Promo for S”0″S & S Bac bundle pack officially ends on Oct. 31st, 2018

Hello to all public and private members and thank you to some of you that took advantage of the great S“0”S & S Bac bundle pack promo that we ran for 2 months but it will soon be over.

It’s time to move on to our existing private members and help them  in building their bankrolls.

We at CFC are more focused on coaching versus teaching now that we have the best game winning Navigator approach to today’s highly evolved game of baccarat.

We still will offer S“0”S & S Bac bundle pack at $1,250 USD and if we get any interest in another Las Vegas excursion trip of 5-10 private members who wish to pay $250 USD then we will arrange it.  (If any new private members purchase the S“0”S & S Bac bundle pack at the $1,250 USD rate then we will include the Las Vegas seminar/playing session fee at no charge).

As an incentive for those not being able to make the trip this offer is valid for one full year from purchase date.

Act now for the best winning possibility in baccarat.


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