P.S. CFC bankroll strategy 101-501 simply playing S”0″S the CFC way…

P.S. I have not had a single losing day since I’ve been back.

That’s a perfect 115 days in a row winning streak created by just simply playing S“0”S that was created and developed through a great deal of trial and error here at Casino Forum Club.

Just like we are keeping spammers away through our Math Captcha so that the site remains clean and pure Baccarat.

Give it a try and see for yourselves “Seeing is believing” especially if it is with your own eyes and hard earned money (which are CFC winnings)…

Now I’ve personally proven that S“0”S is not just a flash in the pan, local phenomenon.
I’ve personally been building a nice little bankroll from starting with reds and then greens and now blacks!!! That’s right Blacks ($100 chip value) So 3-7 units per day just simply playing S“0”S the CFC way is quite a great day now.

The Learning is over and now it’s time to switch from Learning over to Earning!

Let us show you our way so only then create your very own safe and profitable Baccarat Lifestyle by CFC Design:
Good Winnings to you all,


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7 thoughts on “P.S. CFC bankroll strategy 101-501 simply playing S”0″S the CFC way…

  1. Played two shoes tonight and both were played opposites which produced 8+ and 5+ results.
    Posted the winning shoes on the S”0″S Private Support Group for our Private members to view.

  2. Played 4 shoes yesterday and only lost one shoe but still won 19+ total playing S“0”S properly.
    It’s really nice to play a stress free game of Baccarat without ever going higher than a 2 bet on my progressions…

    Players Averages: Very Strong!

    Shoe #1 = 60%

    Shoe #2 = 75%

    Shoe #3 = 33%

    Shoe #4 = 83%

    Just posted all 4 shoes in the S“0”S private support group.


  3. Our S”0″S APPROACH PROTECTS you from change ups.

    Card #1 Started at play #22 and played it Repeats but as Murphy’s Law dictates “”whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

    The shoe started jumping and my timing was off so as you can see I had to play a very tight patient game of cat and mouse with the casino which eventually paid off with a 4+ win. And still earned a 50% PA (Players Average), far exceeding the norm of 26%….

    Card #2 Started at play #8 and played it Opposites and never looked back:
    The shoe started jumping and my timing was perfect so as you can see the jump game paid off with a 8+ win (7 bets = 7 winning bets). And earned a 100% PA (Players Average), set a record against the norm of 26%….


    Just posted the winning shoes on:
    S”0″S support group for Private Members…

  4. Well had my 1st losing day -8 units.
    Should have played SSB not player..
    When SS works it’s usually the best way to play any shoe.
    Just posted the shoe on:
    S”0″S support group for Private Members…

  5. Played S”0”S even though I lost 3 hands iar right off the bat and incurred 3 Dragons iar, thst I didn’t win on because the bets pushed.

    I still ended up winning the shoe in under 36 hands of play.thats still over 52% PA (Player Average)…
    Any PA above 26% is considered pro level.

    I’ve posted the actual shoe in the Supprt Group for our Private Membership Sample shoe thread.


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