Welcome to Poipet, Cambodia Crown Casino vs S“0”S

Because gambling is not allowed in Thailand but is perfectly legal and ok in Cambodia, I decided to take the train directly east from Bangkok to Poipet, Golden Crown Casino Address
Route 21
Poipet, Banteay Mean Chey 01407

click link below for more info:

17 Steps for an easy Baccarat gambling junket from Thailand-Cambodia

Crown Casino on the right.

Thailand-Cambodia boarder town Poipet:

Well after playing from the 1-3 best of the 64 tables available the first thing I noticed was the burn card rule altering that was being utilized at this particular and popular casino.

I found that the burn card didn’t effect my use of S“0”S and I was able to beat virtually every hand I had played out of the 8 deck shoe set.

After winning both day and evening sessions I called it a night.

Jumped in at play #30 on this shoe and it was easy even with the burn card addition by the Crown Casino. Ended up winning over 15 total units over 4 shoes for the night and called it an evening.


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One thought on “Welcome to Poipet, Cambodia Crown Casino vs S“0”S

  1. Just got back from Bangkok, Thailand – Poipet, Cambodia

      Thought I’d share this blog about the 17 easy steps. I found it very helpful.
      I did get charged 2,600 baht to re-enter Thailand and not the quoted 1,200 baht, but I think the Cambodian Police officer who claimed he was helping me, was in fact gouging me for the extra 1,400 baht, hence the total 2,600 baht total paid.

      Still I felt safer being scammed by the Cambodian Police rather than following some strange guy who kept insisting that he too was helping me and that I should follow him. (No Way!) Red Flags every where so I went with the Devil I know versus the one I don’t.

      P.S. I have not had a single losing day since I’ve been back. that’s a perfect 115 days in a row winning streak just simply playing S“0”S that was created and developed through a great deal of trial and error here at Casino Forum Club.

      Give it a try and see for yourselves “Seeing is believing” especially if it is with your own eyes and hard earned money (which are CFC winnings)…

      Now I’ve personally proven that S“0”S is not just a flash in the pan, local phenomenon.
      I’ve personally been building a nice little bankroll from starting with reds and then greens and now blacks!!! That’s right Blacks ($100 chip value) So 3-7 units per day just simply playing S“0”S the CFC way is quite a great day now.

      The learning is over and now it’s time to lean over to Earning!
      Good Winnings to you all,


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