How one Millionaire Baccarat Player made it simply flat betting

Norm was at $25 for a long time. He worked on his hit rate as I’ll describe below. But once he achieved a great hit rate, he started increasing his unit rather than the number of units he bet. He went from $25 to $5000 units in less than 2 years. So how did Norm achieve such a high hit rate?

Well, we know that Norm kept both the OR and OT counts. This told him what the, shoe thus far, was favouring between S40 (opposites), OTB4L and TB4L. But it also told him when the shoe was not favouring anything (when those two counts were hovering “0”) – when the shoe was favouring random.

We don’t talk about that much about random shoes. But when a counts keeps crossing “0”, it is a good bet to bet that count will go toward “0” rather than away from “0”.

For instance, lets say the OT count keeps crossing “0”. But right now the OT count is at +4. Since historically in the shoe we are playing right now, TB4L and OTB4L have been running equal (the OT count keeps returning to or crossing “0”) Your best bet right now is to bet TB4L – That the +4 OT count will go no higher.

I think NORM “saw” that while the rest of us don’t. We are all busy watching for a count to take off in one direction or the other. Norm watched for that too. But Norm ALSO noted when a count refused to take off – when a count favoured “0”, he bet that count would go TOWARD “0” rather than further away because that is the nature of the shoe at hand.

Playing NOR, we tend to lose shoes that produce no bias because we only think in terms of away from “0” – that the highest count will go higher. Norm saw that too but he also noted when to bet AGAINST that premise.

When, in a given shoe, we have a count that is staying in jail – can’t get out of the -3 to +3 range, our best bet is to bet that count will stay in jail – to bet the highest count well go TOWARD “0” rather than AWAY from “0”.

We are good at betting AWAY from “0”. But many shoes, especially pre-shuffled cards which Norm favoured, our best bet is TOWARD “0” when the shoe at hand is favouring toward “0” – favouring neutral – favouring a “0” count.

That way Norm could beat the randomness that preshuffled cards favour.

It is difficult to explain which I think is why Norm couldn’t explain how he played.

NOR always bets that the highest counts will keep going away from “0”.

But Norm “saw” when the opposite was true in a given shoe – to bet the highest count well reverse and go toward “0” BECAUSE that is what it has historically done in the shoe at hand.

Any count can only do two things:

1. It can favour AWAY from “0”.

2. It can favour TOWARD “0”.

NOR always bets AWAY from “0”

But Norm knew when to bet TOWARD “0” when THAT is what the shoe is favouring.

He just couldn’t explain it. Ha, apparently neither can I.

But end result, playing that way, Norm won more bets than we do.

When a shoe is favouring AWAY from “0”, fine, bet that way. (NOR)

BUT, when a shoe is favouring toward “0”, fine, bet THAT way (NORM)

THAT is why Norm won more often than we do. He didn’t just bet away from “0” like we do.

He also knew when to bet TOWARD “0” when THAT is what the shoe at hand is favouring – which it does about half the time.

I don’t think Norm’s loop 1,2 progression had a thing to do with it.

I think he won just as many 1 bets as 2 bets.

I think his entire success was because his hit rate was better than ours.

He “SAW” when to bet toward “0”.

We only see when to bet AWAY from “0”.

BUT, when a shoe favours TOWARD “0” – Norm won while we lost.

THAT was his secret. THAT was the lesson he left us.

It just took me a while to decipher it.

While difficult to explain, Norm’s entire secret is fully revealed in this post.

While for some, it’s just a bunch of meaningless words, for others it will turn on a very important light bulb for the first time.

TOWARD “0” is just as important as away from “0”.

We only look at shoes ONE way – away from “0”.

Norm saw TWO ways. Sure, he bet the same as we do in the half of all shoes that favour a high count.

But he ALSO saw when the shoe at hand was favouring “0” – favouring low counts.

THAT is when he knew to bet against the highest count – to bet TOWARD “0” rather than away.

THAT is how he won the same shoes that we lost.

THAT is the message he left us. Some will get it – some won’t.

NORM saw TWO choices where we only see ONE.

We need to look at BOTH our options because only ONE of them is best for the shoe at hand.

Is the shoe at hand favouring AWAY from “0” or is it favouring TOWARD “0”.

Every shoe is one or the other and those two counts are telling us which way the shoe at hand is favouring.

We need to open our eyes and realize we have a SECOND option.

Bet toward “0” when the counts are going nowhere.

THAT is how NORM got his hit rate so much higher than us. Get it?

WE are good at HALF the shoes. NORM was good at ALL the shoes.

He showed us the way!

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3 thoughts on “How one Millionaire Baccarat Player made it simply flat betting

  1. More News…
    Seems that this method that Norm has left behind was being kept under wraps with tight lock & key for a very good reason.

    I’ve already played S”0″S over the last two weeks of live casino testing Norms method along as a companion game which is what i do best, and Literally dominated every shoe played never losing.

    And Usually winning 4 winning hands to 1 losing hand before breaking.

    The success has phenomenal to say the least.
    We can easily get everyone going on this just join our Private Membership and your in.


  2. Thankyou John
    This site believes in supporting the players and giving credit where credit is due and lord knows Norm was the real deal.

    And when you are ready we’ll be happy to share your Baccarat success with others as well. This forum is dedicated to both our PROS and the Many Great Players, we welcome all.

    CFC :good:

  3. Excellent post. In another forum they will discuss everything except NORM way and some members keep it to themselves.

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