Students/Players vs Teachers/Coaches

Practicum vs Theory and question are you on the playing field or on the sidelines?

So let’s look at the reality of the situation here and be as objective as you want, but the bottom line is that you can all choose to learn from the best teachers/coaches, but in the end it is really you the Students/Players whom take it upon themselves to really understand the game of Baccarat and how to win at it.

To live and play under the banner of Entitlement not Expectation of winning at Baccarat.

History has proven this over and over again throughout all life’s events and circumstances right?

Yes we need to learn the rules first before we can break the rules (We have all the learning tools you’ll need online right here at your disposal). Then you need to take the bull by the horns and stop listening to all the bull and rhetoric and form your own personalizations of how to play Baccarat to win.

I’ve been a Student/Player of Baccarat for approximately 10 years now and honestly I have won more hands of Baccarat than any other player I’ve ever encountered at all the casinos that I’ve played along side of from Vegas to the Bahamas and now up here in the Great White North.

I’ve personally met and played along side of some of our most valued PROS  whom are also private members here at CFC such as Maxamillion (Love the name BTW) and many more just to mention a few, Black2Black (Even this name has true direction of intent) and Rich333 (Another great name for this game)…

These PROS/Players have risen above the challenge of merely just becoming great students and now have their PHD’s in Baccarat. This I will vouch for 100%

Whether you want to deliberate on the situation by either joining our team of Great Players on the Private Forum now or if you just simply wish to take your time by learning like the rest of us did in the beginning with baby steps and then becoming more involved later, either way we welcome you all.

And when you are ready we’ll be happy to share our success with you as well. This forum is dedicated to both our PROS and the Great Players , which one are you aspiring to be?

Even the greatest teachers/coaches are only as good as their best Students/Players right? Even these teachers/coaches expect and hope for the best of all their students over all success of the game, hell some even demand it.

But It’s not about them it’s about us and as the saying goes “If it is to be, then it’s up to me”.

CFC  B-)

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One thought on “Students/Players vs Teachers/Coaches

  1. Just finished another 2 successful days of winning 5-10+ units per shoe over 3 shoes played.
    Very high Player Advantage up to 40% +….

    But I would rather be winning our Members shoes just to see how S”0″S fares.
    Will post all four shoes in short code on the S”0″S Private Membership Group Sample shoes area.


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