How to get your money back and then some in ONE shoe!

So OK, you spent $1000 USD. I know how to get it back for you in one shoe.

Here is what I’ll do:

I’ll devote a thread to new members and teach you a great trick of the trade I’ve used thousands of times.We’ve all done it. You can learn everything else later

There are two very common shoe types we see especially at night and on week ends. I’ll show you how to find both of them from the tote board. They are easy to identify once you know how. In fact they stick out like sore thumbs. They are created by the casino’s favorite strategy. The first thing I always do when I step foot in any casino is look for these two shoe types.

These two shoe types are highly exploitable, one with one system, the other with a completely different system. The two systems are pure simple. So simple you don’t even need a score card. I’ll show you exactly how to play both of them. You can learn in minutes.

I’ll show you several very safe Exploit progressions. You simply play the progression that the O/R count tells you to play. 40 units in ONE shoe is very common with these exploit progressions – even 60 and sometimes 100!

I’ll show you how to do an O/R count. You can learn it in 2 minutes.

Half of all shoes have a minus O/R count. All we want to see for one of the two is -4 or more in the first 10 plays. Very common. We see that – we’re rich! And I’ll show you exactly what to look for for the other Exploit shoe type.

40 green units is $1000. Ha, 40 blacks is $4000. You might want to try that your second shoe.

What is the worst that could happen? You lose a 6 bet. End of shoe! Very, very rare. But you are usually still ahead. Now we look for another table. Ha, even the worst that could happen is GOOD!

All very, very simple. All 100% mechanical. You can learn the entire trick in less than an hour – EVERYTHING you need to know to get your money back in ONE shoe. And I’m dying to teach it to you! That is what I do. Next time I walk into a casino I’ll do the exact same thing I’m teaching you. I ALWAYS do because it never fails.

This is the best deal you’ll ever see – a gift from me to you.

Is that worth an hour of your time?

And once you’ve got your money back – now we can REALLY play the game. I’ll teach you!

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One thought on “PAYBACK

  1. So, I was talking to my old playing partner, Ann, last night. I told her I wrote a post to site beginners about how to exploit these two shoe types. And I mentioned I wanted to teach this trick First.

    Her reply was: “Oh yeah, we’ve done that thousands of times. That is the first thing I learned. Most challenges in life you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Baccarat is the only challenge where you might as well start at the top and work you way down. Exploiting is the first thing I learned because it is so simple yet it makes the most money. We’d win 40 or 50 units while everyone else at the table lost their shirts.”

    Guys, this trick is easy to learn and the right conditions for it come up all the time. We see -4 O/R very frequently. Hell, we even see -20. That’s 80 units for sure! You’ll soon see for yourself.

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