What you immediately get for your $1000 investment…

Think of your investment as 10 units. If you aren’t already at $100 units, fine – that is your first goal. You can start at $10 units. Most start at $25. But as soon as you have 30 units in the next denomination, graduate to it.

Three of my students worked their way up to a million dollars using that same base unit increase schedule or even a faster schedule. But I’m not near satisfied with only three millionaires. I want more – a lot more!

You immediately get the SS System. The SS system is the simplest system I ever designed. There are only 2 rules. You can learn it in a matter of minutes.

We will give you the rules complete with 3 games played out on score cards. I will teach you the optimum way to do your score card but you’ll soon see that SS is so simple you don’t need a score card except we like to keep a record of the games we play. I seldom get questions on SS because it is so straight forward but I will quickly answer any questions you might have. 

The SS system is immune to casino strategy. The casinos have no defence against it, it can beat any shoe type but it does best in streaky shoes.

Therefore you will also immediately receive a short lesson in tote board reading so that I know that you know exactly how to zero in on  the best tables. A little time spent on heads up table selection pays off big time!

Our most conservative players like to flat bet SS because it nearly always wins more bets than it loses. But we will also teach you the progressions that complement SS the best. But even our progressions are very conservative.

We are usually the lowest bettors at the table but we usually win the most money. Ha, we are used to other players following us once they note how little we bet and how much we win.

BTW, don’t be distracted by what the other players are doing. On average they lose at seemingly impossible rates given that the game odds are 50/50 plus commission. Commission is 1.25% of the money we bet making Baccarat the closest odds game in the casino. Our commission is usually about one unit because we bet so little.

Call it a mini manual if you like. But it will also teach you very conservative money management skills which are what all the Professional Baccarat Players are doing religiously as their way of mapping out their success’ at the Baccarat tables.

In Baccarat discipline is everything.

You get all of that on day one.  

Next, I’ll teach you the equally simplest of our best Winning approach system. Some days SS does a little better and some days our best Winning approach is best.

But you can also learn our best Winning approach in a matter of minutes. Now you’ve got two arrows in your quiver and you’ve invested very little time.

You will already be a winning player and some like to leave it at that. 

Others need to know every trick in the book. Fine, they are all in the private forum. You can get better at this game the rest of your life if that’s your fancy.

And you’ll have plenty of friends equally insane. 

Me, I like to have a full quiver. I leave it up to you to choose how to best deal with those wily and slippery yet extremely tricky casinos and I’ll do everything I can to teach as many players as I can.

And after 40 years of successful play, I know every trick in the book.

E. Clifton Davis  B-) 

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13 thoughts on “What you immediately get for your $1000 investment…

  1. Hi Danny, I wish I did, I’d tell you but being from Arkansas I’m even less welcome to online casinos and gave up trying to get on. But I recall the guys discussing one with multiple games to choose from. And given the popularity of stadium Bac, I’m thinking we will soon have more.

    Does anyone else know of any live on line casinos that offer multiple tables to choose from?

    I’ll make some calls Danny.

  2. DO you happened to know ellis which live stream casino would you recommend coz I search hard for the kind of live casino you’re describing let alone,that being a US Citizen not welcome to these online sites.

  3. Hi julianto and welcome to the forum!

    In a word, yes, our systems do well on line if you choose the right on line casino.

    The biggest advantage we have in a real casino is Table Selection. We ALWAYS select the most biased table in the casino and then play the system to beat that bias because that is the surest way to win the most money.

    Casinos have 4 basic biases in their strategy. We have a different system for each bias. We teach you tote board reading, bias identification and system selection. We deploy their own strategy against them. THAT is how we win.

    You don’t want to give up your main advantage just because you are playing on line. Therefore select a live game on line casino that has a choice of multiple tables tracked by tote board.

    But first, of course, you need to learn how to play. We will be happy to teach you. ‘

  4. hi Ellis..im from Indonesia..dan I just entered into a new member here..i’m eager to learn about the system and your knowledge of the game baccarat..i playing baccarat is almost 4 years.. most always lose and defeat..i’ve almost made it my business broke up now…i’m playing baccarat instead not directly to the Casino but I play on the online casino website at sbo..all l want to ask whether your system can be used in online casino?..thank you

  5. This is for the all the visitors to the Public Forum and potential Private Forum members : I an going to tell you my story that may help you in in your decision making . My late grandfather who was a semi pro gambler ( very successful one ) in the western United States during Roaring Twenties and through all the time of the Great Depression , introduced me at 4 years old to the poker and gambling in general i was hooked and he made sure to teach me everything that he learned in his long career , poker of course but also Psychology , Meditation, Math , People study and observation ,Yoga ,Self confidence, Independent thinking , Hard work always , Taking ownership of your mistakes and never making same mistake again and the two of the most important , one : made sure that in your chosen endeavor that you learn something new every single day of your life and learn from the most successful people in your field if you want success for yourself ( Ellis in the field of Baccarat ) and two : for me one of the most important thing was and is mastering the Bullshit Meter ! I can spot the Scammers , Cheats , Crooks and Lie rs from miles away and i do not suffer fools at all !
    I was reading Dave’s website Imspirit among articles was one
    ” Law of the small numbers ” this current article carry a few posts by Ellis but at the time that i was reading there was a lot pasts by Ellis , based on my lifetime spent in gambling on both sides of the table as a player and the operator , I knew that this person called Ellis was the only person that knew what he was talking about ! In one other post there is a picture of Ellis , this is how Ellis appear on my radar screen !
    Fast forward I am teaching a new player game of Baccarat at Gold Coast casino in Vegas when i noticed Ellis with two other people sat on the same table to play , I waited for the shoe to finish and I introduced myself to Ellis , he wanted to eat so we went to the TGIF restaurant , four hours of talking Baccarat i knew w/o a doubt that Ellis is real article and the only person so far that i met to know more about Baccarat then i did !
    For the first time in my life I paid somebody to join their forum and that was a good decision on my part , CFC is by far the best place in the world to study the game of Baccarat , if any one of you know of the better place to study Baccarat anywhere let me know I will be there in a New York minute , regardless of the cost ! Ellis is the best teacher in the world ( very important ) and my hope for CFC Private Members. some of whom are very smart and accomplished in their own right is to put in genuine effort to co operate , share , network and to make CFC the best thing that ever that happened to the game of Baccarat ever .
    I for one am very happy to play my part in this mission , and in time we will all be proud to be part of something that is bigger then most of us ! Synergy rules ! Nickster

  6. Thank you nickster! Folks, nickster is a long time contributing member. He was highly instrumental in the development of our Secret Weapon and I thank him for that!.

    My point here is that our members are always invited to contribute and they DO!

    We share information with each other constantly such as which casinos are the most vulnerable right now and with which system.

    Casinos are strong because they share information with each other. They are a network. They know how to beat the players through networking and their profits indicate they are extremely successful because their profits are ten times the actual table odds of the game.

    To beat them we MUST have a player network. We are the only player network there is. We have 150 players sharing information – keeping everyone informed
    about casino vulnerabilities.

    For instance: Stadium Baccarat is the rage right now. We will see more and more of it. But it is very vulnerable to one of our simplest basic systems.

    I know how to beat it and proved that fact winning 20 shoes in a row at an average score of 20 units per shoe. Exactly how I did that is posted on the private forum. ANYONE can do that now just sticking to one of our most basic systems that soundly defeats this stadium set up.

    So, will the casinos change the setup. NO, because we are the ONLY players who know how to beat it and we are a tiny negligible fraction of the total players.

    So how much money is 20 shoes at 20 units a shoe? $40,000 @ $100 units.

    Just starting out at $25 units? $10,000.

    And what is our tuition? $1000.

    How long did it take me? 2 days.

    How long will it take you to learn this system? Maybe an hour.

    What are the chances of teaching yourself?

    ZERO! Nobody else ever has!

    One of our members told me about this Stadium set up through our information sharing forum set up.

    I checked it out for a day and confirmed its vulnerability. That’s What I do. That’s what we ALL learn to do.

    Then I simply played that one simple system for 2 days. It was like manna from heaven! That’s what we do. We are a team!

    Join our team! It pays for itself.

    The average player, no matter how hard he tries, loses at the rate of 25% even though the table odds are 50/50 plus commission.

    The game is rigged!

    But we use the casino’s rigging against them.

    THAT is how we win!

    Join the team! It pays for itself quickly.

    Then it pays YOU!

    Then it pays you big time. 3 millionaires so far.

    But I want more – a lot more!

  7. Ellis and the guys,thank you for your kind words,couple weeks ago I spent a week in Vegas playing only imperial baccarat tables ( before it was called Stadium baccarat ) at the Palazzo and Venetian casinos , for me it is a great way to play baccarat , you can play four tables at the same time, for the people who have not played there min bet is $5 max bet is $1.35 million , biggest regular baccarat bet spread in any casino that i know about. On the plane going to Vegas , my goal was to develop the one progression that covers this bet spread the best so I can concentrate on all the info that always put me on the best table out of the four tables. I decided on the Secret Weapon ! With which one can play min $5 or the absolute maximum $1.35
    million ! I tested many progressions , but found the Secret Weapon best by far ! This is the universal progression that always stay the same for any $ level of the game from min to max bets and any bet in between ! All you have to decide is amount of money that you want to play with , which you then plug into the Secret Weapon ! I have found that using the Secret Weapon is the best and safest way you can play baccarat !
    This Secret Weapon is so powerful it’s insane ! Ellis , the Secret Weapon is much more powerful then Norm’s 1 — 2 loop prog ,
    we all know that Norm made over 2 million playing 1 — 2 loop prog , imagine what he would have made if he was playing our Secret Weapon ???
    Guys I am a life long student of the game of baccarat ( it’s my passion ) I can honestly tell you that Ellis is the first person that I met in my life that knew more about baccarat then i did , that’s why i am here at CFC. Guys we are very lucky , because in Ellis we have the best baccarat teacher in the world !
    Let’s keep the forum positive , work together and co-operate , we are entering into a Golden Age of Baccarat and the Secret Weapon is big part of it ! Synergy rules ! Nickster

  8. To answer Ed Gil’s question; SS is only one of eight systems fully taught in The Final Word Manual. But SS is what we call a “stand alone” system. You can win at Baccarat with just that one approach. The idea is to First get you winning consistently. Then we work on improving your performance through system selection guided by the tote board.

    I am posting the final word manual and teaching it chapter by chapter on the private forum right now as we speak And I’m answering all questions as we go.

    BTW, there is no such thing as a dumb question – not on MY forum. Everyone gets my full attention. ANYONE who wants to can learn to beat this game consistently. Then , with our secret weapon, you can win big time.


    Well there is one other important ingredient you will get right off the bat. We call it our SECRET WEAPON. It is a very recent discovery brought about by member participation.The fact is 100 heads are better than one. We pooled our experience to come up with our secrete weapon. NOBODY ELSE KNOWS IT! The only place you will ever see it is right here in the private forum.The casinos have never seen it and have no defense for it, yet it is perfectly legal. It is a mathematical trick that drastically increases our wins while decreasing our risk. While highly mathematical it is very easy to learn. We will show you casino shoes on score cards played both with and without our secret weapon so you can see for yourself the effect it has on your score. We are talking drastic effect that can double or even triple your win while reducing your risk. ANYBODY can learn it in a matter of minutes and it can be used with any system including SS. With our secret weapon you will first achieve your first 100 unit day and next, your first 100 unit shoe all while decreasing your risk. I realize that sounds impossible but you will soon see it in action for yourself – actual casino shoes fully played out on score cards. A simple mathematical trick anybody can perform that nobody else knows even that it exists but US.

  10. What is the difference between the Final Word Manual and the SS system? With you working on the SS system delay the Final Word Manual?

    Ed Gil

  11. Hello everyone, just a quick comment about this new site. I’ve known Ellis since
    1992 NBJ, WCB, and all the BAC systems. I realize there is a lot of BS on the web. Well you have landed on a site that is no BS. This is not a scam. Ellis is the most prolific player and teacher there is. If you want to become a real player
    there is no other place to be. Your money will be well spent. If you are not afraid to put some time in and learn what’s in the private forum you will not be disappointed. Anyone that wants to learn this stuff can do this. There is a ton of practical info here. I’m not talking about statistics and data bases, that stuff is not trying to beat you. THE CASINO IS! You get real world training here not some statistics that tell you to bet one hand for a whole shoe. Here are just a few things you will learn. Tote board reading, game selection, system selection, progression selection. No one is teaching this stuff but Ellis. Anyway thanks for your attention.
    Thanks, Brian.

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