S Bac plays both: Luck vs Skill

Let me elaborate on that. Some Gamblers feel that you have to be lucky to win while some Players feel that you have to be skilled in order to win.

Kinda like how Scientists are generally atheists while others are spiritual.

But both agree on one very important point, they both have the power of faith.

Call it faith in the Universe or God both are outside forces controlling our lives outcomes.

If you take a typical Gambler who believes in Luck and prays for it every time they have to face those terrible Casino demons in order to win who plays according to Luck by simply guessing then yes they do sometimes win but usually in the long run they lose and the Casinos know this and profit very well from these type of players.

But then you have the skilled player who is constantly grinding away trying to figure out what, where and how the Casinos are beating them and try to get the upper hand on them by cracking the secret code and unlocking the Casinos vaults.

Usually these players fair better off than the majority of Gamblers who simply guess.

But guess what the Casinos know this all too well and have their own designers who are highly educated in creating traps for these type of players as well, and usually through sheer experience and knowledge end up beating the skilled players as well.

Now that leaves us with the unsolved mystery question, can the Casinos really be beat?

Well I believe the answer is Yes and here is why.

You see if you think about it Luck really has nothing to do with winning, It’s faith that gets you through any and all of life’s challenges, and playing Baccarat at the Casinos is no different.

Faith in a systematic approach that acts like a virus that eats away like acid to lead and eventually annihilates the Baccarat shoe no matter what the Casinos highly paid designers are throwing at you.

That’s right! And now we have S Bac which chews up and spits out win after win after win consistently no matter what is coming out of the shoe.

Try it for your selves and see and you too will soon become a believer.

S Bac allows the player to be both Lucky and Skilled at the same time.

If you are Lucky and not skilled you can still win or if you are skilled and not Lucky you can still win. But if you are both then you are virtually unstoppable!

Join us now with S Bac, our greatest achievement in Baccarat history here at Casino Forum Club and start winning today. And soon the word Luck for you will just be an acronym for:





The real value of this program on it’s own is valued at $749 but for a limited time only we launched it as of July 21st, 2018 as our CFC 3 year anniversary special offer for only $499.

NOTE: As an additional promo offer all orders received by July 31st, we will include as a anniversary bundle pack, the already popular S“0”S system another $500 value as well at no charge for all our private members.

That’s right two great winning systems for only $499 (that’s $750 off the current $1,249 value for both).

After July 31st, 2018 both programs will be selling separately for S Bac $749 on it’s own and S“0”S  for $500 on it’s own to all public members. (current up to date private members will get both programs for a reduced rate of 50% off both programs.)

Act now and start enjoying the winnings today,


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5 thoughts on “S Bac plays both: Luck vs Skill

  1. Hi Rich
    Just so you know we have quite a few 4+ winning shoe samples already posted in the S Bac Private Support Group Forum. BTW S Bac stands for Switch Bac which is the perfect solution to those Opposites vs Repeats shoe suddenly switching to Player vs Banker shoes.
    When I played that 28+ shoe i did get over 25+ just flatbeting only using a 1,2,0 prog towards the end play. I just replaced the zero bet with a 3 unit bet because at play 27 the shoe was strongly indicating an exploit opportunity.

  2. I understand, but its tough to pony up that kinda money based on 1 post in the public forum, or do we have to go on faith ? I dont understand 28+ wins flatbetting…but you have a 3 unit progression? I realize you want everyone to be a private member for the answers but thats not realistic.

  3. HI Rich
    Thanks for your input and comment but your answer was already posted July 19th, on this public forum: “S Bac is our perfect exploit option for S“0”S.

    It’s been tested in live casino play and scored 28+ wins flat betting with the highest progression of 3 units and seems to follow the switch from side to side without any hiccups effortlessly and even on the most difficult shoes played it still wins hands down between 5-10 units.

    We’ve posted both the actual 28+ tote board and the shoe play in the new S Bac support group for private members only”


  4. There are no leprechauns.
    Elvis is dead.
    There is no such thing as luck.
    “Luck” is just a word invented by humans to explain coincidence.
    There is no magical force in nature controlling winning vs losing.

    But there is truth to this statement:

    “The more I study and practice, the luckier I get!”

    Consistent casino winners have ONE thing in common:


    Winning vs losing is decided by one thing and one thing only – SKILL.
    That is what I teach.

    Follow other players? Why? More than 99% lose.

    Guess? Guessers lose 57% of their hands on average. The casinos see to that. This in spite of the fact that the table odds are 50/50. The next hand is either an Opposite or a Repeat. The odds are 50/50. Only skill gets you above a 50% win rate – the very object of the game.

    Which side won the most of the last 5 hands is history. The question is: which side will win most of the NEXT 5 hands? THAT is where the money is!

    There is a very accurate, very obvious trigger that tells you. It is plain as day but not something you would think is meaningful. Why it is so meaningful is very mathematical. You don’t need to understand the math – you just need to know the trigger. That trigger is the secret to beating Baccarat.

    Every shoe has an optimum way of betting that shoe. Some we need to play safe. Others we need to Exploit.

    Once we’ve got you taking full advantage of the trigger, we’ll teach you the best ways to bet the shoe at hand. Some shoes are 4 to 6 unit shoes. Other shoes are 30 to 70 unit shoes. You need to know the difference.

    From there it becomes a question of when to safely increase your unit. There is an optimum schedule – a safe schedule. I have had students safely, gradually, raise their unit from $5 to $5000 deploying this schedule.

    Now you are playing the game!

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