Navigator Game Approach

Mohammed Ali did not invent the knockout punch, Elvis did not invent rock & roll.

We did not invent the game of Baccarat 500 years ago, but CFC invented the Navigator Game approach to the Game of Baccarat.

This unique approach encompasses two very simple disparities that literally beats all shoe type combinations if applied properly..

I guess you could call it the compass that automates your best correct direction through the shoe at hand.

It can choose anyone of a multitude of tools built into the S”0”S or S Bac engines that drive it like a Swiss Army knife of Baccarat and cut through any shoe “like a hot knife cutting through cold butter” as one of our more successful professional private members Maxamillion once quoted.

You’ve got nothing to lose with our Navigator Game approach but everything to gain!

Hope to see you all in the winners circle here at Casino Forum Club.
Good fortunes to all,

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