what MvD is especially designed to beat! – as well as everything else.

  2. The touch games in AC are pre-shuffled. The no-touch ez-bacc games are run through the shuffle machines. Borgata cuts their decks to have two decks in the back as opposed to once deck like the other casinos.

  3. Hi Ellis,

    You don’t here from me much because, all I do is read the comments. As a 4D, SAP and Nor player your MvD technique appears to be the Holy Grail!


  4. Danny, and everyone: MvD is not a system in the way that we have come to know systems. A system is a way of following a predetermined bias like an Opposite or Repeat or TB4L or OTB4L or SS bias. But first you must correctly identify that bias and know which system applies

    MvD is a single and simple Follow the shoe technique that lands on ALL biases regardless whether you identify them or not. And it has no Modes. You need no prior experience. MvD lands on all biases as well as lack of bias AUTOMATICALLY, W/O you needing the skills to identify biases and matching them to multiple systems and Modes and betting strategies.

    You learn ONE simple technique instead of multiple systems. And that ONE technique closely follows all shoes regardless of bias or lack thereof. MvD automatically favors whatever the shoe favors – whatever all your counts favor and it does this automatically. MvD ALWAYS calls out your next bet for you – every single play. You become basically a spectator just physically placing the bets MvD calls for. You can bet any progression you want including flat betting.

    There is no casino defense for it. Even if they could figure out what we are doing – which I doubt, all they could do about it is design shoes that never follow history. But even if they did that, we would soon realize it, reverse rule 3, and win virtually every bet.

    MvD is a true Baccarat breakthrough like nothing anyone has ever done before.

    I’ll finish the MvD tester manual today which will get all 5 testers playing the same exact way every bet. That way we get reliable results and statistics. As soon as I get them going then the ball is in their court for a while giving me time to complete the Final Word Manual while awaiting their results.

    That should also satisfy black2bac’s comment.

    I can’t very well shelve MvD right now W/O getting the process of testing it underway. Virtually ALL Bac players want a SINGLE system that plays all card types and all shoe types. And they want it yesterday!

    I don’t expect testing to change much of anything. Nevertheless it is an established and necessary process demanded by all buyers.

  5. From a Tester:

    I know now for a fact that playing this game with MvD with up1/down2 on your progs is crazy amazing. I have been testing Ellis’ systems for many,many years now. I now know his latest discovery and invention of MvD is the best system I have ever played. Before then, nor was the way I played. With MvD I still beat the same shoes nor would beat but now MvD also in addition beats shoes nor could not beat. Ellis taught me himself NBJ blackjack 17 years ago. It is an amazing feeling having that predictive control. With MvD, I have those same feelings again knowing that at the baccarat table I am winning the next bet and trying to keep a straight face while laughing inside finding it so comical and seeing the faces of shock and disbelief on players and casino staff. I love it. NOR and MvD honestly is the very best way this game can be played same as NBJ is the very best way BJ game can be played.

    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  6. BTW, for direct comparison purposes everything I said below is based on an up as you lose 123 prog. But I still think the optimum prog to work your way up to for MvD is 345. No, I don’t think you should start with 345. Start with 123 to protect your stop loss, then 234 briefly and, when all goes well, 345. It makes money twice as fast and you can afford to lose a 345 more often than a 123.

    What about the dreaded 4 bet?

    If I lose a 123 early, I’ll stop and take a look for what I should be playing. But if I lose a 123 mid shoe in a heretofore good shoe I’ll bet the 4 but now I’m betting U1D2 which is pretty darn safe and plows through most anything. In fact, we should call that prog “The Plow”.

    But if you hit +12 within the first 20 -25 plays, you have no business playing a 123. It is simple to advance to 234, then 345 but no higher, except for a 456 but only if you are playing quarters on a $100 table.

  7. All good questions and comments guys. As for a release date, I still have some i’s to dot and some t’s to cross and I’m awaiting results from 5 testers. BUT, we are talking about a very short manual here. Maybe 2 pages of instruction and maybe 15 played games with a couple play by plays. Maybe 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly I get tester results. But I’ve got good guys on it and I am getting a lot of feedback which I’m reacting to. The manual itself, I can do in 2 days but I need to insure that every sentence and nuance is always the best way to play.

    Meanwhile we have an early bird special right now at $250 only for up to date private members. This was requested by several members and I saw no reason not to go with it. Once released, the price could go anywhere.
    Max is right! You CAN increase your unit quicker and that is a very big deal!

    I say again, I think the “win a 1 before you bet 2” rule helps protect your very tight – 4 stop loss. But you are still going to hit it some 20 – 25% of the time.

    So your questions are what do you do then??? No, you don’t have to leave the table. As one of my testers pointed out just yesterday, it is usually a near perfect OTB4L shoe.

    And when I checked this out, he was right. MvD does not like all different event lengths such as P12324113 etc. But OTB4L M3 M3 loves this shoe type and you win every 123 prog.

    So when I hit my MvD stop loss the FIRST thing I’ll look at is how would OTB4L be doing??? Often it’s perfect OTB4L!

    That tester hasn’t seen it yet but there is another shoe type MvD doesn’t like: runs following runs but all different length events such as 2435126.

    Well, that wasn’t such a good example because MVD is at +9 with a lowest point of +1 which is great for 23 plays. However, straight Repeats is at +15!

    My point is, the 2nd thing I’d look for upon hitting my MvD stop loss is how would straight Repeats be doing.

    It’s nearly always one or the other.

    Another tester hit his MvD stop loss, waited a while and reentered the shoe with MvD and hit +11 overall.

    For those reasons I’ll also put OTB4L and Repeats in the MvD manual for those who only buy the MvD manual.

    But the best equipped player will have BOTH manuals. And the more arrows in your quiver…..

    But I must give the Final Word Manual priority because I owe it to so many members and that manual is MUCH longer.

    Which brings up a question I have that maybe Mcvince could answer:

    What kind of cards is A.C. now using, factory preshuffled or regular??? Last time I was there they were still using regular but now, nearly all casinos have switched. How about AC???

  8. Hi Ellis . very INTERESTING … You could even change you bet level sooner . Say between 15 to 20 points instead of a 30-point . Because of the lower stop loss …..
    Also . If you hit your stop loss early in the shoe . Would it be feasible to restart this technique from your stop loss point … The reason I ask is the smaller casinos only have one table open for hours on end . And that might be the only time to play for some people …

  9. Ha, Danny, no, MvD has no similarities whatsoever with ANYTHING we have ever done before. The name is a Roman Numeral that stands for a player’s personal gain and accomplishment.

    When you see it, you will realize that it is a very obvious and calming way of playing. No more white knuckle baccarat. I failed to mention that MvD is also an excellent candidate for flat betting because it has a very strong tendency to win the majority of the bets and get you well ahead at some point in the shoe.

    It is also casino proof. There is only one tactic they could deploy IF they ever figure out what you are doing. But we already have the counter tactic for that. We simply reverse rule 3 and take full advantage of their tactic.

    So, could a player come up with this on his own? Sure, but it took me 40 years.

  10. Hi prof! welcome back! what does MvD stand for? No more table,system,Mode selection,OR count etc..really? Or is this another modified version of RD1 /LCNB that eventually met it’s nemesis one day and boom! became obsolete as the casino always finds ways to defeat different systems in the end.thanks if you can clear that out.

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