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Ellis Davis

Sorry guys. I was out with a lingering illness that I finally got the best of.

Meanwhile, CFC has introduced S“O”S.

I need to play catch up and study and test S“O”S for my own edification. I was very interested in the posts recommending S“O”S as a companion system to F3 or NOR. I agree with that but instead of just F3, I’m thinking the entire F series – F1,2,3, and F4.

We know that at least some of the time we are up against fixed cards. Fine, the F series is impervious to fixed cards.

The F series functions on ONE thing – what is currently your lowest SAP Count? 1’s, 2s, 3s or 4+? So F stays current to the shoe throughout the entire shoe no matter what the shoe does.

I’m very interested in your S“O”S reports both good AND bad.

Now, to play F you MUST know exactly how to keep your SAP count. I will reexplain that but I welcome ANY questions on keeping your SAP counts.

F is as simple as pie. You can play it all day W/O expending much energy. It changes right along with a changing shoe but it also devastates a shoe that doesn’t change.

Tote Boards are your friend. It is easy to study a tote board BEFORE you sit down and know which event is low – which tells you which F to play – 1,2,3 or 4. If it changes, fine. You change right with it. But, it usually doesn’t change after the shoe is underway.

F1 which means Follow the 1 is exactly the same as betting repeats.

All we need is low 1’s which also gives us a high negative O/R count.

But F 2 3 and 4, we need to know which side the low count is on. In other words we need to know the low count event for EACH side. That is critical.

Therefore I need to redesign our SAP count presentation to reflect the lowest event ON EACH SIDE.

Given THAT info we can play the F series to its fullest potential.

I just watched Novak Djokovic win Wimbledon and listened to his comments afterward – Seeking the weaknesses in his opponents and taking advantage.

That is exactly how we play Baccarat. We seek out Casino weaknesses and take advantage of them.

Well, one side or the other is ALWAYS lowest in one event. THAT is their weakness. Once we identify the lowest event on the weakest side, we have all the information we need to beat them and there is not a damn thing they can do about it.

But we are also playing against OURSELVES. We need to have total confidence in what we are doing – the approach we are playing. THAT takes PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE.

So, My job is to provide you with a SAP count method that gives you COMPLETE information on BOTH sides so that you ALWAYS play to your BEST ADVANTAGE – every single bet.

Also you must know when your advantage in a given shoe is strong enough to EXPLOIT as well as how to exploit!.

So CFC has cut out my work for me – Design a companion system for S“O”S that can be sold as a package deal for $499.

I want to make the F series the best approach I ever designed AND I want to make the explanation the best I ever did. I want EVERY member to know his next bet and why – every single play.

And then I want you to recognize when you are in an Exploit situation as well as the best and safest way to Exploit.

Give me a couple days and I’ll have an approach immune to casino tampering both for the new guys as well as our most experienced members.


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