If you plan to never enter a casino or play on line then there is no good reason to invest hard earned money in your Baccarat game.

If you plan to never enter a casino or play on line then there is no good reason to invest hard earned money in your Baccarat game.

On the other hand, if you do go to casinos or play on line Baccarat has the best player odds of any game in the casino. Forget what Mathematicians say, they don’t play.

The fact is the game odds are 50/50 plus about 1.25% commission. Commission has nothing to do with the game odds any more than the cab fare you paid to get to the casino.Your average chance of winning each hand are 50/50. In other words you pay the casino 1.25% to deal an otherwise 50/50 game.

Most casino goers think that BJ offers the best odds. Not even close. Supposedly Basic Strategy is the best mathematical way to play BJ. All agree that perfect Basic Strategy produces a 43% hands won rate. Not 50% mind you but 43%.

But Ellis, we get Blackjacks, we can double down or split or insure. Yep, you get a BJ one hand in 42 on average and most casinos don’t even pay 3 to 2 anymore. On average players lose on splits and merely break even on DDs. Card Counting hasn’t produced a single bottom line winner in 25 years. You have to make up for a 7% starting deficit. That takes a lot of skill – a LOT of skill!

Baccarat, you start right out at 50/50. Through skill you merely need to make up for a 1.25% deficit. Do you think you could learn to do that if you have a good teacher?

Maybe that explains why there are 80% fewer BJ tables these days while Baccarat tables have multiplied ten fold.

Think you could teach yourself? That’s what everyone in the casino thinks – after all, their starting odds are so close. Forget it. Using their own instincts, en masse they lose at incredible rates even before they pay their commission. They do not grasp casino strategy. They do not even realize the casino has a strategy.

Because players try to teach their selves Baccarat is the number one profit maker for the casinos. Less than 1% consistently beat this game. And that is a crying shame given the game odds are 50/50.

So what are the 1% doing differently? They DO understand casino strategy and they play accordingly.

So, are we using some sort of deep math? No, we use a simple, easy to teach form of statistical analysis. Every shoe ever dealt follows one of 6 biases. I’ll show you how to identify each bias and how to beat it, how to get your “hit rate” above 50% on average and often a LOT above 50%.

So do we bet a lot? NO, we are nearly always the lowest bettors at the table but more often than not, the biggest winners. We NEVER bet more than 5. And BTW, my three million dollar winners never bet more than 2. It’s not about how much you bet. It’s about how often you bet the right side. And that’s about knowing the casino strategy you are up against.

So basically you need to learn 6 very simple systems and which to apply against the game at hand. Teaching you is my job and I’ve been doing exactly that successfully for more than 30 years.

My players here will tell you. They’ve tried everybody else but when they found me, they stayed with me – and for good reason.

A thousand dollars sounds a bit much? Well, it’s about what the average self-taught player loses every day he plays.

Ask the players right here, especially way2fast. He’s up a million. But be quick about it. There is a $750.00 early bird special right now that ends on the 30th of this month. That is due to the fact that I don’t have your manual ready yet and that is due to the fact that I want it to be the very best Baccarat manual of all time. Once you have your manual we put you in the private Baccarat forum here where you’ll get all the help you need.

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