What are ONE’s doing, or better yet what are you doing?

 A short code play of B1,4,3,3,1 is straight Repeats (Low 1’s and 2s.) I’m at six “6+” chip win score with a highest bet of two “2” chips after only eleven “11” bets.

Repeats is a favorite way of playing. Any time you see only single ones “1’s”,  you play Repeats.

Can’t lose on single one “1’s” and only single ones “1’s” means high Repeats. Ones “1’s” and only ones “1’s” totally control Repeats. So, I would play Repeats, not TB4L (Time Before Last)

We avoid TB4L as much as possible. But if you do bet TB4L because twos “2s” are low, you would be at plus one “1+” win score with a highest bet of 3. Not bad but not great either.

The FIRST thing you look at on a tote board is What are one “1’s” doing? If they are never going more than one “1” (a 3ZZ, – zig zag) bet Repeats even though twos “2s” are actually lower than ones “1’s”.  Repeats CAN’T lose against single ones “1’s”. AND, Repeats provide your highest scoring shoes.

Single ones “1’s” (Sporadic ones “1’s”) are extremely common – a FAVORITE casino trick because the public always loses against Sporadic ones “1’s”.

Very often, all your sporadic ones “1’s” are on the same side. In that case, Repeats is good but F3 is GREAT!

A player could do VERY well for himself just wandering around a casino to see what ones “1’s” are doing!

High ones “1’s” – Opposites CAN’T lose.

Low ones “1’s” Repeats CAN’T lose.

Normal ones “1’s” just keep on trucking.

Mathematically HALF of all ones “1’s” are multiple and half are single. But then the casino knows that players normally lose to Sporadic ones “1’s”.

So that is VERY often what we get. So we Exploit and beat the casino at their own game.

But what if we get a surprise double one “1”?

So add our S”0?S progression to the bottom of your shoe giving us a Big Whip!

But if not, I make a tentative one “1” unit bet on Opposite. I bet on the 5ZZ (zig zag). You never know – the ZZ might go to a fourteen “14” in a row. I had one go eighteen “18” in a row. I was on it all the way! 

The lesson here? FIRST! What are ones “1’s” doing? That very often decides the issue!

Well I guess I’ve said more than I should on the public forum. BUT, this gives you all an idea of the msny distinctions of Baccarat tricks that we love to teach on the private forum.

Hell we are just getting started!

My point here? This game is HIGHLY Beatable. You just need to know what to look for and how to find it and how to react to it. And it is all right here on the S”0”S private group forum in plain English.


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One thought on “What are ONE’s doing, or better yet what are you doing?

  1. Hi CFC . Have been looking over my casino shoes and have had very positive results with this system . Even when playing NOR the 0-1-2-0 works well in the long run . So yes . I give it a big Thumbs Up .

    I don’t understand the cherry picking part . Anyone who sits at any kind of a gambling table has already subconsciously Picked their table … They just don’t know it …

    Love the low 2’s and the low 1’s when they happen …. It’s like a wet dream come true … LOL…….

    Max ……. .

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