“The Final Word” combined with our one year support Promo till Sep. 30th, 2015

In reference to my original intent to provide an early bird promo sales campaign for “The Final Word” combined with a supplementarity one year of support through the private membership for $750.00 (Book $500.00 + Online Support one year $250.00) as an added incentive to act now we also decided to open up the paid access to all the Private Forum ie: Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette & Craps but this offer is only available up until Sept. 30th, 2015, so act now.

As that was the original intent and it would have happened with my old forum, but still holds true with my decision to carry that over to my own website casinoforum.club which will cater to both the Manual and Support areas on a separate basis.

So if anyone purchases just the manual “The Final Word” for $500.00 they will also get the option to join the private forum for an additional membership fee of $250.00 up until Sep. 30th, 2015.

This way we can in turn improve our online support system dramatically in order to be the best training media based gambling consulting site ever produced with our very unique approaches to winning consistently at the Casinos.

I tried to get everyone who bought my manual “The Final Word” into the private forum included with the $500.00 promo deal but that is a no go. CFC are supplying the forum for us and they need to get paid. I don’t own the forum so I can’t put people in the private forum for free but I can still get them a great deal at $250.00 with every copy of “The Final Word” purchase made at the $500.00 promo price prior to Sep. 30th, 2015.

Right now with the manual purchase, that cost per private member is only approximately $21 per month extra. But I don’t want to keep track of monthly payments and neither do they. We prefer that you make a $250.00 single annual payment at your convenience.

As membership increases the annual cost should go down for annual renewals. We will soon be doing a membership drive with professional videos on YouTube and elsewhere. These guys are pros at that.

A single Blackboard demonstration video I did on YouTube is responsible for nearly the entire membership at BTC. But the rest of the BTC videos are a complete waste of film. Ours will be professional and on point. We even have access to professional players who are willing to share their years of knowledge and player skills, that we could all benefit from their sharing with all contacts on the “casinoforum.club” our CFC members.

On the internet it is high quality videos that produce high membership. Good or bad, THAT is the world we live in. But in the process I will also make training videos. For many, that is the way my students get it best.

EVERYONE who plays Baccarat or BJ or both SHOULD be a member of CFC.

Everyone here knows that. We turn players into winners and winners into better players. That’s what we do and that’s all we do.

But picture yourself walking into any Baccarat pit at any major casino. How many of those players are trained E. Clifton Davis players? Maybe one in a thousand? I’ve got my work cut out for me and so does my professional staff here.

If videos are the answer it is videos we will do. But I’m talking PROFESSIONAL videos. We’ve got to get the word out. My players are the ONLY winning players in this game. I’m not bragging – just stating a fact – a fact everyone here knows is a fact. Sure, 60 active members is a good start. But we need 10,000 members! That will drive the annual membership cost down to an even greater savings. And that is my goal as well.

At BTC we tried to get the members to attract members. No matter our efforts, that ploy simply doesn’t work. Fine, we won’t try that here.

BTC also tried videos but their videos were an embarrassment. We won’t repeat that mistake here as well. OUR videos will be professional classroom type training. THAT is what works and that is the only thing that works.

I know that for a fact from experience – lots of experience. I know how NOT to do it and I know how to do it. And I know what people, can do it best.

Look, everyone who plays Bac or BJ or both needs ME. I’m the only friend they have. All the other pros are on the other side of the table. I could have gone that way too. But I’m no traitor. That’s just not in my blood. Are there others? Still alive? Hmm, I haven’t found any. Have you? All I found was a bunch of scammers. Those guys are a dime a dozen and worse than useless. I’ll say it again: I’m the only friend you’ve got – at least that is still alive. Yet, that seems to be the best kept secret in Baccarat – AND BJ. I’ve got to change that fact.

What about the card counting gurus? Scammers pure and simple. They haven’t produced a single winner in 25 years. Have you ever seen a single one of those guys playing for real money in a real casino? I haven’t. Have you? Well except for Kenny Uston. HE was a Player, I know I played with him and he lost his shirt.

He lost to the very same tables I beat in A.C. And when I say he lost – I’m talking BIG Time! He had to quit the game entirely. God rest.

Jerry Patterson? Yeah, I played with him too. A great NBJ player. But Jerry is incapacitated now and out of the picture. I’m the only one left still alive and still able and still active.

Keith? He’s great with computers. But that’s it. I played with him enough times to know for sure. Hundreds of times. I’ll say it again – he’s great with computers.

I’ll say another thing one more time: I’m the only friend you’ve got that’s still ticking.

I would also like to separate the Private BJ forum from the private Bac forum later, we can do that. That will also lower annual costs and create savings to our members. Again, my goal is make it easier for everyone, but I haven’t got there yet. But God willing – I will.

So here’s where we stand right now:

If you paid $750.00 for your manual “The Final Word”, that included private membership as well for one year.

If you only paid $500.00, that did NOT include your private membership.

You still need to pay $250.00 for private membership which also includes free access for all other private forums as well for one year. Sorry, but my hands are tied otherwise.

But you’ve got time. We’ve just started the private forums.

“The Final Word” Manual must come first. The private forum is like the support backup for the manual. EVERYTHING I know in Baccarat that still works is in that manual. If it didn’t work to my satisfaction it’s NOT in there.

I don’t want you to be going off on a bunch of useless tangents. We stick to this proven point: There is a proven way to beat factory cards – MDB+ and RSAP and there is a totally different way to beat regular cards – NOR and NOR+. I will teach you both in clear detail in the manual with score cards and play by plays and rules.

BUT don’t confuse the two!

MDB+ is designed for New factory cards. THAT is where it does its thing the best.

NOR is designed for regular cards and NOR beats regular cards better than ANY other way you could play. THAT is why I teach you to play that way, why because It works!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Ntrl9 adjusted the rules of MDB+ to make it beat regular cards at Hardrock both touch and no touch. That is an interesting perspective. It worked to the tune of 2 units a shoe and I applaud his efforts. He even threw some NOR plays in to bolster his winnings. Interesting BUT the FACT remains – those were obvious NOR shoes. NOR was the correct way to play those shoes.

Sure, he changed the MDB+ rules to make it beat THOSE shoes.

Very clever. He averaged 2 units a shoe. Great, except for one clear fact:

Simple NOR averages 10 units in the same shoes while betting less!

Take his best shoe – shoe #11. Ntrl9 got to +5 by changing the MDB+ rules to the point that all his 4 bets won. An interesting experiment! BUT S40M3 is the correct system for that same shoe. You go straight to +17 W/O ever having to make a 4 bet. Do you see why THAT is what I teach? And NOR+ hits +20 in that same exact shoe. THAT is why I teach you to play NOR in NOR shoes.

Worse, now take Ntrl9’s MDB+ rules to Vegas to play new factory cards – the game MDB+ is designed to beat. With his rules it no longer beats the Vegas touch game. You won’t even get a chance to bet. You’ll just be sitting there watching a good game go by that you could have beat with the original rules. Sure, you might need to make a slight adjustment at some casinos but you don’t change the rules to make them useless in the very game the MDB+ rules are designed to beat. I’m trying to drive that point home until you totally get it. MDB+, as is, is designed to beat ONE type of cards. NOR is designed to beat the other type of cards. DON’T confuse the two – they each have a job to do and they each beat the card type they were designed to beat.

Look, BTC was a good forum but it no longer has a qualified instructor. Without direction it will wander around. That has already begun, the BTC forum no longer has a flashlight leading the way and keeping you on point. The path is narrow and there are cliffs on both sides. Don’t be swayed.

ONE method beats one card type. The other method beats the other card type. THAT is how they are designed and they both beat what they are designed to beat – unless you start tampering and wander off the path.

Get your friends there over here, yes right here is where they belong. I started their instruction there at BTC but I can’t finish it there, they won’t let me.

So OK fine, I’ll finish it here but ONLY here at casinoforum.club.

I leave them free to experiment. And we all know what that leads to – we are already seeing it! Tell them.

Winners are a very very elite group. The path is very narrow. But it is right there in plain view. But every now and then it gets a little cloudy. That’s where I come in.

So OK, I apologize that I couldn’t get everyone from BTC on the private forum here at CFC for free. Some of you will have to pay a little more. But I promise you one thing – I’ll make it worth your while – truly worth your while.

But right now I have to get back to the manual “The Final Word” that will probably be my Grand Finale! It is a life changing work of art – well, with a little Math thrown in. THAT is what I do best!

E. Clifton Davis

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6 thoughts on ““The Final Word” combined with our one year support Promo till Sep. 30th, 2015

  1. Hi Vinny
    It’s all good now, Ellis was just informed that our records back on July 22nd confirmed that your payment for “The Final Word” was received back on July 2nd, 2015 via PayPal.

    Ellis will follow up with you as well…

    Have a good day,

  2. Hi Ellis,
    I too sent you $500 to your PayPal account a few days ago, saw the $30 shipping and also sent that to your PayPal last night. Can you verify? Also, can we assume the year subscription starts when we receive the manual, not when we buy it?

  3. Don’t get me wrong guys – I have nothing against MDB+. After all, it is my creation.

    But it is not a system you can party around with a group. It is a loner’s system.

    You really don’t want other guys at the table playing the same as you. You want them betting every hand which allows you to wait out hands – lots of hands.

    NOR – that’s a whole different story. We can fill a table with our group.

    NOR is far more compatible with group play. See that?

  4. Yes Jim, you were confirmed on 7/23/2015 and thanks for your continued support for the last- um, what is it now, about 100 years?

    You guys are right. BTC has got themselves in a financial bind. No manuals to sell and no qualified Instructor and no annual fee.

    The last Vegas crawl was a TOTAL disaster. You NEVER announce to a casino that you are coming there with group money to play their random cards. That was extremely naive. The first shoe we get had no 2s. Try playing MDB+ in a shoe with no 2s. We never even won a single bet. Do you think that was just a huge coincidence. We should have worn red coats and marched in a straight line. We might just as well have simply mailed them everybody’s money.

    “I just went to purchase the forum access, however there is currently a $30 “shipping & handling” fee that doesn’t make sense for a forum access. Could you have admin remove that line item from the purchase page?”

    Already did. But I’ll do it again with more gusto.

    $1799 ! You gotta be kidding me. There are only 7 freaking triggers and they are as plain and obvious as the nose on your face. In my manual, I’m showing them all on score card – both vertical and horizontal. Good grief, Keith just realized last month that MDB+ was on his forum. He will learn that there are only about a dozen guys in the US interested in MDB+ no matter how hard I tried to create interest. Let’s see how Keith does. Most can’t sit there and not bet. They want something that beats their local casinos and on line casinos.

    Which reminds me: For NOR, I have always recommended a vertical card.

    However, with MDB+, I now recommend a horizontal card just like the tote board. Art and I did that at Caesar’s and I’m telling you: It’s much easier and obvious that way.

    Black2back, you continue to impress me! You have a knack for stating the obvious.

    Here’s an idea! How about a NOR get together at South Point??? We could get a group discount and stay right there. It is a low stakes NOR casino with plenty of tables and I’m sure they have a conference room where we could brush up on NOR tactics. That place is a gold mine for NOR.

    $1799? Hmm, I’m thinking more like $179 – about the same as your room discount. We could double up on the rooms.

    That is IF we’ve got enough guys interested in playing Vegas.

    I think our guys are more comfortable betting most every hand and playing $10 tables.

    All the factory cards casinos (MDB+) are at least $100 min. And they are quick to raise the stakes to 200 or even 300!.

    I mean which would you rather do – bet a 124 prog with $100 units and bet once every ten hands.


    Bet a 234 with $5 chips and bet every hand once started?
    or $10 units or $25 units or whatever you like.

    Way2fast, your vote doesn’t count. Few have your gift of extreme patience.

  5. Yes, Hehe!…..by all means finish the manual!!

    Honestly, I see no need to apologize. If this forum will be run by professionals, they’ll have to be compensated for professional services. That’s pretty obvious. Better to pay an annual membership with an all inclusive reference text, than to be fleeced for individual resources in al-a-carte fashion over time.

    BTC fees for separate manuals, resources, and in particular, training seminars, are to put it kindly,… OBSCENE. ($1799 for a 5 hour “Team Summit” on MDB triggers is the latest hit-and-run I’ve noticed). Perhaps a failure to organize a rational membership fee structure early on lead to chaos there. Hoping that won’t be repeated here.

    An issue that does deserve clarification. In light of the fact that manual does not yet exist, and no private forums to interact on…..when does the year-long membership commence? Let us know at your convenience.

    Best wishes on the paper chase and getting it all rolled out….

  6. Hi Ellis,

    I’d ordered the manual via your private PayPal account, presume you received that?

    I expect those who saw the offer you’d put out at BTC for very early birds would have assumed it included the forum for a year.

    But I’m happy to support your efforts and spring for the forum which is how BTC should have been run from the start to really support it as a business and cover your efforts.

    I just went to purchase the forum access, however there is currently a $30 “shipping & handling” fee that doesn’t make sense for a forum access. Could you have admin remove that line item from the purchase page?

    Thanks & regards, Jim

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