Everyone MUST have a hard cover 3 ring binder Final Word manual.

Everyone MUST have a hard cover 3 ring binder Final Word manual.

Locals (US) I can mail to if desired.

Off shore and some locals may want to make their own binder up to save on shipping cost. I will tell you which size binder to get. These are plain but good quality HARD binders that can take some use and punishment. But nothing special. They are available at any store carrying school supplies like WalMart. I will also tell you how much 3 ring copy paper you will need. But everyone MUST end up with a hard cover manual one way or the other.

Here’s the deal on that: I want to keep the conversation and questions oriented to the manual. When you ask a question or make a comment, I want you to refer to the manual page # and paragraph #.

I have nothing against Ebooks but not everybody here is computer literate to the same degree, including me. At BTC, more than half the NOR members had no manual and nobody had an MDB+ manual. As a result, most of the questions were questions a complete up to date manual already would have distinctly answered and we kept getting the same questions over and over again. This literally destroyed that forum with repetition upon repetition – a thousand pages worth. Nobody could find anything. HERE, we will stay organized by always referring to the manual. Let’s learn from our mistakes.

If we find that a correction or addition to the manual is required, I will send you a corrected page number so you can keep your personal manual up to date.

Back in my BJ teaching days I made an audio tape about how to “case” a casino – what to look for and how to find it – how to find the best table and how to play it. Students would listen to this tape on their car stereo on the way to the casino. It was extremely popular. I’m thinking we should do the same thing here.

In my casino demonstration play sessions after seminars one student or another would invariably say: “Ellis. I talked to management and I’ve got you set up with your own table over here.

Guys, thanks BUT first, I don’t even want the casino to know I’m there. Second, I want to find my own table. It will ALWAYS be a game in progress where I already know from the tote board what’s going on. The LAST thing I want is my own new table. It is suicidal to play your first table in the blind. And YOU should be thinking the very same way. Always start with a table you already know how to beat. NEVER play in the blind.

That is still the most common mistake I see students make. They seem to think its some sort of race. They take the first empty seat they see. No, no, no. That is what everybody else does – and everybody else loses.

Be smart – study the situation – find the BEST table to play.

Keith recently said: “It’s all about Opposites and Repeats!”

No, no, no! That’s what everybody in the casino thinks. THAT’S why they lose.

The game is about events! What is happening more than normal and what is happening less. THAT is what determines which system you play and how you play it.

For instance: tote board # 17 here distinctly has high 2s and 3s with low 1’s and 4+s. What do you play??? THAT is how I want you to case a casino.

Or, look at tote board #18: Nothing is low and nothing is high! Fine, what do you play?

Don’t know? Fine. THAT is why you’re here. THAT is the MOST important thing you will learn here. How to read a tote board to know how best to beat THAT table. How to know which table to play and how to play it. THAT is what separates you from the herd. The herd loses. They lose because they don’t know what you are about to learn. Get it? It’s not about heroically playing any table. You will lose heroically. It is about finding the table you can beat the easiest and then quietly beating the hell out of it. No heroics – leave that to the herd.

Everything you will learn here boils down to ONE thing. Playing the right table the right way. You will find yourself going opposite the herd. GOOD! THEY LOSE!

It is a 50/50 game plus 1.25% commission. Yet less than 1% of players consistently beat this game. I’m teaching you how to be in that 1% – how to get out of the herd and win! It is not hard. But there are certain things YOU need to know that the herd has no clue of. First, get out of the herd. Second, learn how to win!

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  1. Having closely monitored your play at South Point. I consistently saw that you have the makings of a great player – I can always tell – good instincts, good judgement. and careful cash mgt. As you build your confidence, begin watching how U1D2 betting (NOR+) would be doing at South Point. Not every shoe, mind you, but when you see particularly favorable tote boards like the ones we saw, begin monitoring U1D2 and even U1D2M2. I’ll be showing you how those betting strategies work. But bottom line, they can make the most out of good situations.

    Betting U1D2, mostly OTB4L and S40, I was able to average 20 units a shoe over a 3 year period at Gold Strike, Tunica, MS. I realize that sounds a lot but it is really quite normal for U1D2 in a reasonably good environment. And, the down 2 feature makes it less aggressive than a simple 123 progression.

    And yes, we are certainly VERY interested in keeping up with Vegas conditions.

    Very pleased to have you aboard!

  2. Hi Bac, Yes there is an edit feature. It’s not real obvious and they ran me through it. As soon as I’ve got it down pat myself I’ll tell you guys how to go about it.

    We also have a much simpler shoe posting feature whereby you can post played shoes. I’ll show you how that works as well. And this time we have it well protected. Anybody, whether computer literate or not, can post played shoes to ask questions or make comment. I will be using this feature a lot to SHOW you how each system works play by play.

    And for those who don’t know it yet, we have our own shortcut method of posting shoes: BBB PP B PP BB P BBBB PPPPP becomes simply B32122145. We work in columns of 20 plays as a quick check.

    Note that we don’t record ties at all. We leave them out altogether. Ties pay 8 to 1 vs an occurrence rate of 10 to 1 making ties about the worst bet in the casino. Let the herd make them. They don’t know any better, We DO!

    We’ve been adding features to the site daily since its inception and we will continue to do so until we have it fully professional.

    While we are at it, lets clear up another Baccarat misconception. Ha, God knows there are lots of them! You will continuously hear me and other mathematicians talk about 50/50 odds each play. Those are what we call the flip a coin odds.

    But we will be continuously showing you how to achieve better than 50/50 odds.

    For instance lets take a shoe that ends up 75% P and 25% B. What were your odds every time you bet P in that shoe? They certainly weren’t 50/50 were they.

    That particular shoe had what we call a strong Player bias. Other shoes have other biases. Another shoe might be high in 1’s and 2s while low in 3s and 4+s. That is another highly playable bias.

    Yet another shoe might end up with the mathematical normal number of 1’s and 2s and 3s and 4+s (4 or mores). We would call that a “random” bias. You’ve likely heard that random numbers can’t be beat. In fact, random biases are the easiest to beat.

    For instance, in BJ, the highest Basic Strategy “hit rate” and the highest “dealer break rate” is achieved in RANDOM cards. Random cards are the easiest to beat in both BJ and Bac.

    So next time you see a BJ card counter making his highest bet because the shoe has just achieved its highest + count, recognize that he’s making that bet precisely when the dealer is LEAST likely to break and Basic Strategy is least likely to win. How smart is that???

    Both Bac and BJ are full of “old wives tales”. As we go we’ll teach you how to separate fact from fiction – how to always keep the real odds in your favor.

    In Bac, the table odds already win you half the hands. From there, it is skill that gets you above 50%. We will show you how to always keep the odds in your favor.

    Then we will show you how cash mgt can insure that you always win more when you win that you lose when you lose. And that, my friends, is the object of the game.

  3. Hey, I COULD NOT find the ” edit” button to make sure all of my post was written in the King’s English…made a few typo’s…or maybe the ” recognition software” ( whatever it’s called) tried to interpret what I was saying…

    But I think you get it, and likely some member of this forum far smarter in matters of same can give you the low-down on how to ( in advance!) save yourself a whole lot of time and energy…



  4. ELLIS-

    ‘Bout to turn over a tip well worth the price of admission

    Reminder: I am not a Computer Geek, Programmer Extraordinaire…nor do I play one on TV

    1) make sure your site is really, really ready to handle “Keyword Search”…I am told you can even set up the keywords…

    like Money Management, Tote Board, Baccarat, Blackjack, Clumping, etc.etc.etc.etc.

    2) put in place a FAQ feature, so somebody asks a question ( which you have already answered a million times), you can just refer them to The FAQ page…where the answers are already…

    Hey, you can by now anticipate the top 10,20,30 FAQ’s…so you can begin now to construct the answers…

    Gambling example: look at Shaq (no, not basketball, Shakleford) site…I think you know what I mean!

    Save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of hours!!!

    3) and this is really important!

    Pretend The Last Word is like a car manual for a new car…think how ” indexed” the instruction manual is!!!

    You M.U.S.T. Do this to save yourself another couple 1,00 hours of a seri g people’s questions…

    They Ask…You Refer ( them) to index page, and FAQ answers…Bada Bing, Banda Boom…you are solving 85-95% of the ” problem” existing with years and years of commentary existing on a long term forum, where the same question has been asked thousands of times before, and somebody tried to answer it…and now no-one can find it!!!!! ( including you)

    4) get yourself a couple of new car manuals…have a look how they are structured/written…the appendix/index ( whatever you call it) is C.R.I.T.C.A.L….you’ll see…the Mercedes and up-and-coming-brands like Tesla, Hyundai, etc. go out of their way to include an ” introductory CD” telling people how to use the manual…

    WILL SAVE ECD thousands of man-hours !!


    Hey, E.- nobody said it would be EZ, but YOU CAN make it easier on yourself, if you spend just a little time up front…

    All the best,


  5. Greetings Ellis

    For my inaugural post, wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to meet you. Was great fun to share my limited knowledge of the LV landscape with you, and to chat about math, gaming strategies, and how to do battle with and hopefully counter the relentless enemy we call casino.

    I’m pleased to have connected with you at the beginning of your re-incarnation, and to now be a member of your new forum. I have updates on several LV casinos and their typical games you have alluded to recently. Will share these in upcoming posts shortly.

    BTW, I’m not yet sure that I have full membership status since some forum searches seem to prompt access denials. Please clarify and clue me in if I need to do something more.

    Thanks also for the dedication to completing your updated all-in-one resource for “everything baccarat”…..the game I now believe can be beaten by anyone who takes the time to think about it logically and approach systematically.

    I once believed this was true for BJ but eventually lost my faith due to the many underhanded tricks and orchestrated deceit the casinos impose on accomplished players everyday…I suppose I am in this sense born again strong, hence my name……black2bac.

    Best wishes to you and all fellow members!!!

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