S“0”S more bullet proof

Great news everyone..

I’ve just updated the rules again for S“0”S and now it is even more bullet proof than ever against really tough Casino shoes with high one’s and three’s (I know our CFC pro’s like to exploit those shoes with TB4L) but for the beginner and even our CFC Pros also know all too well that sometimes the Casinos try to fool us with the very rare T4BL shoe which happens about 25% of time.

And then there are the low even SAP (Self Adjusting Progression) count shoes ie: 2,4,4,4 as well that present a challenge, we got that covered as well.

I will be posting my findings and updates on the S“0”S support group private membership forum for those Private Members to see the updated S“0”S bullet proof method rules.

Good fortunes to you all,


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