New S Bac rules for exploit play of S”0”S

S Bac is our perfect exploit option for S“0”S.

It’s been tested in live casino play and scored 28+ wins flat betting with the highest progression of 3 units and seems to follow the switch from side to side without any hiccups effortlessly and even on the most difficult shoes played it still wins hands down between 5-10 units.

We’ve posted both the actual 28+ tote board and the shoe play in the new S Bac support group for private members only.

The real value of this program on it’s own is valued at $749 but for a limited time only we will be launching it July 21st, 2018 as our CFC 3 year anniversary special offer for only $499.


NOTE: As an additional promo offer all orders received by July 31st, we will include as a anniversary bundle pack, the already popular S“0”S system another $500 value as well at no charge for all our private members.

That’s right two great winning systems for only $499 (that’s $750 off the current $1,249 value for both).

After July 31st, 2018 both programs will be selling separately for S Bac $749 on it’s own and S“0”S  for $500 on it’s own to all public members. (current up to date private members will get both programs for a reduced rate of 50% off both programs.)

Act now and start enjoying the winnings today,


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2 thoughts on “New S Bac rules for exploit play of S”0”S

  1. Great news!
    Played S Bac over 3 shoes this past weekend and all three shoes produced 3 completely different results, yet S Bac just chewed them all up to a minimum win rate of 10+ and that was all done just flat betting..

    The PA (Player Advantage) was a whopping 90% on average for all three!
    That’s winning virtually 9 out of 10 hands in a row.

    i’ve posted the shoes on the S Bac Private Support Group under ” S Bac sample shoes” with actual tote boards.
    Check it out if you are already a S Bac private member and if your not then what are you waiting for?

    Great winnings to all,
    CFC B-)

  2. Dean and I figured this out together. Dean is playing the shoes in the casino. Then we are going over them together.

    We can define the SS (the Strong Side) as the side that is winning the most bets at the moment

    If we could manage to stay on the SS and switch sides correctly as the SS changes sides throughout the shoe we would win at Baccarat rather easily. The best I’ve ever been able to do is stay on the side that WAS the Strong Side. Until NOW!

    The side that was the Strong Side is not the best indicator. There is a much better trigger no one ever thought of that anticipates the SS for the upcoming plays and tends to switch sides in advance to always be on the Strong Side.

    While this SOUNDS complex, it is, in fact, extremely simple. You can even get to the point you can play S BAC W/O a score card.

    If you anticipate the SS correctly you win more bets that you lose – and that is the entire object of Baccarat.

    Also, if you are the nervous type, you can flat bet at 2 units and pretty much keep up with a progression bettor basing at 1 unit. That way, you avoid those gut wrenching high bets altogether. And you avoid entrapments.

    Or, quite often we get shoes where one side is SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than the other. For those shoes, which come up more than you would think, we will teach you a safe way to Exploit.

    For instance that +28 casino shoe CFC mentioned, he did NOT Exploit! He simply bet a 123 progression. Had he Exploited, he would have SAFELY scored about +70.

    “I was doing fine, Ellis, but then the bias changed!”

    Another plus I like about S Bac is it does not depend on biases whatsoever. The casino can fix the shoe any way they like. S BAC is immune to shoe fixing.

    And, the price is right!

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